Hot Toddy

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

In the post below, a fellow by the name of Hot-Toddy left a comment. I've been meaning to blog about him for a while, so I think this is the perfect opportunity.

No, this is not an "Oh my God! Hot-Toddy knows I'm alive!" post, although I sooo got that feeling when I saw he had written something, haha. Toddy has his own blog, Hot-Toddy's Toaster Oven, and I stumbled upon it a few months ago while I was seeing the nominees and winners of this years Bloggies. I saw the nominees for Best GLBT Weblog. They winner had been some gay guy from the US who was now living in Sweden; other than some faintly insightful lines, the only thing worthwhile about his blog was that every post included a new word in Swedish so as to expand your vocabulary (yeah, I know, like that's useful.. but it was original). Anyways, since I actually lived in Sweden with my then bf for all of 2 weeks, I found this blog was very appropriate: it was overwhelmingly white, very clean-looking and quite boring.

Then I decided to take a look at the poor boobs who had lost. Among then was one Hot Toddy. I thought the design of his site was neat, and then I started reading some of his posts. What I discovered was a very irreverent and unforgiving humor. It was quite entertaining, and addicting (he completely won me over with this little gem). I really loved the way Toddy sometimes made fun of his life in some posts, and completely bared his soul in others. It's amazing how you get to know someone through their daily musings on their existence. By the time Toddy announced his ├╝ber-boyfriend Thor was moving away, well, having been in a similar predicament once, I couldn't help but feel his pain. It sucks to be single sometimes. But to have a partner and for some reason NOT be with him is a pain and sorrow native to some deep dark region in Hell.

I admire Toddy's wit and never-ending humor; I feel for him when he lashes out at mean comments on his blog; I find understanding in the way he yearns to be held by arms whose touch became second nature to him; I whine along with him when his bf doesn't call; I celebrate along with him when he has drinks with his friends at CC Slaughter's. And when he blogged about the torture of waiting for an HIV test result, well, I decided to comment on his blog for the first time.

Hopefully, when I grow up, I'll be just like him. Just with like black hair and stuff. =D


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