Uncomfortable roomie

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ok, me and Surfer Chick (my new female flat mate) went to buy groceries yesterday. Yummy. Anyways, during the car ride and all (yes, she has a car, cool), Germy felt a little uncomfortable. Surfer Chick started patting my leg and my shoulders. A lot. Then, while we were waiting in line to pay, Surfer Chick started stroking my shoulders again, and patting my stomach. This was getting way too weird. I sort of pulled away, but she caught up with me! How rude! I was scared of being too serious about it, I mean the last thing I want is another silent roomie on my hands. But, still, it was a complete violation of personal space! Hello!

I haven't exactly told her I'm gay, but she was a friend of the previous roomie, so I really think he probably told her Germy's a flaming queen or something. I'm thinking of making a very notorious reference to me visiting my bf next week in MTY or planning to celebrate the upcoming release of Madonna's new album or something really really gay.

I felt so, so, used. And not in a cool horny way. In an uncomfortable, awkward way. Boo.


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