Pt. 4

Friday, September 23, 2005

Conversation on a cell phone

BRO (Recognizing A’s cell number on his called ID, and very sleepy): Hey A, what’s up?
GERMY: Hey bro! It’s me! Germy!
G: What? Yeah, I went home with your friend. Big deal.
G: Oh come on, don’t make a fuss.
G: Geez. Ok, I’ll call you later, when you’re more awake.

I spent the night with A. The next day we actually rose pretty early. We snuggled. Ate. Talked. Saw his pictures. It was a truly great time. I tried changing my flight, but to no avail. Awwww. I was going to have to return that very night. Shit. He asked me: “Ok, so, what do you want to do? Where would you like me to take you?” To which I answered, in my own Germy way, “Well… I would like to stay here and be with you, if you don’t mind”.

Ok, I think I’ve taken long enough to tell this whole story! Geez! What happened next will be summed up in the following conversations. You can fill in the blanks by using your imagination (and intuition).

Conversation on a bed

GERMY: Ok, let’s see if I didn’t leave anything behind… there’s my bag, my backpack, sweater, cute guy, toiletries, shoes… ok, everything’s here.
A: Haha.
G: Let’s get a move on.
A: Whoa there. Before we leave, I’d like to talk about, you know, “us”.
G: (FUCK! I thought this was only a weekend fling!) Oh, umm, sure.
A: Well, I’d like to know where we go from here.
G: Oh, well, I mean, it depends, really.
A: I know, we’re not sure if you’re going to stay or not.
G: Yeah. If I were you, I wouldn’t bet on it. At least not this time.
A: That bad, huh?
G. Yeah.
A: Ok. Well, I’m sure there are plenty of other opportunities you can find to come up here.
G: (Huh? What did he just say?) Oh, well, yeah, I guess.
A: I can do all I can to help you out.
G: (Is this guy for real?) Oh, gee, that would be swell.
A: Yeah, I’d really like you to be here.
G: Yes. But you know that’s still a long shot. You understand this, right?
A: Yes. And I’d like for us to, well, continue what we started.
G: (WHAT?!?!? Is he suggesting what I think he’s suggesting?!?!?) Oh, umm, are you sure?
A: Yes.
G: (?!?!?!?!?!?!) Gee, umm, I don’t know.
A: I do.
G: (OK, time to break his heart). Listen A, I REALLY like you, ok? I really do. You’re the best guy I’ve met in a long, long time. If we decide to go into something long-distance, well, that will involve sacrifices, ok?
A: Yes.
G: Ok, good. I live in a little touristy beach town in the middle of nowhere. The beaches are beautiful and the clubs are great. And that’s pretty much it. Sure, it has the most vibrant cultural life of any beach destination, but that’s seriously not saying much.
A: Hehe.
G: Yeah, crazy. Anyways, that’s were I live. As far as I’ve seen, it’s great for a weekend fling, but there aren’t many guys who are interested or who are worth a shit for something stable and long-term. That’s my situation. Yours is quite different. You live in a rather large city with a very vibrant gay community. There are tons of young urban professionals and gazillions of cute guys. When it comes down to making sacrifices, YOU’RE the one who’s going to end up making more of them. You got it?
A: Yes.
G: (Huh?!?!? He was supposed to stop and think and look scared. SHIT!) And?
A: I want to go out with you. I want us to give this a try.
G: (HUH?!?!?) You’re asking a lot.
A: I know. I’d like us to try this. Please.
G: (What is wrong with this guy? Hasn’t he ever tried this before? Doesn’t he know how hard this is? What could possibly be motivating him to do this? What if it’s just infatuation? What if he regrets this tomorrow morning?... what if, what if, what if, what it)
A: So?
G: Yes.

Conversation on another bed

GERMY: Hey Bro! What’s up!
G: Ok, could you mature for like a second?
G: Ok, that’s getting old.
GERMY: Oh, shut the fuck up!
B: Geez, you didn’t have to be rude about it.
G: Hahaha, you’re a dork.
B: I’m sorry, it’s just that… he’s my friend! And… YOU’RE MY BROTHER! AAAHHHHH-
B: Ok, ok… I mean, sorry, it’s just a little hard to take in. I mean, he’s my pal, a really god pal. I have to SEE him every day, you’re leaving in a few hours. Come on!
G: (sad) I know.
B: Oh no. Are you guys going steady?
G: Yes,
B: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! What the hell did you do that for?!?!?!
G: I don’t know. He just asked me in this really sweet way. I just trusted him, it was instinctive. And you know we’re not too good in the trust department.
B: True, true. Well, he’s a really nice guy.
G: *sigh* I know.
G: Argh! Sush! Anyways, I don’t know Bro, am I making a huge mistake? Am I setting myself up for a fall here?
B: Yes, you are.
G: WHAT?!?! That’s not what you’re supposed to say!
B: I know, sorry. But it’s true. In a way. I’ve seen this happen before. People come together all of a sudden and on the spur of the moment they decide to go long distance. It usually ends up bad.
G: Great, thanks!
B: No, but I always tell them the same thing: “Hey, the odds are against you, human nature is against you… but if you feel this is what you want, then GO FOR IT! Don’t say no because you’re afraid. Don’t be a wuss. Take the leap, LIVE, dammit!”. And that’s the same thing I will say to you.
G :(sniff, sniff) Gee, Bro, that was really sweet. I didn’t know you had it in you.
B: Goes to show how much YOU know.
G: Arrrggghhhh!!!


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