Spin! Spin! Spin!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My gringa friend and I have been going to the gym for about a month. Yes, we're gym-buddies! haha. Anyways, what we always do is go to the spinning class. It's been quite an experience.

First off, I had only previously taken ONE spinning class in my life. It was back in college and me and my best girl bud almost died! It was horrible! Needless to say, we never returned.

Anyways, here I go back to spinning. After my first class, I almost passed out. No, this is not an expression. I literally almost fainted. I had to walk out before the end because I was fucking blacking out man! GEEZ! Not cool! Not cool! It all started getting dark, dark, DARK!... anyways, I was actually propelled to go back. And I did. And I didn't pass out. Thank goodness. But I'll tell you one thing, the next day my butt hurt SO BAD!!! It was sooo not funny. Those damn seats are killers! I mean my ass hadn't hurt that much since the first time I... oh, forget it...

There are these two instructors. One is this kind of lame and all soft-voiced guy. He has a nice body and his classis really easy to take. We think he’s boring. Then there's the other guy who actually makes you feel like you're training for the fucking Tour de France. He yells at us and goes over to our bikes and tells us to raise the resistance, and actually holds down the wheel with his hand if you don't. He's a fucking marine. And we love him, haha. I don't know, I mean he's short (and this just further proves my theory that short guys are evil), but he's like 100% muscle, yum... he has this rich deep voice (great for yelling) and he has an amazing ass! That is like a prerequisite to be a Spin instructor... have this huge round butt, haha. Cool. And this guy has a really tender face, quite cute. But he's nasty. And we love him for that. Yes, we have issues.

And the people who go to a spinning class are also interesting. We have this woman (the spin-class-wench) who looks like a former athlete in her forties who can cycle away at full speed and still have enough energy to yell across the room during most of the class (yes, she's annoying as hell). Then you have the spin-class-slut, a very gay-looking young guy who always wears skimpy shorts and tank tops, and when we stretch, he raises his leg real high, to show off his flexibility (that's a very BOTTOM-ish attitude, if you ask me, haha). Then there's the spin-class-hunk, this guy with AMAZING arms who just looks fantastic, sweaty or not. There are other varieties of spin-classmates, but this is enough for now, haha.

It sure is a challenge every time I go in, but so far spinning has been fun. I'm waiting for my flat stomach so I can be ready for high season here on the beach! Haha... if I could only stop eating tacos and drink less beer... oh well...


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