A warning for MTY...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

...Germy arrives tomorrow!!! (Thursday!). And I'm gonna see my boyfriend! FINALLY!!! Hoo-ray!!!

Hopefully I'll get to have dinner with lots of friends, then we'll go out dancing (so A can finally see some gay clubs in Mexico), then the next day I'm off to eat with more people, come out to some of them, then go out again!!! Then on Saturday it's off to a wedding to a nearby city, and more drinking and dancing! Yay! Then come Sunday when I'm all tired and hung over, we have to return to MTY and I have to leave on Monday morning at 7am. Sheesh. And we're going to fuck like bunnies in between all I just said, haha.

I actually went to buy condoms today. It still makes me a bit nervous. But luckily I have no shame, so that always helps, haha. Psesito knows this, first hand. While we were visiting NYC, to his dismay, I went to buy two boxes of condoms at this super cheap convenience store. Saldy, for him, the girl behind the counter was a newly arrived immigrant, so I had to yell to her excatly which box of condoms I wanted and what color and all. It was quite funny.

I had the following convrsation with A, via Msgr...

GERMY: Hey love.
A: Hey handsome.
G: So, at what time do you arrive in MTY?
A: At 11am.
G: Oh man, I don't get there until 2pm, =(
A: That's OK, I'll wait for you. The rental company won't give me the car until 2pm anyway, so it's no problem.
G: Really, sweetie?
A: Yeah, I'll be fine. I'll take some of my books or something.
G: Awwwww. That's so nice. Thanks. So, what will we do afterwards?
A: Well, we could-
G: Go to the hotel!
A: Yes, but we'll probably be hungry, so we might want to go eat first.
G: Well... yeah... but I wanna go to the hotel first. I want to... umm... you know... "get to know you better"... as soon as possible.
A: Oh. Ok. Ummm.
G: Much much MUCH better. ;-)
A: Oh my. Ok, we could get room service...
G: Smart boy.


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