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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jake Gyllenhaal!

Oh my! This guy is the textbook definition of ADORABLE! He has a sweet, rugged, boy-next-door charm to him, but he also is incredibly sexy! YEAH! His beautiful blue eyes can easily trap you in their tender glance. Be still my heart...

Him and his sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal, have burst upon the Hollywood scene in the past few years making some pretty good indie-films (Donnie Darko, him; Secretary, her). They're both pretty hot properties now, especialy with his upcoming Proof and Jarhead, directed by none other than Sam Mendes (have you seen the trailer for this one? Jacke is half-naked throughout! YUM!... this will definitely be a MUST-SEE! haha).

I remember when I saw him in the film The day after tomorrow; other than getting an eye on the girl who would eventually play Christine in the Phantom movie (Emmy Rossum), I was completely perplexed by this handsome young man. Wow! What a cutie, what a hunk! What a sweetie! You can take him home to your parents AND ravage him in bed. What a perfect combination! ;-)

Quick facts: He's of Swedish descent, he was born in LA and is like 3 months younger than me (24 yrs old), he's fucking 6 feet tall! YEAH, BABY! What's not to love (and lust over!)? Hahaha...


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