Germy goes on tour

Monday, November 07, 2005

Well, we leave tomorrow for Guadalajara (GDL). Me and my boss are going to recruit some new troops for the Web development frontlines. So far we've found nobody here in PV (big surprise), so we're off to the big city for two days. Hopefully I'll see some family while I'm there also.

Germy has been functioning as the one-man HR department for the last month or so, receiving resumes and cover letters, giving phone interviews and such. My boss, as usual, is way too busy to tend to these matters, so it's scretary Germy to the rescue, haha. It's been fun, but so far a little depressing... you kind of expect more from today's youth. Oh well...

Giving a presentation about the company and interviewing people sounds exciting. If any of the candidates decide to get creative and, say, offer sex in order to get the job, it will definitely show that:
a) They have passion for what they do
b) They are results-driven workers
c) They do no let tiny obstacles get in their way (like, say, being unqualified for the porsition or not knowing how to read).
d) They're sluts

Unelss they're girls. That would be gross... yuck.


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