Monday, November 14, 2005

Ok, today I went to buy some sheets for my new larger bed. Buying sheets is a very methodic and important task. There are many things to take into account, like for example:

  • Color coordination with your room

  • Color coordination with the comforter you're going to buy for the new bed. This is especially important (and tricky) since you probably haven't bought it yet, haha.

  • Make sure they're 100% cotton. Any of those cheaper blended fabrics suck. With the heat and humidity you have here in Vallarta, you definitely want to have nice fresh sheets made from 100% cotton. Yummy.

  • Make sure you pick a color that easily camouflashes semen stains. This is for obvious reasons. No matter how careful and clean you are, there is bound to be some spillage. And trust me, there is plenty worse that could end up on your sheets**. So much embarrassment can be avoided with this simple precaution, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

On that last note, after I picked my perfect sheets, I went to the register to pay but the lines were HUGE; it was ghastly. So I headed over to the pharmacy, which is always empty, and bought two boxes of condoms so they'd let me pay everything there without making all the line. Hoo-ray! There is no such thing as too many condoms; a boy can never be too careful. ;-)

**This is a very interesting topic, but it's quite taboo, even for old Germy. I do plan to cover it one day in a future post, the real "Ins and outs of gay sex"...


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