Friday, November 18, 2005

Since A is coming to visit tomorrow (yippy!), me and SurferChick have taken the oportunity to fix up the apartment. A few projects that had been waiting in the wings are finally getting done. You know, like sweeping and mopping and dusting.

Haha, ok, ok, kidding, kidding, We actually divided up the chores and rotate them on a weekly basis. I've found I actually enjoy cleaning the bathroom for some odd reason. I HATE sweeping and mopping, yuck.

Anyways, we installed a new cabinet-like aparatus in the bathroom, I cleaned out mi closet, we bought some candles and some incense, liquid soap (anything else is just uncivilized!), we cleaned out the bottom of the sink (YUCK!), bought some new furniture, scrubbed the shower curtain, etc, etc, etc...

... so hopefully my bf will believe I live like this everyday! Hoo-ray for dishonesty in relationships! =D


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