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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ok, weird-scary-thing-that-happened-to-me #1: The musical event.

This last Saturday, I was in charge of a musical event to promote the AIDS organization I volunteer for. The administrator had to leave town for a course he's taking, so e asked me to help out, so in I go. It's a yearly thing they do on the Malecón (right in front of City Hall).

Even before the show began, I already had a full program (including TWO transvestite acts mind you!) and 3 extra stand-by acts, so I was kind of busy with scheduling and confirmations and all. We got a choir of church kids who had had their original event cancelled and they had been referred to us by the municipal authorities, to see if we could put them in our show, so they wouldn't go home all sad and stuff. You could imagine the scare I got when some guy identified himself as a minister and wanted to talk to me about the AIDS event where we were handing out condoms. Anyways, all was good, and we opened with the kids (who sang TERRIBLY, btw).

Everything was turning out OK when suddenly a municipal authority said that we couldn't have any sort of transvestite show going on. I was in shock, I had no idea the fucking administrator had snuck-in the cross-dressers into the program without telling anybody from City Hall... I mean the show was in front of the fucking building, come on!!!! Anyways, I complied and called one of the "alternative" acts and cancelled, but the other "girl" was already there. I told "her" about the situation and first of all she said she was a transexual (or, to be PC, transgendered)and was NOT a transvestite. This wasn't very convincing, but, and this really got to me, she was the sister of one of our most devoted and oldest volunteers. Geez, I was kind of in a bind. On one hand the municipal authorities (and our fucking Master of Ceremonies!) were pressuring me to cancel her out, and on the other hand she was pleading with me to let her go on, telling me that it would be OK... and ALSO I had my conscience on her side telling me it was wrong to cut her out of the show. I mean the whole fucking idea was to INCLUDE the entire community in the fight against AIDS. And here we were, EXCLUDING people from the event. It was all seriously fucked-up.

Anyways, as I was trying to convince the trannie (her name is Liberia) to cancel, I turned to her and asked "Would you really go on if I let you?" and she said "Honey, if you’ve got the guts to put me on, I'll sing my heart out and wow all them suckers...". So I did it, I let her go on. Shit. This was by far the gutsiest thing I had ever decided to do (and Germy has had sex in a public garden, mind you), and I was literally crapping my pants. Being an activist wasn't as easy as I’d thought.

When I told the MC we were letting her sing he went pale and told me our event would certainly be cancelled the next year and I just said "Fuck it". Then... oh man... the fucking MC tried to sabotage the whole thing by completely skipping her number, GEEZ!!! This whole ordeal was getting more surreal by the minute... he put on some really lame-ass clown who just played boring birthday party games with the kids on the crowd (I actually take that back, I later found out he's one of the HIV positive patients who depend on the Organization for medication).

Anyways, when the clown FINALLY finished, I nabbed the microphone from him, I told the sound guy to start playing Liberia's music, gave her a quickie presentation and she went on (so the MC wouldn't have a chance to ruin everything again). Wow, she wasn't half bad, she actually sang live, and her repertoire weretraditional Mexican ranchera songs. The crowd actually got all excited. Then I saw the MC talking with the very same municipal official who had asked me to take the transvestites out of the show. Yikes. Then I saw two cops standing near them. SHIT!!! We were all going to jail! I was sure!!!

But then they all walked away. They basically did nothing (you can always count on city officials for that, at least, haha). Things went along "smoothly" for the rest of the evening, I guess, and I felt a lot better with myself. Liberia said everything would be fine, and since nobody arrested us, I think they might indeed be fine. I just hope I don't loose my fucking job.

I'd like to make it all sound really brave and all, you know, "Germy, Rainbow Mercenary"; but the truth is I was shaking in my pants as the whole thing went on. Some small surge of courage made me change my mind and not cancel this girl out, and hopefully this won't have any negative consequences for the Organization as a whole. Was the entire ordeal worth it? I'm not sure yet. But I sure feel good about it, haha.

Ok, this is actually NOT the reason I came out in the newspaper today, haha. That was something else I did, on Monday. I'll tell you all about it... tomorrow...


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