My boss is a wacko

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ok, my boss is nuts, haha. He says that almost every week credit card companies call him up and offer him even more credit cards than he already has. He finds this very annoying and has come up with "fun" ways to make them leave him alone. For example he:

  • Acts all desperate to get his hands on a credit card. He gets all excited and blabs about him always applying and always being rejected and then he makes the poor sales person promise him that this time he'll "finally" get one. They usually hang up.

  • Gets all angry for having companies "stalk" him, threatens a lawsuit, accuses them of identity theft, etc, etc, etc...

  • Once, when the poor sales person asked him if he had a family, he told him that his wife and kids had just DIED in an accident and started crying on the phone... I was right behind him when he did this and it was absolutely hilarious... if you set aside the feelings of being creeped out by a nutcase! hahaha.

Anyways... whatever happened to just being assertive and saying no (or just plain hanging up)? Hahaha.

Indeed, what a world...


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