Germy's really hot

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yes, yes, the title has an obvious double meaning. Germy is too darn hot. In all senses of the phrase! Just that today it's the bad meaning...

I was definitely not made for tropical weather. GEEZ! The temperature I can handle (sort of), it´s just the frickin' humidity that kills! It kills! I have an air conditioend office and my house is pretty cool and fresh... it's just that when I go out at 2pm to eat... YIKES! Murder! Heat exhasution! Death valley! Help! I return all sweaty and tired. And Germy does NOT like sweating. I sweat somewhat profusely... si I HATE it.

I thought I'd be OK with hot climates, I mean I lived in MTY for 4.5 yrs... but then it dawned on me... I ALWAYS had AC! DAMMIT! Curses! Foiled again!


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