"Jesus Christ, superstar, do you think your'e who you say you are?"

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You know, I really don’t have that much a problem with Catholicism in general. Yes, it was the religion I was most educated in, so I kind of have a soft spot for it. Nonetheless, in the spirit of this week's theme, religious intolerance, I will bad-mouth it just the same.

Catholicism is a harsh religion. It’s not as strict as others in its practicing; what I mean by harsh is that a default condition of any practitioner is a dirty rotten sinner. If you repent (when you are old enough to do so), then you get forgiven. Oh, and it’s all in the name of love... Ok, these people have serious emotional issues.

And what’s the deal with making clergy celibate? Do they have to prove their love by symbolically castrating themselves? Can’t you just take their word for it? And while we’re in that topic, what’s the deal with making sex original sin? That’s just wrong. If you go around saying “Love everyone”, you just can’t go and exclude physical love. Outrageous. Why can’t women be priests? They’re not worthy? Tell that to your momma’s, you ungrateful bastards!

And besides, am I the only one who thinks that drinking your Savior’s blood and eating his flesh every Sunday is creepy?!?! GEEZ! I know it’s all about “love” and all, but come on, that’s just plain bizarre.

Something I REALY don’t like about Catholicism is Catholics. They have won my utter disdain and have lost most of my (limited) respect. In my experience, normal Catholics present the following traits:

  • Amnesia: They go to church every Sunday and hear the word of God, then go out and forget about everything they heard and treat everyone like crap.

  • Extreme selectivity: They go around preaching very specific parts of the Bible, but “exclude” others that talk about incest, polygamy, murder and other nasty stuff.

  • They’re great at “Interpreting”: Everyone miraculously finds a way to “Interpret” the Bible in a way that coincidentally supports their personal and/or political views. Please…

  • They’re huge hypocrites: I think this is self explanatory.

But Catholics should not be blamed for their harsh and quick judgments or tendency to outcast the less virtuous. It seems people always look for ways to exclude others and discriminate. It’s pretty much a natural trait. We love having an excuse to make others feel bad or inferior. That’s very Catholic. What’s even more Catholic is to bestow quick and harsh judgment for something you also do, but conveniently “forget” this and act like it is the most abominable thing on Earth. But this is also very human. And that’s why it’s the most humane religion, in my opinion, haha.

As for the “Protestant” wing of Catholicism (or, more correctly, of Christianity), well, I have some choice words for them as well. I wonder how it feels to be part of a church that on one side was created by the philandering and wife-killing monarch Henry VIII who just wanted another divorce from Rome; and which on the other side was born out of the power-hungry Germanic rulers who were craving political freedom from the Vatican so badly they decided to embrace the many radical reforms of Martin Luther (and labeled the whole process “religious freedom”). What a crock, I say. You’re all fake Christians; you should all go to Rome and beg for forgiveness, it’s embarrassing, have you no shame?!?!?!

‘Nuff said… next up, Mormons. Ooooh, guaranteed fun…


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