Sunday, September 18, 2005

Whoa. That was quite a weekend. My head is still spinning.

I'm outraged and appalled
Distressed and offended
Scandalized, mortified
Shocked and upended

I sort of had expectations, I mean I can't say I didn't. I met this guy six months ago, and only later found out, through my brother, that he was gay. I was all like "DAMMIT!". My gaydar is usually good, but he was with this pretty girl the whole time, so it sort of put me off. I only later found out that she was a friend who was visiting and that she already had a boyfriend. Whew...

I'm fretted and anxious
Concerned and disturbed
Upset, apprehensive
Harassed and perturbed!

So I saw him again. He had lost almost a third of his body weight. Even though Germy likes them on the chubby side, I was willing to make an exception. I mean now he looked hot. He knew I was gay (my bro told him... and it's not like I'm so macho you can't tell, haha). And I knew he was gay. We all went to this "Coyote Ugly" still bar where the all-female bartenders occasionally got up to sing and dance. Man, suprisingly, IT ROCKED, hahaha. But still, we conspired in the bathroom to make our getaway. And we did.

I'm astonished, alarmed
Perplexed and dumbfounded
Bewildered, embarrassed
Amazed and astounded

We met up with some friends of his at a gay bar. They were so drunk, it was so funny, haha. Anyways, we remained cool and refrained. Keeping a prudent distance. How did all this happen so fast? Who knows. And then we danced.

Laughable, impudent
Brazen, audacious
Saucy, impertinent
Bold and ungracious

And danced and danced. Literally, "the night away". Fun. His friends slowly began to make their exits. We went to sit down, and he took my hand and guided me to the tables. Wow, a touch. We talked, went back to dance. And then I made my move.

I'm thrilled, I'm enchanted
Enraptured, excited
Gratified, tickled...
It's as if we collided.

We spent a night, a morning and an afternoon together. He's a big goof, haha. He's so tender and has this incredibly cute and cuddly quality that just won me over. Honestly, he had me before "Hello". He has a rich and deep voice. And he's big and strong. And he's has a even bigger heart. And he has a weird sense of humor. And he has an innocence and purity that enthrall me. And he has pale white skin... and he lives in another fucking country. What the hell am I thinking?!?!?!

I thought I was way to cynical for stuff like this to happen. I thought I was way to smart to go into something long-distance. What am I doing?

I'm charmed.
I'm disarmed.

Indeed, Germy-blog readers... what a world...

P.S. Quotes by Paul Gordon, from Jane Eyre.


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