If all goes well...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

... I'll be heading to MTY Sep 15. And I'll participate in this old Students of the Arts department reunion for my old University. That should be fun, haha. And I'll catch Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" too.

You know, recently, my old school has mounted some pretty neat and modern productions... the play group put on "Noises off", "Proof", "Metamorphoses" (Mary Zimmerman's take) and the musicals group put on "Jekyll n' Hyde" and will also be mounting "Anything goes" later this year (MAN! Finally a musical I would have LOVED to perform in... and I graduated over a year and a half ago... sheesh!).

Finally some new life is being injected into the shaby old Arts department... it's nice to hear at least... wish I could have been a part of it... or at least be there to see it... sniff, sniff...


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