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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

DESIGNER PAL: I want to be a boob doctor.
GERMY: You mean a plastic surgeon, shit-for-brains.
D: Yeah, that. It would so rock to look at boobs all day. *slobbering*
G: Yeah, like Tom Cruis in "Eyes wide shut". He'd just look at boobs all day.
G: Too bad he's gay.
D: I wanna be like Tom Cruise!
G: Oh, so you want to marry Katie Holmes to hide your homosexuality?
D: Yeah... I mean, no! Is he really gay?
G: Oh, for sure. I saw him in a gay club in London. It was called the Judy Garland Rainbow Room.
D: Yeah, and you gave him a blowjob!
G: No, that's a lie... he gave ME a blowjob!
D: Haha, yeah right. But are you sure he went there because he was gay? Maybe he just went with a fiend.
G: Ok, I made ALL of that up. Geez, you fucking Canadians are so gullible...
D: I mean I go to gay clubs sometimes, but I just go along with friens. I'm as straight as an arrow and as manly as they come!
G: Sure... keep telling yourself that, buddy.
D: Really! Being straight is in!
G: No it's not.
D: Yes it is! If it weren't, then why are there so many straight people, huh???
G: Since there are so many, it's totally out now. Being straight is so 90's.
D: No way!
G: Yeah, and being gay is so early-21st-century; being a metrosexual is so 2003; being bi-curious is so first-trimester-of-2005...
D: Huh? So what's "in" now?
G: Being a pre-op TRANNIE!


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