Sinful pleasure

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wow! Sin City was a great movie! It had been a while since I had seen a mainstream flick with such edge. The dialogue and situations were extremely cheesy at times, but you got the idea that it was on purpose, which actualy made them more interesting. A delight from beginning to end! A triumph for digital film making and green-screen technology.

Yes, it was one of the most graphically violent films I've ever seen (I haven't seen "The Passion of the Christ" and don't plan to, so I can't include it in my criteria, haha); but there was an aura of cartoonish surreality to the film (I mean look at the Yellow Bastard, will you?!?!), so the violence was a little easier to take (and the fact that blood is colored white, yellow and red, helps, haha). Anyways, towards the end, you've already seen so much you're practically de-sensitized! Geez...

There are three stories here and all three are great! My personal favorite was The Big Fat Kill, because:

A) It had Clive Owen, who is too handsome for words!
B) It had a lot of hookers in it, which is always fun, haha.
C) It had the girl from "Gilmore Girls" as a hooker and her fate is especially satisfying, I HATE her voice! haha.
D) Wow, Benicio del Toro really is a good actor. Wow, I finally came to terms with it.
E) Brittany Murphy was so bad, she was good, as the battered girlfriend, haha.
F) The plot twists are genuinely neat
G) The ending is AWESOME!
H) The las minutes of the movie are partcularly AWESOME!

You know it's a good movie when you walk away thinking Josh Hartnett can actually act... for periods of 2 minutes or less, at least.


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