Internet Baby

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ok, talk about weird shit happening, haha. A baby was born in one of the Internet Cafe's belonging to the company I work for. HAHAHA!

It all started early Monday morning when a couple was driving to the hospital. The husband was at the wheel. The would-be mother really needed to go to the bathroom so the only place open at 5am was the 24hr Internet Cafe near their house. So in goes the mother and on her way out her water broke! YUCK! The husband pleaded with her to get back into the car and ride to the hospital, but she refused to budge. The kids at the café were in shock and then someone finally called the paramedics and they came and delivered the bay right there! HA!

I'm sad to say that one doormat was destroyed during this whole ordeal, haha, and that one bright and bouncing baby boy was obtained without much trouble. My boss is bent on tracking downt his woman and taking a picture of her and the kid. There's a rumor he's going yo ask to be ther Godfather, or give him free Internet access for life, or maybe ask them to name the kid after the Internet Caf'e... or Excel or something, hahaha.


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