Monterrey, hey, hey, hey...

Monday, October 31, 2005

That was quite a weekend. Here it goes...

I got there at 2:20pm. "Ma man" had thought my flight arrived at 1:30pm, so he had been wandering frantically all over the airport looking for me. It was so sweet. He was so glad to see me, it was sincerely touching. We ended up eating in the hotel restaurant (yes, we were that hungry), and then proceeded to, well, make up for lost time. Actually, this first round of sexual activity was not that satisfying. Thoughts of actually dumping him before I returned to PV crossed my mind. But he gave me this book about Broadway Musicals that totally gave him extra points, haha.

That night I had dinner with my old pals from MTY and we had a hell of a time. It was so wonderful seeing all of them and holding court in this seemingly decent and quit restaurant, haha. We laughed, bitched, remembered old times and old stories. A truly great time. As Serge has hinted, I indeed almost became a literal "flaming queen", haha. I was playing around with one of the candles and almost light up my fucking napkin. We all commented that, being the DramaKing that I was, I would probably have screamed and run around the table multiple times. Serge, in a moment of divine inspiration, mentioned "Yeah, you would have literally been a 'flaming queen'". Dork. Hahaha.

I virtually ignored my man the whole while, but later made up for it when we headed for some litro-style drinks and then to the club. The gay night club we had wanted to go was closed (come on!) and we ended up at this horrible, decadent, tacky, dark, smoky, vulgar and shabby old place. I immediately loved it. We danced a good while together (yes, I hate the way he dances, oh well) and decided to call it a night and fuck some more.

We got up late and headed for my old university. I handed in my resume to some guys recruiting for this big-ass e-commerce site; said hi to some old professors, etc. Then we had lunch with on of A's best friends at school. He had told me he wanted to tell this friend that he was gay, but that he would wait until the evening when they went out for drinks. To my utter horror, A began to tell him right there in front of me! WOW! I had never seen someone coming out to someone else! CRAZY! It was so funny because A's friend solo did not believe him at first, haha. But it was all very cool, so that was also nice.

We went to rent A's suit and he ended up going out with a lot of his former college buddies, so I was on my own for the evening. I went to have dinner with a very dear friend of mine. She and I had been buds since my second semester, and we had had many a good time since. I decided it was time to tell her I was a huge queen, err, I mean gay. This was even better because she sooo did not believe me at all either, haha. I'm rather silly and joke about virtually anything, so it actually took me a lot of trouble to get her to believe me, haha. She actually took it really well, so it was wonderful to be completely honest with her. Then I said hi to another friend at a bar, she was as vulgar and fowl-mouthed as ever, and I love her for that, haha. Then it was off to this new night club which I had heard tons about. The place had this cool industrial-type look to it, so it was pretty neat. I hung out with Serge and some of his friends (some of which were quit cute). Then it was back to the hotel, but not without eating a huge MTY-style hotdog outside the club, haha. Me and A actually returned to the hotel at the same time, haha, and we snuggled up and went to sleep (after we fucked).

My brother and his friends arrived that day, along with his girlfriend, I mean, fiancée. We all had a wedding to go to in Ciudad Victoria (about 3hrs from MTY), so we headed there by car (My bro, his fiancé, A and me... two happy couples, haha). It was actually pretty fun, we had a great time, talking and singing and what not.

The wedding was actually pretty great too. The ceremony was hilarious because the preacher kept calling the bride by the wrong name and the female Master of Ceremonies was just being a huge bitch with everyone, haha. The part got a long to a slow start; the live band was playing a bunch of golden oldies from the forties and fifties, yuck. Then things got cooking with some more modern tunes. We were all actually having a great time. It was funny, but everyone recognized me and A as just another one of the couples in attendance, which was kind of odd at first, but incredibly sweet and logical also. They even made jokes about me and my brother's fiancé as being future "Desperate housewives". Oy! They even encouraged A to get up and dance with me, which he did (in the company of some female friends, of course, haha).

The groom's sister was totally checking out one of my brother's single friends, so we were all telling him to go for it, I mean the girl was practically dancing on his lap. By the time he finally got up the courage to actually dance with her, tragedy struck.

Strange, I had just been contemplating the idea of the calm and serenity you feel right before your entire life changes. How precious those last few moments of normalcy and familiarity feel right before your world is turned upside down. And I saw them right before my eyes. One of my brother's friends got a call at 1am telling him his father had passed away that very night, a few hours after he had spoken with him. I saw, from the dance floor, how one by one the people at our table started getting up and leaving. When I saw some of them hugging him, I immediately thought the worst. We all scrambled to find him a flight back to Mexico City, but the earliest one was back in MTY. So off they went in the middle of the night to take their friend to catch a plane to his father's funeral. We all stayed up and saw them off, then headed to sleep. No, not much fucking tonight, we were in a sad mood. Only oral sex.

Ok, testosterone levels were high on Sunday morning. We had our best session right before breakfast. I guess a new person just takes a little getting used to. We headed back to MTY with my bro and his girlfriend in the afternoon. We stopped for this dirt-cheap all you can eat buffet at Los Cavazos (a GREAT place) and stuffed ourselves, haha.

When we got to MTY, my bro left us at the hotel while he went to take his fiancé to the airport for her flight back. We went up, anxious for another round (or couple of rounds) but to our horror we had left all our condoms in our bags.. in the car... which my brother had driven off in. FUCK. So we, umm, decided on alternative methods of liberating our friskiness. When the condoms arrived, things got nasty again, haha. I literally fornicated 'till I could fornicate no more. Which was cool. But tiring. I had to catch a 6:30am flight and we went to sleep at 12:30am. Fuck. Anyways, before all this, I said by to my brother. We had a great time, the four of us. I was, in all honesty, overjoyed to see my brother so happy with his girfriend/fiancé. Even though my jealous brother instincts kick in at will. Sometimes.

Saying bye to A wasn't too hard, thankfully. We got up at fucking 4:30am, showered and headed to the airport. It finally hit me when I arrived here in PV that we're not going to see each other again until December. Then I got a little sad. What a silly boy. What a wonderful, sincere, beautiful and sweet silly boy. He grew on me again this weekend. He's an angel. He really is. He told me he loved me and that he felt safe with me. Which was an incredibly tender and loving thing to say. This deserves a whole other post by itself, so I'll leave it at that.

What a weekend. Monterrey, you're the best. Here's to you!!!


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