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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I've always had a soft spot for songs featured in James Bond movies. Ever since they mounted a revue at my school where they featured a tribute to James Bond, I've been hooked! They all have a campy, over the top, showy quality that I've always been a sucker for.

My favorites:
For your eyes only (Sheena Easton... a fantastic melody!)
Tomorrow never dies (Sheryl Crow... stratospherically high notes belted out by an amazing singer!) and Surrender (K.D. Lang... what a belter!)
Nobody does it better (Carly Simon... one of the BEST EVER!)
Thunderball (Tom Jones... again, what a voice! What a hunk!)
Goldeneye (Tina Turner... this one had to grow on me... but like it anyways...)
You only live twice (Tina Sinatra... heard as a background in Robie Williams's "Millennium"... beautiful)
The world is not enough (Garbage... this just ROCKS! It's modern but has the whole James Bond feel... awesome...)
License to kill (Dionne Warwick... very 80's, but she's such a good performer, she manages a great song)
And, of course, Goldfinger. (Shirley Bassey... what can I say??? CLASSIC! What a belter!)

Some real duds:
Die another day (Madonna... I know, blasphemy... it's an ok song, just BAD for Bond)
The living daylights (Duran Duran... just sucks)
Moonraker (Shirley Bassey... boring!)
Live and let die (Paul McCartney’s Wings sings this, yuck... Guns n' Roses did a great cover of this song, tho...)
The man with the golden gun (Some chick called Lulu sang this... dated and boring)
All time high (Yuck....)


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