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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Germy is off to be the general manager at an event for the AIDS organization I help out at. The administrator is out of town and he asked me to take the reigns of the musical event they hold every year to promote the cause. Geez. I'm a little indimidated (it lasts like 5 hours and also there will be some press there, so I might be outed to the entire Western hemisphere for all I know, ha!), but that's what you get when you offer to volunteer... wish me luck...

SIDE NOTE: Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, there are some circuit parties called Latin fever being held here this week. So that means lots of hot foreign guys. It's hunting season for Germy. And being newly single never sounded so good... (yes, it's sad, I know... but at least there's a postive side to it... hehe).


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