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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Ok, it’s a Sunday and I’m at work. It’s not enough that I work half of Saturday every week, now I’m here at Sunday. And I actually like my job. What a world…

Anyways, we had some server trouble on Friday and so decided to move our site to another server, so here I am! At work on Sunday. And I’m completely hung over! We went out yesterday with the new graphic designer we hired. Man, it seems like so long since I had gone out dancing (ok, my birthday, but that was still like 3 weeks ago, hello!). It was quite fun, we went bar hopping and I was left without any money at all (always sign of a good time, haha). Our party consisted of my gringa pal, the new designer, my surfer chic roomie and yours truly. We danced all over the place, spilled beer on strangers, stepped on quite a few sandals, and laughed like idiots. What a night! I live for this! Hahaha.

Of course, when I’m having fun, my mind sometimes drifts to my boyfriend. Luckily this didn’t happen too much last night (but that’s not what I’m going to tell him! HA!). This whole thing has caused a huge dilemma for me, but I’ll tackle that in a future post. Also, my thoughts drifted to that other guy. Yes, that guy. Geez. I can’t seem to completely get over him. I know, I’ve started a new relationship (long-distance, arggghhh) and I still can’t completely shake him. I don’t know, I seriously think I might never get over him. And in a weird way, that seems ok, and plenty natural. Indeed, what a world…


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