Friday night saga

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ok, last weekend was fun, and quite revelaing, haha. Here goes...

Me, my Gringa pal and Surfer Chick all wanted to go out for some “Litros” (cocktails served in liter-sized Styrofoam cups), so we called up the new Designer who just arrived and my gringa pal called up a friend of hers who was visiting from nearby Manzanillo and decided to meet up at this bar near our apartment. The date was set.

First off, Surfer Chick told me she’d be going out first with a girl she met here in Vallarta, but that they would meet up with us later. Cool. So I arrived and was the first one there (or so I thought). Then the Designer Guy arrived and then we realized Surfer Chick had been inside all along, and her and her friend were completely drunk, haha. Then my gringa pal and her Manzanillo female friend arrived. And then we proceeded to have a generally good time drinking, playing pool and chatting. So far so good.

Then, well, Surfer Chick and her girl pal kind of wandered off to the side for a while. A long while. A very very long while. And suddenly the friend was speaking into Surfer Chick’s ear. A lot. I mean a whole lot. The rest of us kind of started to wonder after that. I mean they seemed very “close”. Very very close. Extremely close. When Surfer Chick went to the bathroom, her friend, who was now EXTREMELY drunk, told me “Hey, I like your roomie, but she’s all scared about you guys knowing she’s like gay” and I’m all like “Honey, tell her she’s being an idiot”. So when Surfer Chick came back, she did. Then, all of a sudden, they both stormed out of the bar and started arguing outside in the middle of the sidewalk! It was wild! We all just stood there, dazed! Was it a lover’s scuffle? A friends discussion? What was the story?!?!? Was Surfer Chick really a lezzie? dyke? lesbo? carpet-muncher? tortillera? What was the deal?!?!?!

We all wanted to get closer to actually hear what was going on, but we didn’t dare. Ok, I did, but I still couldn’t hear anything, haha. Anyways, we all wanted to leave at this point, but we didn’t want to get in the middle of the argument. So I went outside and told Surfer Girl that we were heading to the Zoo (a club here on the beach) and that if she wanted to join or if she was going to head back to the apartment *wink, wink*. She looked completely dazed and confused, half in shock and half drunk. Her buddy said “Why doesn’t she want to kiss me?!?!? Don’t I have enough boobs? Enough ass? I’m hot, aren’t I?”, HAHAHA. That was priceless. You should have seen the look on poor Surfer Chick’s face when she said that, haha. To be honest, we were all saying that Surfer Chick was looking mighty slow, her friend was indeed rather hot (especially for a lesbian, come on!) Anyways, Surfer Chick said “Ok, my friend seems really drunk and she wants to drive, which is really bad… so, I think I’ll take her up to the apartment, you know, so she can rest and not drive drunk”. And we were all “Ok, sure” *wink, wink*.

So off they went to the aprtment and off we went to the Zoo. The Gringa’s pal from Manzaillo was actually the lover of the club manager, so we all got in for free and got free beers, haha, I loved this woman! She was so raunchy and vulgar and hilarious, she was GREAT! She actually told us “Hey guys, if I disappear for while into the back office, don’t wait up for me, ok?” *wink, wink*. HAHAHA. I made a new friend that night. Anyways, after dancing and boozing for a while (I LOVE the music they play in straight clubs), we decided to call it a night.

We all said goodbye, but I was hungry and wanted some tacos. Me and Designer Guy ended up going to the nearest taco joint that was open at 2:30am… Taco Burrito King (yeah, the name sucks, haha). But it was actually pretty good. Then, all of a sudden, I got a call on my cell phone, at 3am!... my night was far from over…to be continued...


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