On the way

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ok, my brother and my parents are currently on their way to come stay with me for Christmas! Yippy! A beach Christmas for us this year, haha, a first.

I do love my parents, but they stress me out, especially my mom. I know all she wants to do is care for me and that she only wants the best for me and has the best intentions, but usually she ends up driving me crazy. And my parents' constant bickering doesn't help. It should be an interesting (if not challenging) Holiday season. Wish me luck.

Conversation over Msgr

DESIGNER PAL: I want to be a boob doctor.
GERMY: You mean a plastic surgeon, shit-for-brains.
D: Yeah, that. It would so rock to look at boobs all day. *slobbering*
G: Yeah, like Tom Cruis in "Eyes wide shut". He'd just look at boobs all day.
G: Too bad he's gay.
D: I wanna be like Tom Cruise!
G: Oh, so you want to marry Katie Holmes to hide your homosexuality?
D: Yeah... I mean, no! Is he really gay?
G: Oh, for sure. I saw him in a gay club in London. It was called the Judy Garland Rainbow Room.
D: Yeah, and you gave him a blowjob!
G: No, that's a lie... he gave ME a blowjob!
D: Haha, yeah right. But are you sure he went there because he was gay? Maybe he just went with a fiend.
G: Ok, I made ALL of that up. Geez, you fucking Canadians are so gullible...
D: I mean I go to gay clubs sometimes, but I just go along with friens. I'm as straight as an arrow and as manly as they come!
G: Sure... keep telling yourself that, buddy.
D: Really! Being straight is in!
G: No it's not.
D: Yes it is! If it weren't, then why are there so many straight people, huh???
G: Since there are so many, it's totally out now. Being straight is so 90's.
D: No way!
G: Yeah, and being gay is so early-21st-century; being a metrosexual is so 2003; being bi-curious is so first-trimester-of-2005...
D: Huh? So what's "in" now?
G: Being a pre-op TRANNIE!


Monday, December 19, 2005

I finally told my brother. And it only took me a year.

Is it really brave to play a gay character?

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Incendiary comments or business as usual for Charles Karel Bouley II. His latest essay about the hype behind Brokeback Mountain and the supposed "bravery" of the lead actors is proof he's just an annoying, bitchy and bitter old queen. And I love him for that.

Favorite quote from the text cited above:

It takes courage to be gay and out, not to play it.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Well, my date came (rather late, btw, tisk, tisk). We saw an not-so-old Hitchcock movie (Frenzy). I t was ok. He seems like a nice guy, and he's just adorable. Things look ok, for now. But my brother is coming tomorrow, so I don't think I'll see this guy in at least another week or so. He lives in GDL, so I'd like to see him before he leaves for Christmas and such.

Anyways, like I mentioned, MY BROTHER IS COMING TOMORROW! =D Don't expect many Germy updates for the next couple of days. I've already got two parties lined up, dinners, beach and plenty of fun, fun, fun... busy week. ;-)

Holiday movies I wanna see

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

As opposed to summer, there are whole bunch of flicks I wanna see this winter... here is my Germy Must-See Movie List:

  • Brokeback Mountain: It's about gay cowboys, and it's not a porn film! COOL! Like I said in the past, Jake Gyllenhaal is a hot hottie and worth the price of admission alone. I wonder if they get naked on screen… who cares! I’m gonna go see it anyway. I hereby proclaim the moral obligation of all queer people to go see this movie!

  • The Producers: Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick sharing the silver screen, need I say more??? For those of you who missed them on stage in New York (I didn’t! LOSERS!), this is your perfect opportunity to see them up close and on a huge screen. Yes, it hasn’t generated all the positive buzz Chicago did, and it lacks any of the modern editing and style seen in Moulin Rouge, but it at least looks fun. Cheers to that. Oh, and no matter how good this movie is, it’s way better live, >=P, LOSERS!

  • Memoirs of a Geisha: I haven’t read the book (yes, I’m like the last person on the planet, haha), but I saw the trailer and it looks interesting. Plus, I love that Ziyi Zhang girl from the flying-Chinese-warrior movies. And, if that weren’t enough, Rob Marshall (the guy who directed the film version of Chicago and the insanely successful revival or Cabaret in NYC, which I saw two time, btw… LOSERS!) is the director! Who cares if it got snubbed at the Golden Globes, I’m there…

  • Chronicles or Narnia: The lion the witch and the wardrobe. Ok, I totally think it’s lame to make a movie and before it’s even released to already have a whole marketing plan for a series of sequels. This story has already been told in other movies as simply “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”, so the marketing ploy is obvious. Still, anything hat has Tilda Swinton involved is usually a good bet.

  • King Kong: Ok, in all honesty I think this remake is completely unwarranted. The original is a classic and I think remaking classic movies is asking for a disappointment (why don’t they remake bad movies or disappointing ones? Then they could actually work on what originally went wrong? Doesn’t that make way more sense?!?!?). Still, the trailer rocks and I’m a total sucker for neat special effects. Plus, Naomi Watts is awesome.

  • Aeon Flux: Ok, I never read the comic or saw the cartoons, and even the trailer looked kind of crappy, but I think Charlize Theron is a goddess and just seeing Frances McDormand on screen is a delight, so, as usual, I’m there.

  • The Family Stone: Hey, Diane Keaton usually guarantees quality (usually), and the trailer looks funny, so I wanna see. It’s also always a delight to see Claire Danes in, well, anything. Plus, Luke Wilson just looks fucking hot here (if you look closely, you can see him in just a towel in the trailer). Yum.

  • The squid and the whale: I missed this flick at the Film festival in town. Argh. Laura Linney is by far my favorite actress and I LOVE seeing her do anything. She’s da woman. Also, Ana Paquin is also an interesting actress in hr own right. It’s gotten good reviews, so, as usual, I’m there.

  • Match point: They say Woody Allen is back, so I’m definitely intrigued. I enjoyed “Anything Else” and I totally still want to see Melinda & Melinda, so, I’m there.

  • Mrs. Henderson Presents: It's a musical, it's set in London and it stars Judi Dench… what’s NOT to like?!?!?! Also, British heartthrob (and queer cutie) Will Young has a small part. Yum.

And they're off!

Award season has begun! The 63rd Golde Globe nominations are out!

Big winner (of nominations at least): Brokeback Mountain. Hoo-ray!

Notable snubs: The Geisha movie (she wa snominated tho), the Spielberg-Munich movie, the Narnia movie, the Rent movie (sniff, sniff), the Russll Crowe/Cindeerlla movie (he was nominated tho)... am I missing any other favorites that got the boot?

Random musings

I had no idea cigars tasted exactly like cigarettes, only bigger. Yuck. We had a "Cigar n' cognac night", and things started off bad when we saw that the cheapest bottle of cognac was $25 USD! GEEZ! Too much for booze, sorry. So it turned into the "Cigar n' Kahlua night", haha. Much cheaper. Anyways, the cigars sucked (yeah, I know, you can't expect much from a $4 dollar cigar). I thought they would taste as sweet as they smell... they don't.

My brother arrives on Thursday! HOO-RAY!! YIPPY! Fun, fun, fun...

I was thinking of finally telling my dad I'm gay. I dunno, seems like a big step in a way, but it honestly doesn't seem like a very big deal either. My dad has always been kind of emotionally distant, so I'm not completely sure how we would respond. I generally think that he'll take it well, but I'm not 100% sure. Decisions, decisions...

Wow, with the new developer working here full-time (the other one comes back in January) we've gotten so many things done in just a day and a half, it's silly. I feel so much more productive! It's like having my own personal assistant, haha. Too bad we're gonna gear him towards other projects soon, dammit. Can't wait for the other slave developer to arrive.

I have a date tomorrow. Yes, my official period of mourning is over (hey, I waited a whole 3 weeks! Germy don't get much more decent than that). He's a student and he promised to bring over some David Lynch movies, so that should be interesting.

Busy week, busy week.

Sunday cleaning

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I was cleaning up my room and my apartment (well, doing my share of the chores, rather) and I decided to tiddy up the ol' blog too.

I changed a few margins, increased a few spaces, spruced it up a bit. I also took my Germy-public's feedback and returned the Comments link back to the original spot. It's just more comfortable at the bottom of the post. I'd seen it at the top of other blogs and thought it would be a neat idea; now I see that it's there for a very specific reason: to be a barrier to entry (like having to fill out a form to be able to post or having to type a special string of charaters, etc).

With the link at the beginnig (and if it's a long post) you have to scroll all the way back up to make a comment; thus, a barrier is put up. This way, trolls and other indesireables can be discouraged (you'd be surprised how easily people give up on the internet... working at an e-commerce site, this is a big issue for us). Anyhoo, I figured the ol' GermyBlog doesn't really get enough comments to warrant any preventive measures (yet!). Enjoy.

Academia or "Hello there, Dr. Germy"

Saturday, December 10, 2005

While I was in MTY in October, I went to talk with one of my absolute favorite teachers of all time. One of the few "role models" I encountered at my Uni, he was a prime example of responsibility, intelligence, respect, great attitude, good physical height and he wasn't too shabby in the looks department. Definitely my fave.

Chatting up with him, I mentioned that getting a Masters was one of my future goals, primarily because I wanted to someday become a University teacher. It's something I have been pondering for a while now. I was a lab instructor for an entire semester right before I graduated, and it was an enlightening and rewarding experience. I actually liked helping stuck-up kids learn new stuff. Whenever it seemed I was actually getting through to them, it felt really good. Cool. Plus, you just can't beat the vacation time you get as a teacher, haha.

Anyways, my "role model" teacher told me that if I wanted to seriously become a university teacher in the future, I would most probably need to go for a PhD, aside from my Masters. Wow. I had never really considered that idea. I'm not sure I want to spend that much time back in school in the future. But the idea seems exciting. At least to ponder. To actually contribute to knowledge. Neat.

Getting a masters and a PhD are two very different things. Granted, it depends on the degree and the school, but this is what Germy found out in one of my patented "5 min Google searches": getting a masters degree means you want to know more about a certain area of knowledge (i.e. software development, wireless communication systems, law, criminal psychology, 18th Century British poetry, etc). It's like college, but much more focused and specific. You actually can end up doing research (depending on the nature of the degree), but that's not always necessary. The programs last from 1 to 3 years usually (full-time), depending on the area.

Getting a PhD means you're interested in actually contributing to an area of knowledge, which means you will primarily do original research to extend knowledge in your field. They last anywhere from 3 to 6 years.

Want to know more? There is a fantastic PDF by Mor Harchol-Balter called Applying to Ph.D. Programs in Computer Science. Yes, it's for CS PhD hopefuls, but the first part talks about what a PhD rally is and why you would want to earn one. Fascinating.

After reading it, it made me think a lot about what it is I wanted out of graduate school. Part of me would love to go the Humanities route and study theater or literature and do it just for fun. Another part of me wants to get better training in software engineering and become better in that field and also gain qualifications to become a teacher. But I just don't think a PhD is for me. Luckily, I have plenty of time to think about it, I don't want to go back to school anytime soon, haha... I'm having a splendid time right now. And cheers to that. ;-)

Newbies are here

Friday, December 09, 2005

The new guys at work are finally here. They're actually pretty cool guys and they seemed to fit in really well with the rest fo the team. Now let's see if they have legs... things are getting exciting again. Stay tuned.

Germy is listening to...

Love is never gone.
As we travel on,
Love's what we'll remember.
Kiss today goodbye,
And point me t'ward tomorrow.
We did what we had to do.
Won't forget, can't regret
What I did for love

-What I did for love, by Marvin Hamlisch and Edward Kleban (from A chorus line)

Hottie of the week

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

... Gavin Newsom! (in the spirit of gay rights and all, haha)

What does he do? He's the Mayor of San Francisco. And he's incredibly handsome. I mean look at him! YUM. He's considered one of the best dressed men in the world. I mean seriosly, he looks like a fucking model!

He's the son of a judge and grew up near Frisco. He became mayor in 2003. Yes, he's straight (DAMMIT!). He got married to this pseudo-anchorwoman (and former Victoria's Secret model) in 2001. They were deemed the new Kennedy's in Harpers Bazaar; but luckily they got divorced this year, so I still have a chance, haha.

He was propelled to national and international fame (and infamy!) when in february of 2004 he authorized the city of Sam Francisco to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Since the sky did not fall, over 4000 couples got married, but the marrieages were halted (and anulled) in March of 2004 by the California Supreme Court. Part-poopers. Anyways, Gavin was hailed as a hero for the GLBT community (and even as a scapegoat for the conservative backlash in the November 2004 elections). He's a very controversial figure. Not to mention hot as hell! Haha.

Here's to Gavin, a true civic-minded hottie and eternal friend of the GLBT community! What more could you want? Brains, beauty, style, fame, infamy! He's got it all! Be still my heart!

One of life's great pleasures...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

...is hearing Fantasia Barrino belt out the sensual lullaby Summertime (from the modern opera Porgy and Bess, mind you)...

And the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin'
And the cotton is high

Your daddy's rich
And your mamma's good lookin'
So hush little baby
Don't you cry...

-Summertime,by George Gershwin (from Porgy and Bess)

Top Ten Talentless Hacks

Monday, December 05, 2005

Ok, here's the GermyList of the most untalented famous people around... feel free to add to this list if you have any unfavorites of your own...

  1. Lindsay Lohan. This girl never really seemed like a very good actress and could not sing even if her life depended on it. Yuck. Talk about over over-exposed.

  2. Paris Hilton. Since when has being a rich slut made you instantly famous? This girl's "fame" boggles the mind. She's not even that pretty. And she even supposedly has an album coming out (yeah, that's original). Yikes. Why????

  3. Hillary Duff. Another mediocre actress that falls into the "could-not-sing-even-to-save-herself" category. Watch out, Lindsay. Well, not really.

  4. Josh Hartnett. Ok, he's cute. But that's about it. He is a bland and insipid actor and, seriously, he's not even that handsome. His fame mystifies me. I'm still waiting for his album, tho.

  5. Ashlee Simpson. Ok, not as pretty as her sister. Boobs are not as big as her sister's. Does not have a drop-dead gorgeous husband (future ex-husband?!?!) liker her sister. And she actually sings worse than her sister. Yikes! And, now this is the really sad part, she had to lip-sync her own bad vocals. COME ON!

  6. Robbie Williams. Ok, he's ugly. He can't sing. He can't act. Yes, he has charm and all... but since when does that immediately qualify you to be a star?!?! Don't you need some talent? Apparently not. Some people are actually surprised as to why he didn't achieve the same level of success as Geroge Michael in the USA... well, how about "George Michael was BETTER LOOKING and could actually SING!". 'Nuff said.

  7. Daniel Radcliffe (a.k.a. Harry Potthead Potter). Yeah, he looks a whole bunch like the main character of that über-best-selling book series. Big deal! So do like 10 million other English kids. This boy has a very limited acting range. I mean he can't even handle movies made from children's books! Geez!

  8. Nicole Richie. Yeah, her dad is famous. So what?!?! Apparently, talent sometimes skips a generation. She's more famous for being Paris Hilton's best friend (former best-friend? ex-friend??? sworn enemy?!?! Who cares!!!) than for anything else. She's supposedly going to star in a sitcom soon. I shudder at the thought.

  9. Tara Reid. Ok, I'm not even sure why she's famous. I mean she made the American Pie movies and that sort of made her "known". Sort of. Then she dated Carson Daly and called off their wedding. That sort of made her a little more "known". Then she made a reputation of getting drunk a lot. Oh, and baring her boob for the entire world also helped. Ok. now I know why she's famous. Next...

  10. At least 75% of all Mexican pop music singers/acts. They are all either sons and daughters of famous people (i.e. talent skips a generation or was never there to begin with) or they are former TV soap opera stars. Either way, they all suck. Big time.

Who's not on the list and why:

  • JLo. Yes, she can't sing at all and her acting is pretty awful, but I think she's a very talented performer (i.e. a great dancer). If you ever check out her live concert from Puerto Rico, you'll know what I mean.

  • Britney Spears. Yeah, justlike JLo, can't sing a note, but also a very talented dancer.

  • Jessica Simpson. Ok, she can't dance at all, but I really liked her rendition of Robbie Williams' "Angels", so that alone saved her from the list.

Civil liberty in the UK

Cool. Civil unions are now legal in the UK. Same-sex couples now can register and get most of the same rights as heterosexual couples. Once again, cool.

The government notoriously dropped the name “marriage” from the legislation, because they felt it had religious connotations. Was this the big mistake made in the US? Only time will tell. I personally don’t feel it was, I feel people will oppose what they fear no matter what you call it. If they see you back down, they’ll only come after you with greater fervor. Geez, I sound like Bush talking about never leaving Iraq… food for thought…

Anyways, even though this is indeed wonderful news, personally, the whole mention of “marriage”, “England”, and “relationships” in general bring back a flood of memories that produce mixed feelings. But then again that’s just me, crazy old Germy… *sigh*

Sometimes in November Pt. 3

Sunday, December 04, 2005

So there we were, in front of City Hall. When we stopped in front of the building, we got a huge cheer from everyone, it was quite moving actually. But then we kinda didn’t know what was next. A local reporter summed it up perfectly when he wrote that everyone had an "Ok, now what?" look on their face, haha. So we all sat down and waited for the organizers to, well, organize something. They told us to chant “Free gay rights!”, which I thought was a little silly, I mean, where had they been imprisoned or something. Hehe. Then we all called the mayor to come and meet us. When nothing happened, the Organizer stormed inside and we all held our breaths. What would happen? Would the mayor shun us? Would he leave us looking like fools outside? Suddenly the Organizer came back out and told us all to march in, we were gonna get an audience with the mayor! So in we went, to the thunderous applause of the crowd (who had begun to disperse by now).

Ok, once inside, that’s were things (in my opinion) took a nosedive. We were joined by the mayor and the city council in their main chambers, and the press was there too. We all sat down and the co-Organizer read a prepared statement which, again in my opinion, was a masterpiece of ambiguity. He called for “respect and support” for gay rights; the mayor looked blankly and said “Ok, of course”. He called for “more support” for local HIV/AIDS organizations. Again, the mayor said “Ok”. Then the mayor said a few things in that highly political dialect that really says absolutely nothing, yet sounds convincing but safely omits any real commitment. Then some of the guys in the march actually asked for something concrete, like for the police department to discpline certain local police cars that had harassed them and asked them for money. Finally, a bit of reason and reality. Then the shit hit really the fan.

Some context: supposedly, a few days before the march, two city council members had opposed the whole idea and the press made a big sideshow about it. The organizers and the two female council members had a war of words going in the papers by the time the event came along. Towards the end of our audience with the mayor, the main Organizer took the mic and started yelling vulgarities at the two city council members, and he had a pretty loud voice so it was especially unnerving. Then some more information came to light: apparently, he held a small public office in one of the nearby municipalities and he had ousted one of the council members from her long-time post there. He claimed she was now attacking him in vengeance, and that he had falsely accused him of having a "perverted" gay party using public funds. Both the council women denied the allegations and one even read her statement from the newspaper and declared she had never spoken against the gay community or used any slanderous words. To which the Organizer responded with screams and insults. He didn’t come out looking too good. And I felt completely used. Right before the whole thing ended, the co-organizer declared that the march had had absolutely no political motive, that it was purely to bolster gay rights in the city. My Germy-mind went to work: "Ok, they bring a completely ambiguous proposal to City Hall but manage to attack some people in a very direct, non-ambiguous way, in retaliation for a personal feud that has been brewing for a good while." What would you think?... yeah, I thought the exact same thing. I left feeling pretty used. And not in a good way. Good thing the foreigners left when they had the chance, this was much more political than any of us had imagined.

Even though it was quite disappointing towards the end, I felt the event actually was a positive experience. It was the first time since I’ve been here that I’ve seen the local Mexcian gay community come together for something. Mostly it’s just foreigners organizing stuff. I think this is a positive thing, and I hope the trend continues. Of couse it would have been nice to meet a good-looking civic-minded gay guy, but, oh well, t'was not to be (for now). In the future, I will inform myself better about which events I got to, though. Once bitten, twice shy.

"When the rainbow is enuf" 2.0 is ready!

Finally, the GermyBlog gets a facelift!

It's completey a Germy original and it reflects about two days work (I hate Internet Explorer, btw), and I think the new "look" is really "perty", haha. If anybody thinks differently, I invite you to please SHUT YOU'RE YAP! Ok?!?!?!?! HA!

I moved some of the info around, giving preference to 1)ME, 2)MY old posts, 3)Everything else... haha. I made the blog titles really big, bigger than the blog title even, so as to highlight the content over the presentation (a big trend in blogs these days). I put the comments link at the top (the jury is still out on that one) and made the date go under the post title (I think it's less important). I took the time-of-posting out and also killed the "by DramaKing" shit because, well, who else is gonna blog here??? Please. In other words, no group-blog funtionality needed. I made a nifty little custom logo using a 100% pirated image-editing software that will go unnamed (and it was a hell of a lot easier to create than I ever imagined... but then again it's not a very complicated logo, haha).

This is a view of the olden GermyBlog:


And this is what it's supposed to look like now:


If you see something different, A) You have a REALLY old browswer or B)You're partially color-blind. So sorry 'bout either of these. =P

Sometimes in November Pt.2

Friday, December 02, 2005

Well, here’s why I came out in the paper last Tuesday here in PV. I participated in a march for gay rights. Simple as that.

A few weeks earlier I saw a poster on the bathroom wall of my favorite martini bar that said a march for gay and lesbian rights was being held on Nov 28. I was intrigued. I wasn’t sure if I would participate (it was at fucking 11am), but my interested was stirred. As time went by, I began thinking about the march even more. After that somewhat stressful incident last week at the music festival I was in charge of, I was a little shaken and was not in the mood for more controversy or trouble. And, after all, it was at fucking 11am on a Monday, who the hell did these queens think they were?

But there I was, at 11am, in front of the Sheraton hotel, ready to march. Of course I was a little scared, I had no idea what to expect. Would we be booed? Ignored? Stoned? When I arrived they gave me a free rainbow T-shirt and I stood there waiting for something to happen. There were like 20 people there, and a large SUV with an even larger rainbow flag tied on one of its sides. And, of course, a car carrying huge speakers and playing techno music, haha. The Organizer was pointed out to me, and he looked rather worried.

We were about half Mexicans, half foreigners when I arrived, and there was this very formal-looking lady talking to the press. This older American male couple walked up and took some of the free T-shirts, and then the formal-looking lady walked up to them and started talking to them. After a few minutes, they took off the T-shirts and they left. I was intrigued, what the hell had she said to them that made them leave?

She came up closer to me and spoke to an acquaintance mine who is an American citizen. Finally, I was gonna hear what she had to say. She introduced herself as the local American Consul and she told him that under Mexican law foreigners were not allowed to participate in any type of political manifestations, and that they might run the risk of being arrested and deported. Whoa, this was serious. My acquaintance looked worried and promptly left. I was a little annoyed, but understood.

Then one of the guys who was there told me “I know that lady and her husband, and he really hates gays, that’s why she’s here”. With these words, something in me went off. I was enraged this bitch was coming here to intimidate warn people out of marching for their rights. Who knows, maybe she was making all of it up (even though I did recall something like that happening in Chiapas and Guadalajara). Maybe the guy who told me was making it all up. But all the foreigners were leaving, and our already small group got even smaller.

So I got closer to her and heard she was telling another couple “Well, when you go to jail, I can go visit you and make sure you’re alright”. And that was it, I began arguing with her, telling her to stop intimidating people, her job was to warn them, not scare them out of participating. I then asked her if she always went to any protest in town to “warn” people out of participating or if she just went to certain protests she didn’t agree with personally, and she got really defensive about it. She ended up getting really mad and turning away. I don’t think I accomplished much (and sort of agreed with what she was doing, if it was true), but at least I got that off my chest. I just hope I won’t have to go to the American Consulate for anything anytime soon, haha.

The Organizer and his assistant, the co-Organizer (who I later found out were partners in a local salon, haha, can’t get much more stereotypical than that), made the call and, finally, at 12pm ,we started off for City Hall. We were like 15 people walking behind a rainbow-flagged SUV and a mini-van with huge speakers playing techno music. I tried not to see how silly we looked and decided just to hold up my sign and walk along (the sign doubled as a sun-shield, haha). While we were walking down the city’s main avenue, and cars began passing on one side of us, some of them began to honk their horns in appreciation. Others yelled “Hoo-ray” and gave us thumbs-up and all. It was neat. Then we headed to the Malecón. Then the people got really enthusiastic. We were applauded and cheered. Some were even putting on T-shirts and joining our procession. The foreigners who joined us were warned, but this old Canadian couple said “Fuck it” and followed us through.

When we got to city hall, there was already a large crowd there anticipating our arrival; we had grown to about 30 people at this point. This is were it got good.

World AIDS Day

Yesterday was World AIDS Day. We should all try and remember those who have fallen to this terrible disease, those who suffered in silence and isolation, those who suffered neglect, fear, prejudice and incomprehension. The GLBT community should especially think of that entire generation of young men who disappeared into the darkness, we should think of them and mourn, for no man is an island, any death depletes us all.

And with those tearful memories we should continue the fight for education, understanding and, of course, prevention. We should be alarmed for the rising infection levels in younger people who have no memory of the horrors fo the first years of the epidemic. We should not let personal prejudices or beliefs stand in the way of protecting our health and that of those around us. This is a public health issue, and one which should be treated with that degree of seriousness and formality.

But we should also celebrate the fact that AIDS no longer is a fatal disease, and is now classified together with asthma and diabetes as a chronic illness (albeit an infectious one). We should applaud medical advances and the progress made in education campaigns around the world. There is plenty to be happy about, after all.

I particpated in a march yesterday with the AIDS organization I volunteer for (and it was the second march in one week for me, mind you). We walked across downtown and we were greeted into the largest church in Vallarta (which was packed with people) and were applauded on our way inside, carrying our banner and candles. It was quite an experience. It's wonderful to realize that people sometimes really are caring and understanding, and that maybe, just maybe, they are inherently good. Sometimes at least.

Never forget.

Silly pretty things

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yes, A's visit was quite wonderful.

The day he arrived we went out with my flat mates and buddies and got really drunk; went dancing, got more drunk, and came home and, well, use your imagination... (by the way, an extra "reflection" on the visit... hairy guys are nice to look at and nice to touch, but they're not too nice to lick. Yuck).

The next day we left for Yelapa, a BEE-U-TIFUL beach that is only accessible via boat. Wow. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. We got a cabin at this really pretty little hotel. It was sooooooooooooooo romantic. And the walls were made of wooden reeds, so if you got close enough you could actually see inside! The exhibitionistic nature of our room kind of intimidated A. Germy, on the other hand, was ready for his close-up! Ha!

Back in Vallarta we walked on the Malecón, participated in the art gallery showcase (with free wine at every gallery! yum!), during his 5 days here he made me 3 breakfasts and 1 lunch (which was pretty damn good, I was surprised!), we talked a lot, ate a lot more and drank a whole bunch, haha. All in all a wonderful time. Oh, and we broke up too.

Yeah, I know, sad but true. In all honesty, I planned it this way. When did I come to my decision? I'm not 100% sure. Maybe a week ago, maybe two weeks ago. I just had my patented Germy Dividing Moment and there was no turning back. Since I didn't want to come off as cruel, I sort of gave A some hints about this before he came. That's why I sort of regretted my honesty with him in an earlier post. I didn't want this to seem a surprise, but I inevitably felt I had spoiled the mood.

Before he arrived I was even a little more wary than excited, I wasn't sure if I had ruined the whole trip with my "hints". But after we left for Yelapa, things got really swell and we both had a grand time. There were even some moments when I actually doubted my decision to end it during this trip. But I held out. We went to dinner on the last night, to this FABULOUS place by the way, and we decided to talk about "us" and "our future".

That wonderful, silly boy; he cried, you know. Of course I felt like an asshole, but I held it together. Of course this was easier for me because deep inside I was never really 100% convinced by him as a long-term mate. I sort of got into this without really knowing him that much, and even though he turned out to be a pure-hearted sweetie and a true teddy bear, he wasn't completely compatible with me. I think for a while there I was more attached to what a nice and tender person he was, and not so much as a good match for me.

Oh, and... you wanna know a secret?

Sex with A got REALLY good after I told him that we were gonna break-up. I had no idea breaking-up could have those types of consequences.

You wanna know another secret?

Promise not to tell anyone?



Promise, promise, promise?

I have my eye on another guy already. Ha! And he lives here. Double "Ha!". Yes, I finally admit it, Germy is a slut. Yes, a sluty slut. A slutty slutty slut slut. Mr. Slut. Herr Slut. Comrade Slulski. A slutty slut slut slut slut slut.

So yes, in deed, Germy is still no one's wife... but, oh, Germy loves his life. And all... that... that... ummm... that...

Ok, Germy isn't THAT slutty. I actually started to feel something special for this guy, in spite of myself. I guess that's why I decided to pull away. When Germy thinks his feelings are in even remote danger of being hurt, he shuts down and retreats. Yeah, I'm a big emotional wuss. And that's what I did here. Of course I'm sad, it's always a sad day when a relationship ends. But I'm not as sad as I could be. Yes, I do have my eye on another guy. But I think I'll wait a little while before going out with him, out of respect for A. Maybe a week. Maybe two. I don't know. What a world. I think I almost fell for this guy, for real. What a silly thing to do. Maybe Germy is just a silly boy, too.

Two newbies

We're getting two new developers next week. Yippie! Finally, some help. They both seem like nice guys. Not queer, but still nice. We're planning a whole orientation and stuff... and we're gonna cap it all off with a tour here in Vallarta! Ta-da! Haha.