Firday night saga, Pt. 2

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So I answered the fucking 3am call (whilst in a place called taco Burrito King, of all places), and, to my amazement, it was Surfer Chick! She asked me where we were and hung up. Me and Designer Guy were baffled. Shortly thereafter she arrived with an even more dazed look on her face.

Surfer Chick then told us that her and her buddy had gone to her room and the minute her friend hit the bed, she fell completely asleep. Even though she had pretended to take her girl pal to our apartment under "noble circumstances", you could noticeable tell the disappointment in her words, haha. Anyways, Surfer Chick was getting ready for bed when, all of a sudden, her friend gets a call on her cell phone. It was her GIRLFRIEND! Yes, the girl who had been wanting to kiss Surfer Girl all fucking night and who was now lying comatose on her bed had a girlfriend! OH MAN! And Surfer Girl answered the fucking phone! GEEZ! And, get this, told the girlfriend our address!!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?! Bad idea, bad idea!

So a few minutes later you have this woman's girlfriend knocking on our door and Surfer Chick scrambling to put some decent-looking clothes on and act like she wasn't about to fuck her. The first thing she did when she opened the door was offer the girlfriend a beer, haha. Good move. They actually ended up talking and hitting it off real well, haha, boozing and having a few laughs. Surfer Chick helped her load the drunk girl into her car and, just as she was leaving, Surfer Chick called me to find out where we were, and the girlfriend even offered her a ride! COME ON! What a sweetheart! Unreal... we all thought she was totally gonna beat the shit out of her. Lesbians can be so moody, you know…

So Surfer Chick was telling us all this and we had our mouths wide open and we just could not believe it had just happened! Haha. Then, Surfer Chick said that because she was being bothered all evening by her friend, she had practically had no chance to dance... so she asked us if we wanted to go somewhere else... and I said "Ok, honey, NO! We both have to work tomorrow and it's 3am!". Then Surfer Chick said the magic words "Hey, I'm paying". Then she said the golden words "... so let's go to the big gay club in town". I immediately said "Ok, sure". And Designer Guy followed. Oh boy.

The place was a little empty, but there was still somewhat of a crowd. We went up to the third floor and sat on the terrace overlooking a nighttime Vallarta. We were having some more beers when Surfer Chick said "Wow, that guy is so hot. Do you think he's gay?" and I was all like "Honey, you have absolutely no chance in hell of hooking up here!". Unbeknownst to me, I sparked Surfer Chick's drunken ire, and she said "Oh, yeah, you wanna bet????" and I said "Honey, just name the amount". We decided on $200 pesos (about $20 USD) and Surfer Chick was off. We went down to the dance floor and started shaking some booty, when, all of a sudden, Surfer Chick scored!!! FUCK!!! $20 bucks down the drain! It was some fucking lame-ass straight guy who had gone with his gay buds and a fag hag. ASSHOLE! No fair, no fair! What the hell was a straight guy doing at the biggest gay club in Vallarta???

Anyways, he was an American guy, from Denver, Colorado. He works as a security guard (nice body, actually), and he was completely nice, very decent guy. How do I know all this, you ask? No, Surfer Chick didn't tell me. I asked him. Because he spent the night at my apartment!!! I know, we were all like "NO WAY! NO WAY!!!! SURFER CHICK IS A GODDESS!!! WE WORSHIP YOUUUUUU!!!". Yes, my new roomie managed to take home a woman AND a man, on the same fucking night. Wow. I must admit I was impressed. And guess who supplied them with condoms, hmmm?? Yes, yours truly. Indeed, what a world...

In a way it was a huge relief for me, because knowing Surfer Chick is bisexual sure takes pressure of the fact that she was "fondling" me all the time, haha. Now I just feel she's a very touchy-feely person. Which is still kind of weird, but much less weird. Haha. Oh, and she's also a slut. HAHA.


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