Yee-ha! Ride ‘em Cowgirl! (a.k.a Pt 3)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

So off we went to this “Cowgirls” place. I did not have much interest in going because 1) There were only going to be women singing and dancing on the bar and 2) If I had even wanted to see a strip show (which I mostcertainly did not), I’d have gone to a strip club, not to see some mediocre excuse for pole dancers, fully-clothed and with cowboy hats.

So we went in and we all stood right in front of the bar. There were like 3 girls kind of dancing… and I mean kind of. They looked bored and tired. And it was like 10:30pm. Come one! Then, all of a sudden, this thin, beautiful and vivacious black diva stood up on the bar with them, pulled out a microphone and started belting out this wild country song. Suddenly the Cowgirls came to life and started shaking their butts to the tune. The black girl was awesome! And so was “Estrellita” (little star), the platonic love of one of my brother’s friends. Later on all the Cowgirls did a rendition of “I love rock n’ roll”, standing all in a row on the bar. It was wild! They were all really close together and still managed top pull of some tricky choreography (all while standing on a slippery and narrow bar! Wow!). Needless to say, I was impressed.

While all the guys were gawking, me and A started chatting; first about trivial things, then a little more intimate stuff. I asked him when he had come out to his friends and how long he had been going out and stuff. He was all sweetness and cuteness and stuff. Awwwww. Like I said, this guy practically had me BEFORE “Hello”. Then the guys all bought me a “shot”. FUCK. This was crazy. Some girl in little cutoff denim shorts and a very small top brought over a bottle of Jack Daniels, poured some into a shot glass, did some nasty stuff to me (among kissing, fondling and such… to the huge amusement of the rest of the guys, haha, sheesh), and finally let me have my shot. You know, it was strangely arousing… in a very gay way, though! Haha. So, as the Cowgirls were all performing “Man, I feel like a woman”, I went to the restroom… and made a HUGE line! And the women’s bathroom was empty! What the fuck?!?!

Anyways, when I came back, all the guy’s were going crazy! I asked what had happened. My brother told me that his friend, who was Estrellita’s #1 fan, was talking to this other girl (who was, by my brother’s account, kind of chubby and not-too-pretty); anyways, while they were both in conversation, Estrellita sent the club’s bouncers to kick her out! WHOA! NO WAY! That was SOOOOO cool! Hahahaha. Estrellita apparently didn’t like other girls trying to hook up with her fans, haha. I took that as a sign that the best had passed and it was time to make our disappearance. So we did. I asked my brother if it was OK with him (you know, me leaving with his gay buddy in front of everyone). He was cool about it (or so I thought) and we left.

We first went to a swanky gay lounge place. It was all white and elegant and shit… except for the people, haha. There we met up with some of A’s friends. They were quite a rowdy bunch. And they were really drunk, so they were even MORE rowdy, haha. I think it’s funny the way some gay guys are really comfortable hugging and fondling each other. I have nothing against this. Except when they’re touching MY FUTURE BOYFRIEND!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr… Ok, this is actually where A started to falter a bit. He would later tell me it had been because he was nervous and didn’t know what to say, but he began telling me “Oh, look, that guy’s cute”. And I was all like “Oh, ok. Cool”. His stock was dropping fast. I chatted up with his friends for a while and kept a cool distance. He was being punished for his folly.

We then all made our way to another more earthy bar. It was less pretentious and a lot bigger and cozier. And we all hit the dance floor. Even though the music tended a lot towards dance and lyric-less tunes, it was pretty fun. The some of his friends started to leave. I was having such a good time, I didn’t really care if A was there or not (REALLY!), and sometimes didn’t notice when he would leave for the bathroom or for a drink (ok, that was a lie, haha). As his friends began to leave, he got to dancing with me, and it was great. I showed him some of my best moves (guys really dig when you take the lead and twirl them around, haha). Anyways, when we finally got tired we went to sit down. As we were heading to the table section, he lead me and took me by the hand. Remember I said looking into someone’s eyes was a really aggressive (and assertive) form of communication. Well, touching someone’s hand also falls in this category. I mean really, your hands are practically your most sensitive extremities (almost!), so you can imagine what a rush I felt. But I kept calm, I didn’t want to rush to any conclusions. We chatted a bit, about the music, the city, the life. When a favorite song of his came on, we returned to the dance floor.

Ok, this was when I made my move. When we made our way back. I know lead him by the hand. It was sort of an acknowledgement, a form of positive feedback (always very important). He followed me with no problem. Good boy. Then we danced and danced and danced. And in one of those patented Germy moves, we held both hands for a sec. And we looked at each other. And that was it. He was mine. And I was his.


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