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Monday, August 15, 2005

Well, my office mate left on Friday. :-(

He was only here for the summer, he needed to return home to finish up his thesis. He was a great companion. He arrived just as my old office mate (and roomie) was leaving, so I never really felt too alone. Now I sort of do. :-(

Apart from being really hot, he was a genuinely nice guy. He had this immutable macho thing going on, but he was an incredibly nice person in every way; really laid-back, down-to-earth and fun to talk with. His humor was always sneaky and mischievous, but good-natured through and through... he'll be missed. He might be back, or maybe not, but I feel I met a good friend. Awwwwww...

SIDE NOTE: While my now homeward-bound office mate was here during December vacation, there was a girl working here who he called "Barely legal" because she was hot but like 16 or 17 (we later found out she had spent a night in jail for giving her boyfriend a blowjob in a back alley! COOL!). Anyways, I have a new office mate, he's from the accounting department, he's a cute little student who comes here part-time. He's been dubbed "barely legal internet boi", haha. ;-)


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