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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Modern opera is not that cool. It seems most modern operatic composers want to create "exciting" and "different" and "modern" sounds in their melodies. The truth is that (in my opinion) what comes out is just plain weird. A bunch of odd, dissonant noises that have no real relation to each other.

I recently (illegally) downloaded the original cast recording of The Light in the Piazza. It just won the Tony for Best Musical, so expectations were high. Even though it's playing on Broadway, it is definitely a modern opera disguised as a Broadway musical. Though this score is not completely "modernly operatic", it certainly has its weird-ass moments.

The composer, Adam Guettel, is the grandson of Richard Rodgers, the person responsible for those quintessential Rodgers and Hammerstein classic tunes. Young Adam must HATE those songs because he tries everything possible not to fall into his grand daddy's footsteps. Sheesh.

Still, I have to admit it has a few very handsome melodies. My favorite parts are the first and last song and the title tune. The first song, called "Stories and Statues", is a very sophisticated peppy and cheery opening number where the mother and daughter arrive in Florence, Italy as tourists. It's quite pretty actually. Other highlights are the courting waltz "Passegiatta" and the title tune. The final song is an excellent aria by the mother ("Fable)"; it's a lovely and complex melody (and by complex I mean pretty and unexpected, not just plain weird); it's first introduced as a brief lullaby but in the finale is used to talk about how love is a fake, a "Fable". Quite elegant and passionate at the same time.

I certainly recommend listening to this CD, at least to have a glimpse of what a musical can be (in terms of serious subject matter and beauty of lyrics). Who knows, if you have a very good musical memory, you might actually be able to hum some of he tunes... that is, after vocalzing and only if you can reach A flat above high C!! Haha!

Weeks(s) in review

Now that my Religious Intolerance Week(s) is over, I offer a few points in conclusion I'd like to share…

My original intent was to satirize and send-up intolerance. But my comments ended up being more ignorant that I ever intended, and so I ended up becoming exactly what I was criticizing. Ironic, ain’t it? I am now clearly more experienced in irrational hatred based on ignorance, haha.

Another goal of mine was to undermine the excessive political correctness of our times, which usually masks prejudice and fear under the thin veil of “tolerance”. I think the best way to get along better and to deal with intolerance is to admit it exists and face it head on. Pretending it’s not there is like China saying they don’t have the “homosexuality problem” in their fine country. PLEEZ! Open and honest dialogue is the best way to clear up misconceptions and understand each other better. And it’s also a great opportunity to meet cute and smart guys…

If there's one thing I learned is that you's shouldn't not make too many comments (especially harsh ones) about topics you's wholly, completely and abismally ignorant in.

I’ve also learned NEVER to take on another blogging project that lasts more than like 3 days. Yes, I have commitment issues; sue me.

I'm sorry if I was a bit, well, intolerant in the last weeks. It was an interesting and educational experience. I realized that intolerance is a behavior deeply rooted in fear and ignorance. Sorry if I was less than kind to those who commented; it was part of the whole experience. Germy does appreciate people voicing their opinions, it always makes for good conversations, discussions, debates, etc. And when at least someone walks off with something learned (like I did), well, you always know a good thing has happened. But the next time you contradict me on my blog, you will feel my full wrath!!! (I have your IP's!!!)

I was inspired to start this commentary on religion because I was reading a very religiously themed novel called Life of Pi. It turned out to be a really neat book (yes, in spite of what you said, Pooky). It starts out with a young Indian boy who's family owns a Zoo and how he goes on to embrace Hinduism, Christianity and Islam all at once and his reflections on each of these religions (and zoology, haha). This is the most eloquent and magical part of the book. Then the adventure begins. He becomes shipwrecked in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With a bunch of wild animals on his lifeboat! GEEZ! It's a long and torturous tale of survival and faith. It was quite a thrill to read, but it was exhausting. The details in the journey are so vivid, I can’t begin to imagine the amount of research that must have gone into it. The final section of the book was a wonderful surprise. It is not only completely hilarious, it offers the most heartbreaking moments of the book; it really poses the question of what exactly real faith is. And I love it when a novel concludes its story with a bit ambiguity, leaving you with plenty to discuss and think about. My gringa friend (the one who lent me the book) and I have talked about it over and over again. A real treat, I highly recommend it.

A loud and quaking silence leaves the room

The silent roomie is moving out. He actually told this to my mom, so technically he didn’t really talk to me to inform me, haha. Geez…

He says it’s for “health reasons”; but in all honesty I almost saw it coming. He had been late for his current crappy job quite a few times for a new employee. He’s making peanuts in what seems like a limited job at a harsh company. He’s honestly a really talented illustrator, so I think he can do a lot better. Best wishes to him.

… and good riddance!!!

Germy’s jihad against Islam

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Ok, so as to not offend too many people (who might be exteremists), I will now talk about Islam without mentioning to following terms:

"Terrorist", "terrorist threat", "bomb", "terrorist bomb", "terrorist bomber", "nuke", "dirty bomb", "crazy", "fanatic", "crazy fanatic", "looney", "wife-beater", "misongynist", "nutcase", "extremist", "nutcase extremist", "sexually frustrated", "Saddam", "9/11", "Al Qaeda".

Oops... I think I've been pretty much left speechless about Islam now...

HAHA... ok, ok, that was a joke. Germy isn't that mean.

I think recently Islam has become one of the most misunderstood religions in the world. Americans (and a lot of other Western countries) seem to associate it with terrorism, bombs and totalitarian states. In fact, Islam is supposed to be founded in the ideas of peace, submission and love. Well, you had ME fooled.

Well, it must be founded in tough love, dude, 'cause the Islamic states have some pretty spooky stuff going on. Islamic states (like Egypt and Iran and the lot) I think are mostly responsible for Islam’s bad publicity. They tend to be very rigid and unforgiving governments. They are EXTREMELY homophobic (some even execute “sodomites”) and are generally headed by people who just look really mean and ugly. Where are the publicists and fashion consultants when you need them? Can’t all that oil buy you a good PR firm?

Something many people allude to, especially British writer Salman Rushdie, is the fact that Muslim states don’t take criticism very well. Actually, because they take it VERY BADLY. This is actually frightening. Imagine if all Christians condemned to death every one who had spoken against Jesus or God? There wouldn’t’ be much people left in LA or NYC. We wouldn’t have books like “Barabbas” or films like “The last temptation of Christ”. Their creators would have been murdered. Nasty, huh?

And talk about being all macho and stuff. Women usually have to cover up their entire bodies so they won't unnecessarily make men have naughty thoughts. OH PLEASE! That's such a huge load of bullshit. If you can't control yourself, it's not women's fault.

In all fairness, since there is no central priestly hierarchy in Islam (there are no priests), whatever one crazy fanatic says can be interpreted as what all of Islam says. This is not true. When issuing a fatwa, not all Muslims are obligated to carry it out, and other religious scholars can even issue contradictory fatwas. The confusion caused by this seemingly free-spirited religious structure is, in my opinion, a big reason why Islam has such a bad rap in the West. Still, it’s not like it should change just for the West to embrace it. Rather, the West should change and understand Islam…. But, please, like THAT’S gonna happen.

But here's the kicker... Islam (and the Qur'an) actually has it's roots in the Old Testament. So Muslims are all related to Christians, theologically speaking. Hmmmm.... seeing as you also have Christian fanatics blowing up abortion clinics and gay bars, it sort of makes perfect sense now to see that both religions really aren't all that different to begin with... KIDDING! KIDING!

I guess in this sense Islam also gets a bad rap. Just because some crazy-head Christians go and kill abortionists doesn't label all Christians crazy fanatics. But you have a few Muslim extremists and you label a third of the planet's population as nutzoid. Tough world, huh? I guess this has a lot to do with ignorance (like all forms of religious intolerance). Most Westerners are familiar with Christianity but often know very little about Islam. And the images you see from Islamic states aren't very encouraging.

Well, in conclusion, I say Islam has a huge PR problem. They really need to clean up their act and create some sort of centralized clergy so that it can act as a totalitarian force and gain ever more power and begin to meddle into the political life of all Muslim states and whose greed and control-freakiness will some day cause a separation from the church and create two parallel but different forms of their religion that will both slowly die into secularism as the people in the religious states grow more educated and independent... yes this is definitely what they should do; it's the Christian way!!!

Sniff, sniff...

Thursday, August 25, 2005


I'll share details fo her visit laterz...

Anti-Germy Warning in MTY taken down

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ok, my trip to MTY is cancelled until further notice.... :-(

Don't ask...

Once upon a time...

Get your insuline ready...

Has anyone ever read you a fairytale?
And taken you to places magical?
Where homes are made of gingerbread and skies are always blue
Where pumpkins turn to coaches and wishes all come true.
Has anyone ever sung you a lullaby?
You can fly above the rain clouds
Close your eyes
Let the melody carry you
Leave all your fears behind
And float across a rainbow sky to once upon a time
(Once upon a time) I believed in miracles
(Once upon a time) I believed love would conquer all
(Once upon a time) I believed anything was possible
And i believed again the moment when
I saw you here tonight
Now once upon a time has never felt more right!

-Mark Schoenfeld and Barri McPherson.

Terribly Interesting

Cotinuing with religious themes here on the Germy show, for your reading pleasure, here is an incredibly fascinating article. Yes, I know it's 3 pages long... don't be lazy!

Scientists Speak Up on Mix of God and Science (New York Times)


Monday, August 22, 2005

I can't get this damn song out of my head! Don't you just hate it when that happens!!!

It's called "Once upon a time". It's from the musuical BKLYN (Brooklyn). It famously flopped on Broadway last season while featuring the powerful American-Idol style singing of Eden Espinoza (currently Elphaba in SF's Wicked) and Ramone Keller (of Caroline or Change).

I'm going crazy because this show is as siruppy as they come. You basically need insuline to even hear the original cast recording. Sheesh. Anyways, it actuallty has this one nice song I mentioned earlier and it sticks to you, like, well, caramelized sugar. It actually starts out by the lead character calling out to the ghost ofher dead mother "Mommy??? Mommy!! MOMMY!!!"... oh brother...

Man, that Espinoza girl can sing, tho...

Mormons or "Please, take my wives!"

Friday, August 19, 2005

Ok, these people are just insane. It’d hard enough to buy the whole Jesus Christ story, but since it’s so ancient and revered, you might (and I say MIGHT) just get caught up in the whole ancientness of it and go along (if not at least by giving them the benefit of the doubt). But if your Messiah is from the XIX Century (like Joseph Smith, “prophet” of the Mormon Church and it’s “founder” in 1830)… COME ON! There are documented cases of con men that date from earlier than that! Ha! As the story goes, an angel appeared to him and he founded a Church in New York City (any similarity to the story in “Angels in America” is completely coincidental, NOT!). I rest my case… this guy was a NUTCASE! But were worse nutcases? The people who believed him!!!

I mean really, it’s just ridiculous to look at a prophet without the veil of time and the forgiving mist of misinformation across the ages that so benefits the Catholic Church. This totally qualifies as cult status in my book. Anything less than 2000 years-old ought not to be trusted…

Since I got burned in the past for being an ignorant turd, I did a whole 7 minutes of research on Google for this article, and if you’re not familiar with Mormons, here’s a neat link for some quick facts about this cult, err, I mean religion. It’s from the BBC, so you’re at your own risk, honeys…

I especially dislike Mormons because they are extremely homophobic. Even more so than Catholics. They have MUCH stricter rules governing behavior… and much stricter punishments. I guess some people feel more secure on tight leashes… I call these people “FUCKING DOGS!!!”.

And what’s with the whole having a bunch of kids stuff? Haven’t you ever heard of OVERPOPULATION?!?!?! HELLO! Earth to Salt Lake City! Stop fucking! And what’s with the deal about having a bunch of wives?!?! COME ON! And you think homosexuality is immoral?!?! Fucking hypocrites… maybe if gay people started getting all polygamous, then you’d accept us… but that could actually turn counterproductive to the movement, being accepted by such terminally square and fashion blind idiots!

The fact that in 1980, after “praying for guidance, Church President Woodruff announced an end to ‘plural’ marriage” makes this whole "religion" a sham in my eyes. That’s called selling out! Although this sooo smells like the Catholics finally “realizing” that the Jews were no longer really at fault for killing Jesus Christ… too bad it took them until the 1960’s to figure this out… right after Israel was founded and the Jews were a military force… coincidence? Methinks not. Catholics are mean bigoted bullies, but they’re not stupid. Mormons neither. They caved into persecution. This has inspired me to continue my religious intolerance in the hopes of change…

Still, Germy finds Mormons’ fervent faith and devotion intriguing…

Believing in God is hard; ask any believer.
-Yann Martel

I admit that faith is not easy. It’s not as automatic and bottomless as one might first imagine. Faith can only really take you so far… then you have to jump. They don’t call it a “leap of faith” for nuttin’ (hear that, agnostics???)... Mormons have taken their own leap. It’s just a lot bigger than most other people. It’s funny, but leaping into the deep and uncertain past (like Christians) seems a lot easier than leaping into the XIX Century. Now that takes faith. Or just a bunch of really crazy people suffering from mass delusions. Guess which one I think Mormons are…

Next up, Islam. Geez, I sure hope no Jihadists read this blog...


Ok, I just LOVE it when the new Jr. developer gives me sass... DORK! "Fattie, you're UNDER ME IN THE FOOD CHAIN! You can't bark at your superiors!!"

Ok, ok.. technically I'm not his superior, that's why I've been VERY patient with him. But still, he seems to have NO (or very limited) problem solving abbilty and he seems scared to death of breaking something ON OUR FUCKING TEST SERVER!!! THAT'S WHAT IT'S, FOR YOU FATSO!!! And I've had to tell him this like 3 times!!! COME ON!

He seems to think that if he makes less mistakes he will be higher regarded in this company. Ok, not a bad reasoning (loosing weight would also help, btw). Anyhow, he is so worried about making that good imrpession and about making a mistake that he keeps bothering me and my boss with a lot of little annoying questions... and it's turning counterproductive on him! He's starting to look like a useless idiot! (Which I think he is, but that's just MHO).

Anyways, did I mention he was FAT AS A WHALE?!?!?!

Whew... now I feel better...

10 things I gay about you

Ok, here are some REALLY gay things Germy tends to do. I will denote the "queer factor" of each by using asterisks (*). Hang on to your Judy Garland CD's, here we go!!!...

1. Germy likes to have sex with guys (*). This isn't terribly queer. I mean there are a lot of "real guys" who have sex with men but they are like totally straight and are just like fucking "curious" and shit... yeah... right... keep telling yourselves that, you closeted bitches!!!

2. Germy likes musicals.(****) Hey! This is definitely queer-Nirvana, but my brother also likes musicals, and he's as straight as an arrow... so they queer factor suffers... still, being able to sing (in the original key!) almost any song from almost any Sondheim show is DEFINITELY up there on the gay-scale... I'm so proud...

3. Germy likes Madonna.(*****) This is not THAT queer anymore because A) Madonna is like totally religious now and a married mum of two and B) She once defended homophobic rapper Eminem and even backed down her anti-war sentiment when faced with the possibility of a boycott. Biotch...

4. Germy likes Cher.(***********) Nuff said.

5. Germy abhors sports.(***) Yeah, I really do not like playing sports in any way. Especially group sports, yuck. Some straight guys don't like this also, so it's not terribly gay. I might do it every now and then, but just for some silly fun and not really to compete. I like watching rugby and swimming and gymnastics in TV tho... if you're not sure why, please refer to No. 1...

6. Germy loves gossiping... especially with girls or other gay guys(******) I'm a terrible gossip, I know, it's shameful. BUT I LOVE IT!!! Hahahahaha... Lot's of straight guys are also really gossipy, but only queers do it primarily with girls... and we also accept it and flaunt it... =P

7. Germy uses flared jeans (**) This is not as queer as it could be because of the fashion-conscious metrosexual crowd. But still, hooking up near the flared jeans section of a store is ALWAYS a good idea... ;-)

8. Germy avoids physical least when not having sex. (**********) Nuff said.

9. Germy is soft-spoken, smart, polite, eloquent, witty and incredibly funny! And fucking modest! (******)Need I say more?!?!?!

10. Germy LOVES Barbra Streisand! (**********************************). Ok, the only thing keeping this from going through the roof is that some cultured straight adults also love La Streisand. But still, anybody under the age of 30 who is a Babs fan is INCREDIBLY TOTTALLY FLAME THROWER GAY!!! And that's why hooking up at a Streisand concert is a SURE thing honeys! And Amen to that...

Germy eats his words

Pope issues anti-Semitism warning.

...or maybe it's all a ploy to get the Jews' confidence and then, WHAM! Hit them when they least expect it... or maybe not...

If all goes well...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

... I'll be heading to MTY Sep 15. And I'll participate in this old Students of the Arts department reunion for my old University. That should be fun, haha. And I'll catch Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" too.

You know, recently, my old school has mounted some pretty neat and modern productions... the play group put on "Noises off", "Proof", "Metamorphoses" (Mary Zimmerman's take) and the musicals group put on "Jekyll n' Hyde" and will also be mounting "Anything goes" later this year (MAN! Finally a musical I would have LOVED to perform in... and I graduated over a year and a half ago... sheesh!).

Finally some new life is being injected into the shaby old Arts department... it's nice to hear at least... wish I could have been a part of it... or at least be there to see it... sniff, sniff...

I am preparing an email

To "Focus on the family", where I will include this:

"The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the National Association of Social Workers, together representing more than 477,000 health and mental health professionals, have all taken the position that homosexuality is not a mental disorder, and thus there is no need for a 'cure'."
-the American Psychiatric Association

Rest of the article this is quoted from is here.

Sweet gesture, but...

The Pope went to Cologne for World Youth Day. He wants to "emphasize outreach to Jews and Muslims and evangelizing a Europe that has drifted from its Christian heritage." Well, I say GOOD LUCK... you're surely gonna need it...

James Bomd themes

I've always had a soft spot for songs featured in James Bond movies. Ever since they mounted a revue at my school where they featured a tribute to James Bond, I've been hooked! They all have a campy, over the top, showy quality that I've always been a sucker for.

My favorites:
For your eyes only (Sheena Easton... a fantastic melody!)
Tomorrow never dies (Sheryl Crow... stratospherically high notes belted out by an amazing singer!) and Surrender (K.D. Lang... what a belter!)
Nobody does it better (Carly Simon... one of the BEST EVER!)
Thunderball (Tom Jones... again, what a voice! What a hunk!)
Goldeneye (Tina Turner... this one had to grow on me... but like it anyways...)
You only live twice (Tina Sinatra... heard as a background in Robie Williams's "Millennium"... beautiful)
The world is not enough (Garbage... this just ROCKS! It's modern but has the whole James Bond feel... awesome...)
License to kill (Dionne Warwick... very 80's, but she's such a good performer, she manages a great song)
And, of course, Goldfinger. (Shirley Bassey... what can I say??? CLASSIC! What a belter!)

Some real duds:
Die another day (Madonna... I know, blasphemy... it's an ok song, just BAD for Bond)
The living daylights (Duran Duran... just sucks)
Moonraker (Shirley Bassey... boring!)
Live and let die (Paul McCartney’s Wings sings this, yuck... Guns n' Roses did a great cover of this song, tho...)
The man with the golden gun (Some chick called Lulu sang this... dated and boring)
All time high (Yuck....)

"A life of great potential is dismissed, inconsecuential..."

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Death begets death. Hate begets hate. Horror only begets more horror.

The case fo the young Brazillian man who was shot dead by London police really got to me, because I was once an illegal worker in the UK. Now that it all seems to have been a horrendous mistake and cover-up, well, it just makes me sad. Who do you blame? The hate-filled police who were blind to evidence and common sense? The hate-filled terrorists? The foolish country that was romanced into participating in a foolish war? What does it mean to associate blame when so much suffering has already happened?

To prevent more...

Just for the record...

I forgot to mention in my last post... I really do admire the Bible. It's a wonderful piece of literature. The stories and allegories are beautiful; it's more than enoguh to move me to tears (yes, even after all these years). It also offers an amazingly pristine vew of what life must have been like nearly 2000 years ago. Cool.

Now, as a social guideline for modern human behavior, well, that's another matter completely...

Little Shop SPOILER

Ok, if you don't like spoilers, DO NOT read on...

In the original Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors, aside from having several different songs, the ending is quite different from the movie version's. Instead of destroying the homicidal plant, Audrey (Seymour’s girlfriend) is actually killed by it. When Seymour comes in to save her from its clutches, it's already too late, she's too injured and she dies in his arms. Seymour confesses he's the one who fed people to the carnivorous plant that has brought him world fame for its relative oddness; but then Audrey asks him to also feed her to it, because she's going to die anyways, and "so that it can live and bring you all the wonderful things you deserve... it's the one gift I can give to you... and if I'm in the plant, I'll be part of the plant, so in a way, we'll always be together!". Then Audrey sings a reprise of her über-famous aria Somewhere that's green:

You'll wash my tender leaves,
you'll smell my sweet perfume.
You'll water me, and care for me,
you'll se me bud and bloom.
I'm feeling strangely happy now,
contented and serene...
oh, don't you see?...
finally I'll be...
somewhere that's green...
(Audrey dies)

This is supposed to be tragic in a very cheesy and campy way, and it's also hilarious! Hahahaha. After this, the plant goes on to eat Seymour as well and eventually take over the world!!! In the original production, they had plant tentacles fall out of the ceiling and into the audience! Ha! This show never ceases to amaze me.

Check out the 2003 Broadway Revival Cast, it keeps the original songs and the original ending, it's wonderful.

"Jesus Christ, superstar, do you think your'e who you say you are?"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You know, I really don’t have that much a problem with Catholicism in general. Yes, it was the religion I was most educated in, so I kind of have a soft spot for it. Nonetheless, in the spirit of this week's theme, religious intolerance, I will bad-mouth it just the same.

Catholicism is a harsh religion. It’s not as strict as others in its practicing; what I mean by harsh is that a default condition of any practitioner is a dirty rotten sinner. If you repent (when you are old enough to do so), then you get forgiven. Oh, and it’s all in the name of love... Ok, these people have serious emotional issues.

And what’s the deal with making clergy celibate? Do they have to prove their love by symbolically castrating themselves? Can’t you just take their word for it? And while we’re in that topic, what’s the deal with making sex original sin? That’s just wrong. If you go around saying “Love everyone”, you just can’t go and exclude physical love. Outrageous. Why can’t women be priests? They’re not worthy? Tell that to your momma’s, you ungrateful bastards!

And besides, am I the only one who thinks that drinking your Savior’s blood and eating his flesh every Sunday is creepy?!?! GEEZ! I know it’s all about “love” and all, but come on, that’s just plain bizarre.

Something I REALY don’t like about Catholicism is Catholics. They have won my utter disdain and have lost most of my (limited) respect. In my experience, normal Catholics present the following traits:

  • Amnesia: They go to church every Sunday and hear the word of God, then go out and forget about everything they heard and treat everyone like crap.

  • Extreme selectivity: They go around preaching very specific parts of the Bible, but “exclude” others that talk about incest, polygamy, murder and other nasty stuff.

  • They’re great at “Interpreting”: Everyone miraculously finds a way to “Interpret” the Bible in a way that coincidentally supports their personal and/or political views. Please…

  • They’re huge hypocrites: I think this is self explanatory.

But Catholics should not be blamed for their harsh and quick judgments or tendency to outcast the less virtuous. It seems people always look for ways to exclude others and discriminate. It’s pretty much a natural trait. We love having an excuse to make others feel bad or inferior. That’s very Catholic. What’s even more Catholic is to bestow quick and harsh judgment for something you also do, but conveniently “forget” this and act like it is the most abominable thing on Earth. But this is also very human. And that’s why it’s the most humane religion, in my opinion, haha.

As for the “Protestant” wing of Catholicism (or, more correctly, of Christianity), well, I have some choice words for them as well. I wonder how it feels to be part of a church that on one side was created by the philandering and wife-killing monarch Henry VIII who just wanted another divorce from Rome; and which on the other side was born out of the power-hungry Germanic rulers who were craving political freedom from the Vatican so badly they decided to embrace the many radical reforms of Martin Luther (and labeled the whole process “religious freedom”). What a crock, I say. You’re all fake Christians; you should all go to Rome and beg for forgiveness, it’s embarrassing, have you no shame?!?!?!

‘Nuff said… next up, Mormons. Ooooh, guaranteed fun…

Germy is listening to...

Caroline or Change... yeah, I know, what else is new. Well, who cares what you think! Haha...

Anyways, don't you love it when you're hearing one of your old CD's (or batch of pirated MP3's) and you discover new gems in between the songs you already knew were good? What a great feeling! It's like a gift...

I particularly love when Caroline and Dottie are fighting at the bus stop and suddenly the Bus comes along, singing an aching ballad that soulfully tells of the sorrow at the bottom of his soul; and then, as a climax, we find out why he is in such a sorry state: the final notes announce that President Kennedy has just died. Wow... a powerful moment. Modern opera rocks...

Germy's really hot

Yes, yes, the title has an obvious double meaning. Germy is too darn hot. In all senses of the phrase! Just that today it's the bad meaning...

I was definitely not made for tropical weather. GEEZ! The temperature I can handle (sort of), it´s just the frickin' humidity that kills! It kills! I have an air conditioend office and my house is pretty cool and fresh... it's just that when I go out at 2pm to eat... YIKES! Murder! Heat exhasution! Death valley! Help! I return all sweaty and tired. And Germy does NOT like sweating. I sweat somewhat profusely... si I HATE it.

I thought I'd be OK with hot climates, I mean I lived in MTY for 4.5 yrs... but then it dawned on me... I ALWAYS had AC! DAMMIT! Curses! Foiled again!

Fucked-up shit

Ok, occassionally you encounter some really fucked-up stuff on the internet, like sites dedicated to showing pcitures of dead corpses, grannies having sex with dogs, Anne Coulter, etc. But every once in a while, you come upon something so wrong and disgusting, it just makes you gasp and makes your stomach turn. I found one such thing the other day. It's called Focus on your child. I sincerely hope these people burn for what they are doing. And I don't mean in Hell. How much do you want to bet a lot of closeted self-hating fags are behing this?

Anyways, I'm WAY too upset to say anything very coherent right now. Expect more later...


Psst, psst... one of the larger All-Inclusive hotels in Nuevo Vallarta got hit by a lightning bolt last night and it took out all of its network switches... "oops". Haha.

Anyways, they came over so we could lend them some, hahaha. We're about to open another Internet Cafe (with surprising resemblance to the Easy Internet Cafes in NYC and Europe!) and we apparently have a few switches lying around. Because they lost all network connectivity, the hotel had to redo all of their day's registrations again... HA-HA!

My boss is a wacko

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ok, my boss is nuts, haha. He says that almost every week credit card companies call him up and offer him even more credit cards than he already has. He finds this very annoying and has come up with "fun" ways to make them leave him alone. For example he:

  • Acts all desperate to get his hands on a credit card. He gets all excited and blabs about him always applying and always being rejected and then he makes the poor sales person promise him that this time he'll "finally" get one. They usually hang up.

  • Gets all angry for having companies "stalk" him, threatens a lawsuit, accuses them of identity theft, etc, etc, etc...

  • Once, when the poor sales person asked him if he had a family, he told him that his wife and kids had just DIED in an accident and started crying on the phone... I was right behind him when he did this and it was absolutely hilarious... if you set aside the feelings of being creeped out by a nutcase! hahaha.

Anyways... whatever happened to just being assertive and saying no (or just plain hanging up)? Hahaha.

Indeed, what a world...

Update + lightning

My mom arrived here yesterday. I hadn't seen her since February, so it's nice to have her around... even if she stresses me out sometimes, haha.

Anyways, we went to eat at this nice seafood place and it started raining, so we decided to quickly head on home... that is, until a couple of fucking lightning bolts hit down on the field right in front of the restaurant! GEEZ! After that, EVRYONE there stayed put! haha.

I had never seen exactly where a thunder bolt hit... until yesterday. The lightning makes a very distinct sound, whereas the actual thing it hits makes another much shorter very differen sound altogether. Also, the light is so concentrated in the jagged lines that make up the bolt, that the actual flash doesn't even register that much (as opposed to beign far away and just seeing the bolt light up the sky). Weird... and spooky! No, forget spooky, I'm talking crap-your-pants scary! Yet fascinating all the same...

Da Joos

Ok, continuing with religious intolerance week here at the Germy Show, it's the Jews' turn. In the musical Caroline or Change, the maid is thrown a racial insult by the young boy whose Jewish family she works for. She answers in a chillingly soft voice:

Noah, Hell is just like this basement,
only hotter than this;
hotter than all this with the washer, and the boiler and the dryer full blast.
Hell is hotter than goose fat,
oh, much hotter than that.
Hell is so hot, it makes flesh fry...
and that's were Jews go when they die.

Considering the young boy's mother has recently died, this is just a horrible thing to say. Anyways, it's interesting because according to Catholicism (in it's pure and non-PC form) this is what all God-loving Catholics should believe. The Jews are supposed to have killed Jesus Christ, so they are all evil. But you never see priests or the Vatican attacking Jews, do you? They pick their battles very intelligently... bastards.

Anyways, I know quite a few people who actually dislike Jews for a variety of reasons. Because they supposedly don't have much social contact with non-Jews, because they supposedly control a lot of money and thus have lots of power, because they invaded Palestine (after the Palestinians were planning to invade them but where surprised by being invaded themselves... touché, honeys), etc, etc. I just don't understand their philosophy; marry only other jews. Talk about a way to limit your potential love market. People are so odd. Especially Jews. And no Christmas? Come on! That's just mean! I've really never had an opinion about them; I've met very few Jews in my life, and they've actually been really nice people. Nice blonde people, haha.

Anyways, since this is religious intolerance week, they too shall be shunned. Next up, Catholics... I can hardly wait...

Sniff, sniff...

Well, my office mate left on Friday. :-(

He was only here for the summer, he needed to return home to finish up his thesis. He was a great companion. He arrived just as my old office mate (and roomie) was leaving, so I never really felt too alone. Now I sort of do. :-(

Apart from being really hot, he was a genuinely nice guy. He had this immutable macho thing going on, but he was an incredibly nice person in every way; really laid-back, down-to-earth and fun to talk with. His humor was always sneaky and mischievous, but good-natured through and through... he'll be missed. He might be back, or maybe not, but I feel I met a good friend. Awwwwww...

SIDE NOTE: While my now homeward-bound office mate was here during December vacation, there was a girl working here who he called "Barely legal" because she was hot but like 16 or 17 (we later found out she had spent a night in jail for giving her boyfriend a blowjob in a back alley! COOL!). Anyways, I have a new office mate, he's from the accounting department, he's a cute little student who comes here part-time. He's been dubbed "barely legal internet boi", haha. ;-)

Religious intolerance

Saturday, August 13, 2005

I’ll be honest about it. It is not atheists who get struck in my craw, but agnostics. Doubt is useful for a while. We must all pass through the garden of Gethsemane. If Christ played with doubt, so must we. If Christ spent an anguished night in prayer, if He burst out from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” then surely we are also permitted doubt. But we must move on. To choose doubt as a philosophy of life is akin to choosing immobility as a means of transportation.

-Yann Martel, Life of Pi

This is a quote the main character gives in the book I'm reading right now. You know, I could never quite summon up the exact words why agnostics never really registered with me; but after I read this passage, I finally saw my exact feelings on paper. Wow. It's a neat book, I'm only half-way through, but it's quite the interesting reflection-filled story and a harrowing tale.

The very first time I found out what an agnostic was I was in MTY and I also found out some of my friends were this strange non-religion (you know who you are... PSESITO! Haha). I found it a peculiar choice, and more like a non-choice of sorts. I've realized that the confusion they caused me was not really curiosity and awe; it turned out to be intolerance. So, in all honesty, I will from now on persecute agnostics and discriminate against them for not sharing my religious beliefs. What exactly are my beliefs? Good question. But a complicated one I will have to answer in a future post. In the meantime, I'll be busy harassing and bullying agnostics...

Hottie of the week

Jake Gyllenhaal!

Oh my! This guy is the textbook definition of ADORABLE! He has a sweet, rugged, boy-next-door charm to him, but he also is incredibly sexy! YEAH! His beautiful blue eyes can easily trap you in their tender glance. Be still my heart...

Him and his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, have burst upon the Hollywood scene in the past few years making some pretty good indie-films (Donnie Darko, him; Secretary, her). They're both pretty hot properties now, especialy with his upcoming Proof and Jarhead, directed by none other than Sam Mendes (have you seen the trailer for this one? Jacke is half-naked throughout! YUM!... this will definitely be a MUST-SEE! haha).

I remember when I saw him in the film The day after tomorrow; other than getting an eye on the girl who would eventually play Christine in the Phantom movie (Emmy Rossum), I was completely perplexed by this handsome young man. Wow! What a cutie, what a hunk! What a sweetie! You can take him home to your parents AND ravage him in bed. What a perfect combination! ;-)

Quick facts: He's of Swedish descent, he was born in LA and is like 3 months younger than me (24 yrs old), he's fucking 6 feet tall! YEAH, BABY! What's not to love (and lust over!)? Hahaha...

Germy takes on...

Friday, August 12, 2005

...picking up a guy! (or rather, hooking up, in general).

Ok, hooking up. An activity as old as human beings. Done by all men, gay or straight (and plenty of girls too, haha). It's the hunt, it's the search to satisfy a deep-rooted need. Like eating; but not really, haha; the urge is very different, but also quite strong. Should this be an Olympic sport? I'm one to say "yes!". It requires skill, a good degree of innate talent, but also a lot of practice. Let the games begin!

Not too long ago I decided to meet up with some friends from work at a gay club here in town. There was going to be a Circuit Party from Miami and it was supposed to be the shit. So I agreed. On my way there I ran out of cell phone credit so when I arrived I had no idea where they were. So I was all alone at this huge place with this wild music and weird-ass aquatic life decorations (kind of like The Little Mermaid on meth; an extremely decadent "Under the Sea" musical number). I have to say I had never seen so many shirtless guys in a club before. Nice. The music was pretty cool also. Just the right mix of techno and pop.

I looked for my buds a few times, but to no avail. I actually ended up saying hi to the ex-bf of a college chum and meeting another college friend (WEIRD!). But I eventually gave up looking for my work colleagues. So then it occurred to me: I was at a club, alone; my roommate was out of town visiting his parents, so the apartment was all mine. Wow. Anybody for some casual sex? Germy was a hunter again.

There was plenty to choose from, so I went into stealth mode. The first thing one usually does (or should do, rather) when trying to hook-up is walk around and get a feel of the place you're in. How's the atmosphere? Stuck-up? Teeny-bopper? Bohemian rhapsody? Old and mature? Leather daddies? Do people look relaxed or are they just posing? All of this is valuable information for a hunter, I mean, hooker-upper. If it's your scene, you should continue. If not, ditch the place!

So I then staked-out potential candidates, or how I call them, "prey". This is the really fun part. You get to gawk at guys and it's OK, haha. This part is obviously very subjective, so I won't say much here. I'll just add that I tend to like stocky or well-built guys, not necessarily muscular, just not too skinny. I like some meat on my man! Haha.

Ok, now let's deal with a reality: being rejected totally sucks. Yes, I know, in theory, if you get rejected it should be no big deal and you just move on to the next candidate (i.e. "prey"). In reality, your ego takes a hard blow and you risk loosing interest all together. So you should be a little careful and evaluate your chances. Be honest with yourself (for better or for worse) and go for it. You basically have to look for people that a) You think are hot and b) Give positive feedback (more on this further down) . I think I have decent looks, and even though I'm tall and stuff I'm not that spectacular in the body department. These are all things you should take into consideration. Of course, if you have nerves of steel, more power to ya. If you're like me, you want to think a little before you leap. But not too much, haha.

The conventional hook-up method, and what you should always try first, is to cruise around and look for glances. This is what we call FEEDBACK. Return glances can be very subtle, but they are the easiest way to find out if someone is interested or not. Catch the right glance and you linger for a second or park yourself nearby. A second glance is confirmation. A third is pretty much a "Get over here, NOW!" billboard. A smile is always a plus, but not necessary.

Back when I used to go out with my buds in MTY, it was really easy to check out guys in my potential market. People in Mexico in general don't tend to be too tall, so whenever a nice, tall, dark and handsome rogue stepped into my line of sight, I immediately saw him... and he immediately saw me, way above the other dancing heads, haha. Oh, another tip: people who actually look like they're having a good time tend to hook-up more. So I highly recommend it, haha. Go out with friends, have a few drinks and a few laughs. Your social status actually rises if you seem to be oblivious to your surroundings. Weird, isn't it?

Ok, so you found a hottie, he looks just right. Pretty hot, not too hot that he's a big-headed asshole, not too bad-looking that he's a wallflower. But he doesn't seem to be glancing your way. And you've walked past him 3 times already! DAMMIT! Ok, this is time for plan B: just walk up and talk to him. Definitely the most nerve wracking approach. You can just be batted out of the ballpark, or they guy can be happily surprised you finally got up the guts to talk to him. While I was at this circuit party, the cruising techniques failed, so I homed in on two likely candidates. One was tall, dark-haired and well-built. The other was also tall, shaved head and somewhat slimmer.

Here’s another interesting piece of information (and motivation to bite the bullet and go up to someone): In my experience, like 90% of all guys want somebody ELSE to make the first move. Yes, I know, my percentage is not based on any study, but it just seems like most guys don't want to take the risk. This therefore leaves the door wide open for guys who are willing to take the lead. I once flat out told a guy "You know, I'm quite upset with you... I've been waiting for you to ask me to dance all night and I've had enough... so let's go to the dance floor, NOW". I got lucky and he was quite impressed by my boldness. I have no idea what I was on at the time, but it was worth its weight in gold, haha. I'm normally NOT that brave. Like I said, putting yourself out there raises the risk of being rejected... but, well, you only live once, haha.

Back to the circuit party, while I was pondering which guy I would make my move on, I decided to go to the bathroom and check out how the old good looks were holding up at 3am. This is always a good thing to do periodically. A little QA (Quality Assurance) never hurt anybody, haha. I saw myself in the mirror and was slightly surprised the hair was still looking good and I didn't look too sleepy. I got a confidence boost. And I returned. The first guy's name was Brian and he was visiting from Vancouver. Nice.

Unfortunately, I went home by myself. Germy the hunter abandoned the dark, dark forest empty-handed. No, the methodology is not full proof; you win some, you loose some. The point is to practice periodically (yes, like physical condition, hook-up condition can be affected by atrophy); the least it can do is remind you that you're alive and kicking. And Amen to that...


FINALLY! The trailer is here! "Proof" was originally going to be released in December of last year, but it was pulled back for lik no apparent reason, sheesh...

This is the film version of the Pulitzer Prize winning David Auburn play. It's a wonderful show I had to opportunity of seeing once, and it was quite an experience. On Broadway it originally starred Mary-Louise Parker and in London it featured Gwyneth Paltrow (who,as you'll see, got her hands on the film role). Others in the film are Jake Gyllenhal (*sigh*) and (Sir) Anthony Hopkins.

It's a really simple story actually (yeah, the trailer is a little underwhelming in my opinion); but believe me, the playwright manages to create tension and surprise, and not to mention heartwrenching moments that leave you breathless. I just love those plays in which there are plenty of moments of humor that fill the theater with laughter, but that also supply doses of real emotion and dramatic tension, enough to leave the audience so quiet you can hear a fucking pin drop. Really!

If you get the opportunity, see the movie, the very least you'll get is a great story filled with very well-developed characters and a story that actually makes you care about what happens to them. A real treat... (or at least I hope the movie will be).

NOTE: This play "proved" to me that you definitely create the most tension and suspense when you give the audience more information, not by withholding it. Interesting...

You said it, Shirley...

...they say the next big thing is here,
that the revolution's near,
but to me it seems quite clear
that it's all just a little bit of history repeating.

...there is fashion, there is fad
some is good, some is bad
and the joke is rather sad,
that its all just a little bit of history repeating

-Shirley bassey

Note to self:

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Germy, in your relationships, only one person is allowed to make dramas about everything, there's only room for one DramaKing... and that person is YOU!

If the "significant other" starts to think that he has dramatic priviledges, then a problem arises... one that should be dealt with swiftly and efficiently. 'Nuff said.

I.E. Germy is never in a mood to take other people's shit. Conversely, Germy is allowed to spew his own shit in any direction he so chooses. Are we clear?!?!?

Ass cover

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ok, I LOVE it when people ask you something you don't know and then try to cover their ass saying you didn't warn them!

Also... I LOVE it when you warn someone they're doing something stupid, they go ahead and do it, and then complain that nobody informed them properly enough! COME ON! What do you want? Someone to physically stop you?!?! THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR SCREW-UPS! AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!

...ok, rant over.... haha.

Monterrey, hey, hey, hey

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I just paid for my ticket to MTY!!! Hoo-ray!!!

Unfortunately, an event in the near future might bring some consequences unforseen. In other words, my trip is in slight joepardy... dammit. But I bought the ticket anyway becauase:

A) The rate can go up. And Germy does NOT want that to happen. Especially since for about $100 USD more, I once bought a fucking roundtrip ticket from San Diego to London...

B) I can change it anyways. If I don't get to go to MTY on that date, I can surely go on another... a warning to all regio residents!!! HAHA!

C) I just love shopping, don't you??? Haha.

Oh, note to self: tell boss you want to take that weekend off from work... "oops, I did it again..."


When do you known you've forgiven someone? When you no longer look back in anger? When memories cause you no more pain?

So what if you forgive... how can you ever forget? Once bitten- forever shy?

I remember saying a while back I had forgiven my ex-bf... well, that was a big fat lie. It still hurts sometimes; I still look back in anger. Memory can be such a curse. I had a rather pragmatic upbringing; if someone betrayed or hurt you, they automatically lost your trust forever, there was no going back and no forgiving.

Ok, this was a somewhat judgmental and extreme posture... but it sure kept you from being hurt... from the same person at least. Growing up I realized that people honestly screw up sometimes, so being severe on them is not always the fair thing to do.

I know this feeling, I recognize it like an old friend I hadn't seen in a while, but who I instantly recognize. It comes from a place inside, a place so dark I try very hard not to find it. But it just comes out sometimes, like a hungry lion escaped from its cage. I know it will pass, someday. Just not today.

Interview question

My officemate (who is leaving this week! WAAAAHHHH!) said that a priority in hiring the new developer should be his outright manliness. (Yeah, I know, PLEEEASE!). Anyways, he said he could find it out with just one question:

Ok, if you were going to kill a bunch of baby seals, all small and cute and defenseless and shit, how would you go about doing it?

If the candidate answers "Kill baby seals? Why would you ever want to do that for? GEEZ!", this would be a huge drawback. He's a spineless anti-man and should not be hired. And should be beaten into a bloody pulp.

If he answers "Well, I'd take out my huge bowie knife and slash their thorats one by one", this would be a plus. As the all-wise Yoda would say, "The manliness is strong in him".

If he answers "I'd grab a bat and pund them to death", this would be a HUGE plus. He's the man.

If he answers "Fucking baby seals should be banned", he should be hired right then and there.

Indeed, what a world...


Monday, August 08, 2005

Man, my roommate is SO hot (the other one who is actually speaking to me on a regular basis and is a nice guy, a.k.a. the Talented Mr. Ewing). I've gotten to see him coimg out of the shower twice this week... be still my heart! What a hunk!!!

Job description

Today I wrote up the job description we're (FINALLY) gonna put up on some Internet job databases. I mentioned the usual, Web development experience, a few key technologies, etc. Of course I wanted to ad tall, good-looking and preferably (but not necessarily) gay… but I think that would be sort of pushing it… it’s hard enough to get a good developer as it is… let alone a hot one. So I just included he should be well hung.


Hottie of the Week

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sidney Crosby!

HOTTIE!!!Ok, he's barely legal (18). He recently went pro, he was the #1 draft pick, and has a bright (and money filled) future ahead of him. The fact that he's gorgeous doesn't hurt at all...

That ice is gonna melt, honey...


Thursday, August 04, 2005

I sometimes wonder if I should have studied CS or not. I remember thinking about it a good deal before applying to University. Not I didn't choose at the last minute and for a ludicrous reason (ala SJES, hahaha). But in the end, the idea of me programming in front of a computer all day was unbearable. Which is precisely what I do now, hahaha! The funny thing is that I kind of like it... because you do more than click-away and stuff...

Anyways, I wonder if I would have gotten more out of studying CS versus EE. EE was challenging and very interesting at times... but it was also commonly filled with stuff I saw no use for at all. And one of the core modules (circuit design) ended up being the core of my disdain.

I recall a moment after my second semester. I had just finished my first CS class, and I thought it had been GREAT! A wonderful teacher (remember, Psesito?), a fun course and a world of possibilities. In the final project, me and a friend put out all the stops and got a TON of extra points so as to prevent him from flunking, haha. And it was FUN. I remember the thought actually crossed my mind. "Maybe I'm in the wrong major?". I paid no heed to that remark. Do I regret it? Well, sort of. Further down the line, I met wonderful people and learned a lot of interesting things... and knowledge is never a waste of time... but the doubt persists...

Anyways, knowing what I know now, I probably would choose to study full-fledged CS. But, then again, "what-if's" aren't really very useful. I will learn to become a good developer and probably outsmart a lot of other CS majors (like plenty of circuit-heads will outsmart a EE-dud like me, haha). Learning never really ends, so I don't think you never really miss the opportunity to become wiser. 'Nuff said.

Time to get real

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I think the time has come for Germy to become a real developer. Yeah, using DB's and connections and server-side pages sort of make me look like a real developer, but I'm not a hard-core coder. I don't have the skill-set (I have the ability, mind you)... but that's about to change. Starting here, starting now...

In defense of decency

After reading an article on about anti-gay-marriage groups, I decided to send the guys at an email with some choice feedback... using my real name and e-mail address...

I think what you guys are doing is really brave, but very necessary. I think our values are going down the toilet. Thanks to brave citizens like you, we can all hope for a restored society in which moral values are held in the highest regard.

Hopefully you won't stop at this level and go for a national ammendment to stop these terrible laws. I hope you also take on other very urgent issues like also banning interracial marriages, which I think are just disgusting and unnatural. People of different races should not mix, it's just not Christian. Hopefully we'll someday bar those damn Jews from marrying also; Lord knows they're the evil of the Earth.

I think us white protestants deserve better and we should begin to show all of the niggers and spiks and dykes and fags and Jews and so forth, that we are nto going to stand for their immorality any longer!

God bless all of you!!!

-Germ's full name

Diet blues

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My gringa friend and I are going on a diet. Sheesh. We both have different motivations...

My mom is visiting my bro right now, and I got word he's totally a lot thinner than before. He's always been the "chubby" one, I've always been the "thin" one... so I'm in serious danger of losing my title because my gut has never been bigger than it is right now! AAAAHHHHHHH!

My gringa friend found and old scale and had the brilliant idea of weighing herself... BIG MISTAKE. Now she's decided to stop eating altogether... almost, haha. She's gonna stick to light beer from now on, hahaha...

We're thinking of going to spinning classes and doing some Pilates. I once tried Spinning and it was HELL. Me and my friends were completely worn out towards the end... I couldn't imagine WHY someone would do that on a regular basis... so here I go again! Haha.

Plus, starting an exercise regimen with somebody else is taking advantage of the whole Buddy System. If you have someone else to go to the gym with, it's like having an appointment and you're more likely to keep it than if you went alone and by pure will power. At least in theory... I've always been really lazy for going to the gym... I find it repetitive and boring. Because it is. Unless there are a lot of hotties... but even then, they are always the same hotties... geez...

We've been running in the mornings along the Malecón (the boardwalk). It's nice and fresh (the humidity during the day is HELL!), and I actually feel like I have a lot more time during the day now! haha. Who knew getting up early could be so beneficial...

Let's see how long this lasts, haha...

Germy is listening to...

Monday, August 01, 2005

The main title music from The silence of the lambs. Man, that theme really conveys a sense of suspense and terror... great score.


The first full-fledged thunderstorm hit Vallarta today. Yikes! These things scare the hell out of me!

I remember the first time I came to Vallarta (in '89) there was a thunder storm every frickin' night! GEEZ! It was really scary. Then the next day everybody would be all like "Thunderstorm yesterday? What? That was nothing!". One night, we got a REALLY BIG ONE, it made the whole fucking hotel shake. And nobody said anything the next day, haha.

Once while I was in MTY I was getting home from a friend's B-Day party and it was raining quite heavily. Then the taxi stalled in this virtual river of water. Dammit! Then the thunder started! YIKES!!!! I could just see a HUGE blast of white light behind me and I could actually hear where the fucking thing hit!!! AAAAHHHH!!! I had never been so close to a thunder bolt in my life!!! The driver asked me if I wanted to go outside and hail another cab, and I was all like "Buddy, I am NOT leaving this car for anything in the world!!!" (tires are rubber so they insulate you electrically, hello! haha... also, the Faraday Effect keeps you safe inside the metal framing of the car... and also, I WAS FUCKING SCARED SHITLESS!!!!).

In order to calm my nerves, here are some fun facts about lightning:

  • The temperature of a lightning bolt is approximately 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. Now, that's hot, Paris.

  • Lightning is electricity flowing between storm clouds and the ground. It's generated when the overwhelmingly negatives charges in the bottoms of coulds find naive positivs charges on the ground... and things get cookin', fast.

  • Scientists still aren't sure exactly how storm clouds achieve their electrical charge (and cause lightning bolts). One theory states that it's molecular collisions among water droplets and ice particles that cause the exchange of electrons (the stuff electricity is made out of).

  • A lightning bolt can contain a billion volts! Cool! (This refers to the difference in potential between the ground and the cloud... so it's a HUGE difference!).

  • In order for lightning to pass through air (a natural insulator), the huge electric field generated by all those volts causes the air to "break down", ripping the electrons right off it, turning it into plasma. Like the TV's, haha, cool...

  • The light you see in a lightning rod is the electric current flowing through the air, and it's an after-effect of the plasma "route" forming all the way to the ground.

  • Thunder is the shockwave created in the air around the lightning rod. The flow of current is so hot it makes the air molecules explode, and thus sends the vibrations in all directions. COOL!

Ok, I think I feel much calmer now. Until another lightning bolt hits, I mean...

Germy, bug slayer

YESSSS!!! Killing a software bug is ever so satisfying!!! MURDER MURDER! DEATH DEATH! YEsssssSSSSssssSSSSssssss!!!

What a great way to start the day.... ;-)