Sunday, July 10, 2005

Here is a quick recap of my interesting weekend:

-My gringa friend and me went salsa dancing, it was actually pretty cool. She wasn't half bad for her first time, and as always, Germy was not too bad himself, ;-)

-I went to Carlos O'brien's... MAN! I LOVE the music at that place! It's so varied, you get your hip-hop, pop remix, rock, Spanish rock, horny tropical-style tunes... the perfect evening! Why can't gay bars have music this cool?!?!?! And it was so much fun to just go and dance, without hooking up, without being hooked up; just dancing the night away...

-We went to this little town near Vallarta called Sayulita. WOW! What a great time. My gringa friend took her new hippie buddy (a girl who just got here) and we were talking, boozing and enjoying the warm water and the beatiful sunset. Good times, good times. And in our alcoholic daze we almost missed the last bus back to Vallarta, oops... haha. And, ok, boy and girls, what happens when you drink for 2+ hours (during happy hour, of all times!), you want to go to the fucking bathroom! BIG TIME! It was excrutiating to hold it in on the bus (we almost missed it, so we just ran for it). Anyways, when we made a stop which was half-way, I decided it just wasn't gonna happen and asked my gringa friend if she had a bottle. She said "Umm... no". I said "Ok, we're getting off, this is so not going to work, I'm gonna piss myself... I'll pay your extra bus fares, let's just get off now, PLEASE!", hahaha. They were both also itchin' to go, so it was a good call. We got to Vallarta a lot later, but we at least got see Bucerías, another beach town, haha.

-R, my roommate who recently left the company, has apparently decided to not speak to me. Geez, THAT's mature!

-My office mate's gay buddy came over and even though I judged him to be "screwable", once I heard him talking, I retracted. Haha, ok, not innemdiatly. He came to the office and he was ok, but later we met up to go out and they were both already tipsy and this guy was a REALLY annoying drunk so he was coming on to me and I was like "In your alcohol-induced dreams, buddy". He later texted me all night and I had to turn off my cell phone. Sure, Germy LOVES the attention, but it was still annoying.

-The guy I met last week, H (the guy with the car), had not called me since Wednesday, VERY BAD. It was Saturday so we all went over to the resident gay bar. And I saw H there too!!! ASSHOLE! He took my arm and said "Hey there!" and I was very friendly and answered "Hi... bye!"; and walked away. What a bum... I later saw him talking with some people and just got realy mad!!! JERK!

-I sooooo said I would publish my porn essay on Friday, but with the emotional distress caused by the London blasts, the new release at work and my packed weekend, I totally missed my deadline... but it will so be here next Friday!

-I met another guy, hee hee. But I think I'll keep him to myself this time; I think this whole blog thing is jinxing my relationships, haha. Anyways, meeting 3 guys in 4 weeks is pushing my "non-slut" status towards "slut", hahaha.


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