"I can see clearly now, the rain has gone..."

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Germy got his new glasses today. HOO-RAY! My old pair was starting to go out of style. The change had nothing to teh fact that I had trouble seeing my boss' SUPER TINY screen resoltion. Honest.

To my utter horror, I realized I got even blinder in the last year. That's the problem with working on a computer all day... and blogging, I guess. Arrrggghhhh! Also to my utter horror, I realized (with my spiffy new ultra-clear vision) my gringa friend was a white blue-eyed gringa!!! OH MY GOD!!! All this time I thought she was a fellow "paisa" faking a crappy Spanish accent... oh, the humanity!!!


  • At September 08, 2005 4:39 PM, Blogger psesito said…

    I had to confess that I was laughing a lot... he he he. It reminds me of the time when I realized you were kind of blind.

    We were at the lab and you were wearing your glasses, and I (not making fun of you or your disability) was... mhmh.. being very respectful to you and taking your glasses out of your way.

  • At September 08, 2005 6:19 PM, Blogger DramaKing said…

    Oh my God! I remembered that when I made this post! Hahahaha. I was thinking "Sheesh, if Psesito brings up the time when him and Chuchis asked to see my glasses in the computer lab and realized I couldn't see a damn thing and laughed their heads off...GGGRRRRRRRR... that would make him a complete ASSHOLE".

    I rest my case!

    ...sniff, sniff.. us visually handicaped people have feelings too!



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