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Monday, July 18, 2005

Whoa, that was a pretty "interesting" weekend, haha. Let me elaborate...

First off, on Saturday afternoon, we went to this bar that is literally around the corner from our apartment and got wasted even before the trip began, haha. Then we the journey really began: we headed by car to this remote mountain town called San Sebastián (the driver did not participate in the "getting wasted", ok?).

The town is in the hills of the Sierra Madre Occidental and is about 1.5 hrs from Vallarta. The mountain views you get on the way there are breathtaking, everything is so green (it's rain season now) and the clouds touch the hill tops. Actually, the town was so high up we actually drove into the clouds, which was amazing, and kind of scary, haha.

This misty atmosphere brought us into this small village with paved narrow roads and old-style hacienda houses. The town has been remarkably conserved in its original architecture and it looks beautiful. I have to admit that it was a little spooky having buildings and people seemingly appear out of the fog as you approached, but it added to the mystique...

My boss invited a bunch of people and we all stayed at the "nicest hotel in town" (which was $30 USD a night, haha). It faced the town plaza and it was actually really pretty: and old abbey with gardens, a restaurant, a bar and about a dozen rooms. It was pretty much ours for the weekend. Oh, another detail, the abbey was also used as a defensive fort during the Cristero War in the 1920's. More on that later.

We were told we had been given the "haunted room", where a ghost supposedly had appeared some time before. Fantastic. My boss' girlfriend said she saw someone who had asked for a room at the place, and when he was told it was "the one in the back" he asked "the one with the ghost?", the girl at the counter nodded and he quickly left without asking any more questions. Yikes.

After settling into our rooms we all got together in the courtyard and had some drinks. Then it was off to dinner, and my boss reserved this quaint little restaurant also facing the plaza and they shut down in order to serve all of us (around 20 or so). Dinner was fantastic (I had some chicken with tamarind sauce that was incredible!), the company was fun and I even flirted around with a chick, ha!

After that it was back to the hotel to drink some more and to play "Family Feud"; haha. Then we started telling ghost stories. Man, that was SOOOOO cool. The Cristero War privided a perfect setting. There were some old storage rooms in the abbey that looked very creepy (and perfect for staking bodies), and there were also the hand-made slits were the religious fanatics would poke out their riffles and shoot at the invading federals. I quoted a few passages from Pedro Páramo and happily scared the shit out of a few people, haha. It was just to damn easy: you had vengeful Christians, lots of bloodshed, a sleepy little town hidden by the mist in a far off mountain. It was hard not to be spooked, really.

The next day we all got up (were woken up, rather) at noon and with a monster hangover ate some great chilaquiles and went to see this old silver mine near town. The mine was old and creepy and we saw a few bats that scared the crap out of us, haha. On the way back to Vallarta I was so tired that even after I found a note on my door telling me I had been missed, I was just too pooped to go out again.



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