GDL pt. 1

Friday, September 02, 2005

Hello to all! Germy is trasmitting live from the BEE-U-TIFUL city of Guadalajara! The second largest in Mexico and a meer 5 hours from Vallarta (which seems like an eternity if you're trying to sleep on a bus!).

I love the tree lined avenues, the sheer size and variety! A real city! WOW! I always get a good vibe when I come here. And the guys are SOOOO pretty, haha...

What brings Germy to this fair and brilliant city? Well, I'm here to get my tourist visa for going to the USA. My last one ended in March. This is like the first time EVER that I remember not being able to fo the States. I feel so... WEIRD!

Imagine if they like reject me! That would be sooo embarrasing! Geez! And I would have to like marry my gringa friend. That would be really awkward. But necessary. Germy HAS to go to the US, sorry.

Well, wish me luck. Or at least, wish me a long ahd happy marriage! YIKES!!!


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