Civil liberty in the UK

Monday, December 05, 2005

Cool. Civil unions are now legal in the UK. Same-sex couples now can register and get most of the same rights as heterosexual couples. Once again, cool.

The government notoriously dropped the name “marriage” from the legislation, because they felt it had religious connotations. Was this the big mistake made in the US? Only time will tell. I personally don’t feel it was, I feel people will oppose what they fear no matter what you call it. If they see you back down, they’ll only come after you with greater fervor. Geez, I sound like Bush talking about never leaving Iraq… food for thought…

Anyways, even though this is indeed wonderful news, personally, the whole mention of “marriage”, “England”, and “relationships” in general bring back a flood of memories that produce mixed feelings. But then again that’s just me, crazy old Germy… *sigh*


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