Thursday, August 04, 2005

I sometimes wonder if I should have studied CS or not. I remember thinking about it a good deal before applying to University. Not I didn't choose at the last minute and for a ludicrous reason (ala SJES, hahaha). But in the end, the idea of me programming in front of a computer all day was unbearable. Which is precisely what I do now, hahaha! The funny thing is that I kind of like it... because you do more than click-away and stuff...

Anyways, I wonder if I would have gotten more out of studying CS versus EE. EE was challenging and very interesting at times... but it was also commonly filled with stuff I saw no use for at all. And one of the core modules (circuit design) ended up being the core of my disdain.

I recall a moment after my second semester. I had just finished my first CS class, and I thought it had been GREAT! A wonderful teacher (remember, Psesito?), a fun course and a world of possibilities. In the final project, me and a friend put out all the stops and got a TON of extra points so as to prevent him from flunking, haha. And it was FUN. I remember the thought actually crossed my mind. "Maybe I'm in the wrong major?". I paid no heed to that remark. Do I regret it? Well, sort of. Further down the line, I met wonderful people and learned a lot of interesting things... and knowledge is never a waste of time... but the doubt persists...

Anyways, knowing what I know now, I probably would choose to study full-fledged CS. But, then again, "what-if's" aren't really very useful. I will learn to become a good developer and probably outsmart a lot of other CS majors (like plenty of circuit-heads will outsmart a EE-dud like me, haha). Learning never really ends, so I don't think you never really miss the opportunity to become wiser. 'Nuff said.


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