What's the cutest thing in the world???

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Daschund puppy! I saw one in the mall today, when we were coming back from lunch. It was sooooooooooooo adorable! OMG! And it was all hyper-active and stuff. Even though it completely won me over, I figured I would probably play with it for like 15min and get tired and watch TV or something.

It's at times like these that I sincerely doubt my vocation as a parent...

UPDATE: Here's the real puppy link. Geez, I still have NO idea how that happened... haha (ok, the people who were hosting the original photo changed it... but... wtf?!?!?!).

Note to self:

When you start to complain that your boyfriend is taking up too much of your free time, an alarm should go off in your head that something is seriously wrong in your relationship. 'Nuff said.

Germy's in the papers or Sometimes in November

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ok, weird-scary-thing-that-happened-to-me #1: The musical event.

This last Saturday, I was in charge of a musical event to promote the AIDS organization I volunteer for. The administrator had to leave town for a course he's taking, so e asked me to help out, so in I go. It's a yearly thing they do on the Malecón (right in front of City Hall).

Even before the show began, I already had a full program (including TWO transvestite acts mind you!) and 3 extra stand-by acts, so I was kind of busy with scheduling and confirmations and all. We got a choir of church kids who had had their original event cancelled and they had been referred to us by the municipal authorities, to see if we could put them in our show, so they wouldn't go home all sad and stuff. You could imagine the scare I got when some guy identified himself as a minister and wanted to talk to me about the AIDS event where we were handing out condoms. Anyways, all was good, and we opened with the kids (who sang TERRIBLY, btw).

Everything was turning out OK when suddenly a municipal authority said that we couldn't have any sort of transvestite show going on. I was in shock, I had no idea the fucking administrator had snuck-in the cross-dressers into the program without telling anybody from City Hall... I mean the show was in front of the fucking building, come on!!!! Anyways, I complied and called one of the "alternative" acts and cancelled, but the other "girl" was already there. I told "her" about the situation and first of all she said she was a transexual (or, to be PC, transgendered)and was NOT a transvestite. This wasn't very convincing, but, and this really got to me, she was the sister of one of our most devoted and oldest volunteers. Geez, I was kind of in a bind. On one hand the municipal authorities (and our fucking Master of Ceremonies!) were pressuring me to cancel her out, and on the other hand she was pleading with me to let her go on, telling me that it would be OK... and ALSO I had my conscience on her side telling me it was wrong to cut her out of the show. I mean the whole fucking idea was to INCLUDE the entire community in the fight against AIDS. And here we were, EXCLUDING people from the event. It was all seriously fucked-up.

Anyways, as I was trying to convince the trannie (her name is Liberia) to cancel, I turned to her and asked "Would you really go on if I let you?" and she said "Honey, if you’ve got the guts to put me on, I'll sing my heart out and wow all them suckers...". So I did it, I let her go on. Shit. This was by far the gutsiest thing I had ever decided to do (and Germy has had sex in a public garden, mind you), and I was literally crapping my pants. Being an activist wasn't as easy as I’d thought.

When I told the MC we were letting her sing he went pale and told me our event would certainly be cancelled the next year and I just said "Fuck it". Then... oh man... the fucking MC tried to sabotage the whole thing by completely skipping her number, GEEZ!!! This whole ordeal was getting more surreal by the minute... he put on some really lame-ass clown who just played boring birthday party games with the kids on the crowd (I actually take that back, I later found out he's one of the HIV positive patients who depend on the Organization for medication).

Anyways, when the clown FINALLY finished, I nabbed the microphone from him, I told the sound guy to start playing Liberia's music, gave her a quickie presentation and she went on (so the MC wouldn't have a chance to ruin everything again). Wow, she wasn't half bad, she actually sang live, and her repertoire weretraditional Mexican ranchera songs. The crowd actually got all excited. Then I saw the MC talking with the very same municipal official who had asked me to take the transvestites out of the show. Yikes. Then I saw two cops standing near them. SHIT!!! We were all going to jail! I was sure!!!

But then they all walked away. They basically did nothing (you can always count on city officials for that, at least, haha). Things went along "smoothly" for the rest of the evening, I guess, and I felt a lot better with myself. Liberia said everything would be fine, and since nobody arrested us, I think they might indeed be fine. I just hope I don't loose my fucking job.

I'd like to make it all sound really brave and all, you know, "Germy, Rainbow Mercenary"; but the truth is I was shaking in my pants as the whole thing went on. Some small surge of courage made me change my mind and not cancel this girl out, and hopefully this won't have any negative consequences for the Organization as a whole. Was the entire ordeal worth it? I'm not sure yet. But I sure feel good about it, haha.

Ok, this is actually NOT the reason I came out in the newspaper today, haha. That was something else I did, on Monday. I'll tell you all about it... tomorrow...


Monday, November 28, 2005

Ok, this was QUITE a weekend. I have lots to tell. Let's just say I'll probably be in the newspaper tomorrow, and it's not necessarily something I would like my mom to see. Yikes.

Voices singing

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Germy is off to be the general manager at an event for the AIDS organization I help out at. The administrator is out of town and he asked me to take the reigns of the musical event they hold every year to promote the cause. Geez. I'm a little indimidated (it lasts like 5 hours and also there will be some press there, so I might be outed to the entire Western hemisphere for all I know, ha!), but that's what you get when you offer to volunteer... wish me luck...

SIDE NOTE: Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, there are some circuit parties called Latin fever being held here this week. So that means lots of hot foreign guys. It's hunting season for Germy. And being newly single never sounded so good... (yes, it's sad, I know... but at least there's a postive side to it... hehe).


I got this new surge protector yesterday and it's like a fucking boulder! GEEZ! It's HUGE. It's this gigantic black rectangular thing... it reminds me of the black monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Does that make me the monkey??? :-S

Reflections on a visit...

Friday, November 25, 2005

  • Slow dancing alone (with a partner) is one of life's underappreciated pleasures.

  • Is fucking in your kitchen un-hygienic? I sure hope not, 'cause...

  • Yelapa is hands down the most beautiful beach around here.

  • If you ever get the feeling you've ordered too much food at a restaurant, you've probably already ordered WAY too much food.

  • Sand really does get everywhere. And I mean EVERY-WHERE.

  • There is no such thing as too many condoms or too much lubricant. 'Nuff said.

  • When love is inside you, you've got to let it out.

  • Doing it in front of a mirror, with good lighting, is FANTASTIC. Really. Wow.

  • When you know it's gonna hurt, go straight for the neck. It'll avoid any unnecessary pain.

At 4:07pm today...

Thursday, November 24, 2005

"A" got on a jetplane and left.

My, my... what a silly, silly boy... I think he got to me.


Friday, November 18, 2005

Since A is coming to visit tomorrow (yippy!), me and SurferChick have taken the oportunity to fix up the apartment. A few projects that had been waiting in the wings are finally getting done. You know, like sweeping and mopping and dusting.

Haha, ok, ok, kidding, kidding, We actually divided up the chores and rotate them on a weekly basis. I've found I actually enjoy cleaning the bathroom for some odd reason. I HATE sweeping and mopping, yuck.

Anyways, we installed a new cabinet-like aparatus in the bathroom, I cleaned out mi closet, we bought some candles and some incense, liquid soap (anything else is just uncivilized!), we cleaned out the bottom of the sink (YUCK!), bought some new furniture, scrubbed the shower curtain, etc, etc, etc...

... so hopefully my bf will believe I live like this everyday! Hoo-ray for dishonesty in relationships! =D


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some idiot I know from Uni sent me an e-mail offering free DVD rentals from Blockbuster Online. I thought it was too good to be true, but I clicked anyway... I mean it was in Spanish (Germy's native language). But it was simply mistake #1, because this guy is a known idiot (actually, it was mistake #2, #1 was opening an email from said idiot).

So I'm maneuvering throught the user interface, which sucks. They ask me what email I use, and I say "Yahoo!". Then I come to a page that has two buttons. One of which says "Tell your 249 friends in your Yahoo! address folders about this deal!", which I was NOT going to click on, and the other says "Look at your contact first". Of course I wanted to filter who I was going to send the info to... so I clicked on the bottom button... and then the fucking page sent the fucking thing to my ENTIRE email list! I was all like WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!

It so happens that the label saying "Look at your contacts first" was actually a link taht showed all my contacts so I could filter them. FUCK. These Blockbuster people have no idea how to design user interfaces. When you insert a link, make it LOOK like a fucking link (i.e. underline it). Does nobody read usability guru Jakob Nielsen's Alert Boxes?!?!?!

And here's the kicker... the deal is only available in the US. AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH! All for not! So if you got some stupid Blockbuster email from me, sorry...

Side note: very smart for them to me marketing this to the US's Spanish-speaking markets...

Note to self:

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

When someone asks "how are you"... LIE! Under no ciscumstances must you tell the truth. Especially if it's your bf.


Killing a nasty software bug feels good. 'Nuff said.

It only takes a moment or Inside-Outside

Adam Guettel calls it a Dividing Day; when you realize things aren't going to work out in a relationship and you begin to pull away. I don't think you need a whole day. I think it's just a moment. A dividing moment, if you will.

It's happened to me enough times for me to recognize it instantly. Germy has always been one to look ahead and plan for the future, it's my instinct. When there comes a moment when that future suddenly seems uncertain, well, I react.

Whilst in a relationship, it does take some effort on my part to open up a bit emotionally. Yes, Germy is quite outspoken about his feelings on the Internet, but not so much in person and with my bf. It takes time and work, but, when love is inside me, I eventually let someone inside. And it's just us two, and everyone else is outside; and that's wonderful. But when the "dividing moment" comes, I immediately begin to close up. Call it a defense mechanism, call it mental illness, call it whatever you want. It just happens that way with me.

The guy, who I once let inside my thoughts and desires and inner workings of my heart, is suddenly seen as another outsider. He's given the boot. And it's a traumatic transition in many ways. But when it's all over, I feel the better for it. Don't I mourn the loss of closeness? The loss of intimacy? Of course I do. But Germy has grown quite resourceful, and he'll be fine, he'll live. He always does. For what is the alternative?

Though truly happy, you must beware,
for happiness can also scar...

Germy is listening to...

All of me,
why not take all of me.
Can’t you see?
I’m no good without you...
Take my arms,
I want to loose them;
Take my lips,
(without you) I’ll never use them.

Your goodbye
left me with eyes that cry.
How can I go on, dear, without you?
You took the best, so why not take the rest?
Baby, take all of me!

-All of me, Billie Holiday


Monday, November 14, 2005

Ok, today I went to buy some sheets for my new larger bed. Buying sheets is a very methodic and important task. There are many things to take into account, like for example:

  • Color coordination with your room

  • Color coordination with the comforter you're going to buy for the new bed. This is especially important (and tricky) since you probably haven't bought it yet, haha.

  • Make sure they're 100% cotton. Any of those cheaper blended fabrics suck. With the heat and humidity you have here in Vallarta, you definitely want to have nice fresh sheets made from 100% cotton. Yummy.

  • Make sure you pick a color that easily camouflashes semen stains. This is for obvious reasons. No matter how careful and clean you are, there is bound to be some spillage. And trust me, there is plenty worse that could end up on your sheets**. So much embarrassment can be avoided with this simple precaution, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

On that last note, after I picked my perfect sheets, I went to the register to pay but the lines were HUGE; it was ghastly. So I headed over to the pharmacy, which is always empty, and bought two boxes of condoms so they'd let me pay everything there without making all the line. Hoo-ray! There is no such thing as too many condoms; a boy can never be too careful. ;-)

**This is a very interesting topic, but it's quite taboo, even for old Germy. I do plan to cover it one day in a future post, the real "Ins and outs of gay sex"...

Wanna read something funny?

On Avenue Q (a twisted and much more real version of Sesame Street), puppet Kate monster is giving a lesson about the Internet... and meanwhile Trekkie monster is constantly interrupting... this song is fucking hilarious...

The internet is really really great
...for porn
I’ve got a fast connection so i don’t have to wait
...for porn
There's always some new site,
...for porn!
I browse all day and night
...for porn!
It's like i’m surfing at the speed of light
...for porn!
Grab your dick and double click
For porn, porn, porn!

-The Internet Is For Porn, from Avenue Q

It doesn't get any better than this, haha. With other song titles like It Sucks To Be Me, If You Were Gay, Everyone's A Little Bit Racist, I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today, etc., you just can't resist the Avenue Q cast recording. A great treat.

Ok, now I've seen it all...

The US (Christian Science Monitor) lecturing France on race realtions. What the fuck? Wasn't hurricane Katrina like 2 months ago? Some people... really... just have no shame.

Germy is listening to...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

I need a man who'll take a chance
on a love that burns hot enough to last
So when the night falls,
my lonely heart calls:

Oh! Wanna dance with somebody
I wanna feel the heat with somebody
Yeah! Wanna dance with somebody
With somebody who loves me.

-I wanna dance with somebody, Whitney Houston

Once upon a mattress

My new bed just arrived! =D

Yes, since A is coming to visit next week I bought a bigger bed. You can tell what my priorities are, can't you? Haha.

A step too far?

How do I feel about A right now? It's complicated.

On one hand, I really don't see our relationship going any further than Christmas. I don't want to look for another job. I want to stay here, at least for the time being. And that's about it. I don't want to be in an indefinitely-separated long-distance relationship. That would just suck. I'd rather be single. Sure, A talks about waiting for me, he even mentioned waiting past Christmas (which we agreed was our limit). And it makes me uneasy. I don’t want to hurt him. More importantly, I don't want to hurt me either.

On the other hand... oh... after our trip to MTY together, he really grew on me again. I could almost have sworn I had already had one of my patented Germy dividing moments (which I'll explain in a later post), and I thought we were doomed. But, after spending more time with him (other than the initial day we spent together after we met), well... he just grew on me. He told me he loved me, again. He told me, quite verbatim, "You know, I really like you a lot. I feel safe with you", as his eyes welled up with tears. Mine did too. He won me over, yet again. Even when we had that really sad moment when his friend's father passed away, we comforted him together, and each other, and made each other stronger. And something I really like about him is he doesn't like making me feel bad about myself. I know, that sounds really loserish, but I put up with it for a long time. No more.

But the dynamics of the relationship don't convince me completely. Fist of all, I thought he wasn’t geeky or cultured enough for me. After talking about this to Psesito, I realized I sounded like a fucking stuck-up and elitist asshole. So I decided that's not a good reason. Then you have the "security" factor. Of course it's nice to have someone thank you for taking care of them. But who's gonna take care of me? Germy usually likes the dynamic of being the younger less-experienced part of the relationship. I think this role is more fun and more comfortable. And maybe that's wrong in itself. Maybe I must mature and take on this more adult role A is asking of me. Of course I like him, and I like taking care of him and bossing him around and taking, in general, a dominant role. But what about when I tire?

And, now this is even more serious, I think we have a slight problem of physical incompatibility. I just can't put my finger on it, but A doesn't completely do it for me, physically. It's nothing to do with his weight, he looks pretty good right now. I dunno, I think it's his pale white skin. I mean he can turn me on... he just doesn't ignite me so easily. And this is problematic. Seriously. I guess he suffers from comparison to that other guy. How can you forget the person you learned to have sex with? How can you not compare him to everyone after him? His light brown skin still haunts my memories and fantasies. Irrelevant? I would think so. But maybe not.

I'm not sure I want to take another step with A. It could make breaking up a lot harder and more painful. I think, up to a certain point, falling in love with someone is a conscious decision; you can decide to fall, or not. In spite of any doubts I may have, I feel I'm at that point right now (or very near it, at least). When falling for that other guy, I realized he also had many faults and oddities (both emotional and physical), but I ended up loving them all; after all, they made him who he was. I'm not sure I want to do tat again. Any step I take now could end up being a step too far.

Love like you've never been hurt.
Who the hell said a fucking stupid thing like that?

Queer Movie

My bf went to see this gay film called Latter Days. I saw the trailer and deemed it uneventful. But the two main characters are really hot, haha. I just love the cute Mormon guy, he's just adorable. The other guy is just hot. I hate the fact that all gay movies have to have "coming-out" drama, but still, it looks at least somewhat fun. Enjoy.

Guess who's back?!?!?


Yes, we arrived at 4:30am Friday morn. Yikes, I was quite tired. It was a very productive trip. Looks like we found two new developers. And they're both from my alma mater, haha! My boss' school wasn't quite as cooperative and so they basically struck out. =P

Guadalajara wasn't as pretty as other times when I just wandered around downtown. Yes, it has some ugly parts. Oh well. All illusions eventually come to an end.

Whil I was there I bought Nobel Prize winner Elfriede Jelinek's The piano teacher. It was turned into a very controversial film in 2001. I caught it while in MTY and was quite disturbed by what I saw. And quite fascinated at how the novel must have been written. So now I'm reading it. And it's quite impressive.

It's nice to be back.

Hockey injuries

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"Ma man" was talking about how he had sustained some injuries from playing ice hockey when he was a teenager. It sure sounded painful, and it made me think he was really tough and stuff, hehe. Then he talked about this time he checked a guy and sent him flying towards the goal post. The poor boob broke his leg, "oops". So, I now know that my man breaks legs. I don't mean to sound weird or morbid, but that's a huge turn on.... yum... only 10 more days to go.

Weekend in paradise

I spent this last weekend on a beach called Yelapa. Wow. It was really pretty. It's only accesible via boat, so it's somewhat secluded. The water is perfectly clear and great for swimming. Here are some pics.

No, I didn't stay at that hotel, but it sure looked nice, haha. I think I'll definitely take A there when he comes to visit. Yum.

Belated birthday wishes

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm sorry this was late, but the fruitful wishes are still the same.

I'm quite glad I've had the opportunity to share some of the past years with you, they've been, literally, life-altering. You always inspire the sloth in me to strive to become a better person, be it through ridicule, example or just plain determination.

We've had a rather funny history together, haven't we? And now that we live in two different countries and haven't seen each other in over a year, I still think you're one of my best and closest friends. Sure, I get jelous you like your "significant other" so much; sure, who know's when our paths will cross again; sure, you're an asshole sometimes.... but I forgive you, haha. ;-)

Seeing you a little down recently about your proferssional future has made me a little uneasy also. I feel you have a lot to give, you just need to right opportunity to give it. I sincerely hope you find it. Be patient, things only come when they must; not a second before or after.

The truth is I love talking with you, you're witty, funny, silly and you always have something interesting to say. I think you're a wonderful person and I feel wonderful to have you in my life, at least in a virtual way. So this is my tribute to you, on your birthday. Best wishes.

Germy goes on tour

Well, we leave tomorrow for Guadalajara (GDL). Me and my boss are going to recruit some new troops for the Web development frontlines. So far we've found nobody here in PV (big surprise), so we're off to the big city for two days. Hopefully I'll see some family while I'm there also.

Germy has been functioning as the one-man HR department for the last month or so, receiving resumes and cover letters, giving phone interviews and such. My boss, as usual, is way too busy to tend to these matters, so it's scretary Germy to the rescue, haha. It's been fun, but so far a little depressing... you kind of expect more from today's youth. Oh well...

Giving a presentation about the company and interviewing people sounds exciting. If any of the candidates decide to get creative and, say, offer sex in order to get the job, it will definitely show that:
a) They have passion for what they do
b) They are results-driven workers
c) They do no let tiny obstacles get in their way (like, say, being unqualified for the porsition or not knowing how to read).
d) They're sluts

Unelss they're girls. That would be gross... yuck.

The visit

Sunday, November 06, 2005

My bf A is coming to visit me. The weekend before Thanksgiving. And he's staying five whole days. And it's gonna be in two weeks.

Cool, very cool.

Irradiating Germy

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Surfer Chick wanted in on my cable Internet, so she bought this nifty wireless router. We were all giddy and excited when she brought it in (yeah, Germy gets that way with new gadgets, sorry). We plugged it into my cable modem... then plugged it to my desktop... then she turned on her laptop (with the wireless internet card)... and voila! It worked! I was ready to recall my days as DSL Tech Support, but we didnt' have to configure a damn thing... now that's Plug n' Play...

Now I have a device in my room that's constantly putting out (even more) radiation to my apartment. Whoop-dee-frickin'-doo...


Friday, November 04, 2005

Ok, this has NEVER happened to me before. Last night I was talking with A via Skype, and in the middle of a particularly tragi-comic story of mine, HE FELL ASLEEP! I'm serious! ASLEEP!

Germy isn't boring, REALLY! People who know me can vouch for me on this. I told the Designer and my Gringa Friend and they both laughed their heads off, and now when I talk to them on Msgr, while I'm saying something they type "ZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzz"... NOT FUNNY!

Ok, A is supposed to be a really easy sleepr (he fell asleep while I went to visit a teacher at my Uni, and usually falls asleep during plays or movies). But still, I'm distraught...

Fun fact of the day

Thursday, November 03, 2005

My bf A is a direct descendant of Venustiano Carranza, a former President of Mexico and a famous revolutionary symbol; he also helped draft the Constitution that (give or take a few lines) rules us to this day.

One of A's grandfather's cousins remembeerd being on the train when Venustiano Carranza was assasinated. Cool. I'm going out with a little piece of Mexican history.

Winamp sucks

I've come to this realization after using iTunes for a while. You can't find anything on the fucking thing! What a mess!

Anyways, does anybody know how to connect iTunes to a network share? (Not inly to another person's iTunes library). Any help would be appreciated.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I have a neighbor in the apartment next door who is quite the talker. She's pushing sixty and she gets kind of lonely. My gringa friend used to live with her (for like two weeks) then left because she just couldn't stand her. What a bitch, left an old lady alone... and I love her for that, haha.

I used to shy away from the chatty neighbor, because any quick "Hello" lead to a minimum of 20 minutes in conversation. Then I began feeling like a total asshole for not at least taking a little time to talk to the old lady next door who was living alone. So I started was has become a series of 30 min chats with her. We talk about all sorts of things. She was born in Slovakia, and so has a very interesting perspective on Mexican society. I was born on the border between Mexico and the US, so I sometimes feel as alien to this culture as she does, so this is one thing we share.

Anyways, this woman has had quite an interesting life. She was born after the Second World War in the mountains of Slovakia, where winters were normally -50° Celsius. Since most of the infrastructure was destroyed, it wasn't until she was like 10 that they actually got roads and running water. Geez. Her mother is German and her father was a Russian general. After the war, his boss, Stalin, called back the Russian troops, but her father refused to leave. To avoid getting killed, he changed his name, so her last name is etiologically incorrect. In fact, she says, they never really knew who her father really was, ever. When they moved to the West, he disavowed them, calling them traitors to the Communist cause. The last they heard of him was that he had been killed during the War in Yugoslavia in 1992, where he was participating as a military strategist. GEEZ!

She met her Mexican husband while in Slovakia. She got to meet a lot of important figures in the Latin-American left who got to travel and study in the Soviet Union. Then when she married the Mexican guy, she moved to Mexico City with him. She said "Imagine that, an Eastern European mountain girl living in one of the biggest cities on Earth and not knowing hardly any Spanish... quite an adventure". After living there a couple of years, she found out her neighbour was one of Mexico's most famous TV stars, Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo. After seeing his show for the first time, she walked up to him and said "Hey, you're on TV, aren't you?" and he just smiled and said "Yeah, that's me".

She told me she had had a very violent childhood. She once visited Budapest with her grandmother right when the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 started. She said that even though she was a little girl, she remembered that when they were leaving the train station to go back home she could see bodies hanging from the trees. GEEZ! It's estimated that between 25,000-50,000 Hungarians were killed by the Red Army. GEEZ!

Her husband died while they were living in San Miguel de Allende (a beautiful colonial town in Central Mexico). She had three daughters and had to take them out of school because her late husband's former associates refused to let them have any share in the business they jointly owned. She even said they threatened to kill them if they tried to fight in court. So they decided to move here, to sunny and safe Puerto Vallarta. What a world, indeed.

Everybody has an interesting story to tell, don't they? If we only gave them the time and the opportunity...

Thought of the day

You can't sell anything on the Internet. The Internet is only for buying.

I have to remember this. It's quite important.

Why Germy is happy Bush won a year ago

Because everything we do eventually everything we do comes back to haunt us. Nuff said.

In the immortal words of Fred Ebb, "No, I'm no one's wife, but, oh! I love my life... and all... that... jazz".

Germy is listening to...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Diamonds are forever, by Kanye West.

Man, what a bitchin' tune. He samples the original song featuring the diva of all divas (and belter of all belters) Shirley Basey. I kind of had a soft spot for the original, but this newer hip-hop version just rules. I love this guy.

But what the hell is the deal with his name? I thought it was "Kay-nee" West for a long time until the Grammy's when I found out it was actually "Kah-ee-nay". What's up with spelling names in a VERY unphonetical fashion??? Another point for Spanish... no messed-up shit like this...