Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Whenever I encounter someone who claims to be (either directly or indirectly) an intellectual, the desire to unmask him or her as a pseudo-intellectual is almost too great, haha. In my book, as soon as someone makes an effort to show how intellectual they are, they immediately loose any trace of intellectuality...

I read the blog of a former editor here, and she made a rather snide and sarcastic post about a boring date she had. She mentioned how this guy was one of the many ordinary people who roam the Earth. She spoke of him like talking about some insect she had caught in a jar and was staring at, watching how it pathetically writhed about helplessly under her heavy stare.

It was honestly laughable... even more so than she originally intended, I think. There were over 30 comments on the post, all of which were of the like "Yeah! You rock!" or "Yeah, you’re totally right about how terrible it is to be ‘ordinary’, it's a good thing you have always been a true original ". It was a tad nauseating to see the group of cult worshippers this girl had amassed at her blog (I wish that many people read me, tho, haha... the most visitors I get around here never goes over 20 in a day).

Anyways, at the very end of the comment list was one from a girl called "La caminante" (The walker, or voyager), saying simply "To think that you're original is very ordinary". HA! I wanted to applaud her. Finally somebody realized how overly egomaniacal the post had been and how pompous and presumptuous the author was in saying those things. Good for her, I thought.

I then made a post myself saying how it was silly to label people who think differently than you and laugh at them. So you don’t like the mainstream… big deal! That doesn’t make you better than anyone! Thinking you’re better automatically makes you inferior, in my book. I also said how rebellious and big-headed little originals were just as annoying and narrow minded as the most common and boring ordinaries.

The author answered saying that we had misunderstood her post, that it was meant to be humorous, and not to be taken quite so literally. I think that she did have a point; but still, the joke was obviously born out of some feeling of superiority that is frankly quite stupid. Is it so hard to see that you’re becoming exactly what you criticize when you discriminate in such a way? How terribly ordinary, indeed. Stupid people who think they’re smart are dangerous…

… so death to all pseudo-intellectuals, I say!!!


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