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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

... Gavin Newsom! (in the spirit of gay rights and all, haha)

What does he do? He's the Mayor of San Francisco. And he's incredibly handsome. I mean look at him! YUM. He's considered one of the best dressed men in the world. I mean seriosly, he looks like a fucking model!

He's the son of a judge and grew up near Frisco. He became mayor in 2003. Yes, he's straight (DAMMIT!). He got married to this pseudo-anchorwoman (and former Victoria's Secret model) in 2001. They were deemed the new Kennedy's in Harpers Bazaar; but luckily they got divorced this year, so I still have a chance, haha.

He was propelled to national and international fame (and infamy!) when in february of 2004 he authorized the city of Sam Francisco to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Since the sky did not fall, over 4000 couples got married, but the marrieages were halted (and anulled) in March of 2004 by the California Supreme Court. Part-poopers. Anyways, Gavin was hailed as a hero for the GLBT community (and even as a scapegoat for the conservative backlash in the November 2004 elections). He's a very controversial figure. Not to mention hot as hell! Haha.

Here's to Gavin, a true civic-minded hottie and eternal friend of the GLBT community! What more could you want? Brains, beauty, style, fame, infamy! He's got it all! Be still my heart!


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