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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

My officemate (who is leaving this week! WAAAAHHHH!) said that a priority in hiring the new developer should be his outright manliness. (Yeah, I know, PLEEEASE!). Anyways, he said he could find it out with just one question:

Ok, if you were going to kill a bunch of baby seals, all small and cute and defenseless and shit, how would you go about doing it?

If the candidate answers "Kill baby seals? Why would you ever want to do that for? GEEZ!", this would be a huge drawback. He's a spineless anti-man and should not be hired. And should be beaten into a bloody pulp.

If he answers "Well, I'd take out my huge bowie knife and slash their thorats one by one", this would be a plus. As the all-wise Yoda would say, "The manliness is strong in him".

If he answers "I'd grab a bat and pund them to death", this would be a HUGE plus. He's the man.

If he answers "Fucking baby seals should be banned", he should be hired right then and there.

Indeed, what a world...


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