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Monday, September 12, 2005

Since my boss has been up to his ass in work, I've been assigned the task of recruiting our new developers. Cool.

I got to email some people we were interested in and will be calling them later in the week. This seems fun. I don't want to be too hard, I don't want to scare them and make them all nervous; that would be counterproductive to both of us. I want to know the extent of their knowledge in web developing and database management. And see if they're assholes or not. And see if they're mentally unstable or not. And, hopefully, see if they're cute and gay... or not. Being both a hottie and queer will get you an immediate hire from Germy. ;-)

My gringa pal used to work in HR and she's pretty good at screening out losers and ex-cons. She used to have to find people for all kinds of positions, from cleaners to executives. She even used to be a headhunter, meaning she would go out and try and steal workers from other companies to fill the vacancies she was sent... COOL! Hahaha. Anyways, when we look at a resume together, she immediately goes into stealth-mode. If the guy has gaps in his resume, she starts suspecting he's been in jail or making bombs to blow-up innocent Christian gringo's or what not. I love this chick. But I feel she's not that good at technical recruiting. The experience I've had with technical recruiters have all been pretty good; they value you and your talents and always treat you very well, with the outmost respect. Some even go out of their way to make you feel comfortable (no, nobody has made a pass at me... yet). They see that techie talent is a valuable asset, and should be treated as such. This includes paying for travel expenses, moving costs, first month or two of accommodation, etc. And a competitive salary. Cheers to that!

Next up, Germy's techie resume DO's and DONT's...


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