Monday, August 22, 2005

I can't get this damn song out of my head! Don't you just hate it when that happens!!!

It's called "Once upon a time". It's from the musuical BKLYN (Brooklyn). It famously flopped on Broadway last season while featuring the powerful American-Idol style singing of Eden Espinoza (currently Elphaba in SF's Wicked) and Ramone Keller (of Caroline or Change).

I'm going crazy because this show is as siruppy as they come. You basically need insuline to even hear the original cast recording. Sheesh. Anyways, it actuallty has this one nice song I mentioned earlier and it sticks to you, like, well, caramelized sugar. It actually starts out by the lead character calling out to the ghost ofher dead mother "Mommy??? Mommy!! MOMMY!!!"... oh brother...

Man, that Espinoza girl can sing, tho...


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