Little Shop SPOILER

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ok, if you don't like spoilers, DO NOT read on...

In the original Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors, aside from having several different songs, the ending is quite different from the movie version's. Instead of destroying the homicidal plant, Audrey (Seymour’s girlfriend) is actually killed by it. When Seymour comes in to save her from its clutches, it's already too late, she's too injured and she dies in his arms. Seymour confesses he's the one who fed people to the carnivorous plant that has brought him world fame for its relative oddness; but then Audrey asks him to also feed her to it, because she's going to die anyways, and "so that it can live and bring you all the wonderful things you deserve... it's the one gift I can give to you... and if I'm in the plant, I'll be part of the plant, so in a way, we'll always be together!". Then Audrey sings a reprise of her über-famous aria Somewhere that's green:

You'll wash my tender leaves,
you'll smell my sweet perfume.
You'll water me, and care for me,
you'll se me bud and bloom.
I'm feeling strangely happy now,
contented and serene...
oh, don't you see?...
finally I'll be...
somewhere that's green...
(Audrey dies)

This is supposed to be tragic in a very cheesy and campy way, and it's also hilarious! Hahahaha. After this, the plant goes on to eat Seymour as well and eventually take over the world!!! In the original production, they had plant tentacles fall out of the ceiling and into the audience! Ha! This show never ceases to amaze me.

Check out the 2003 Broadway Revival Cast, it keeps the original songs and the original ending, it's wonderful.


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