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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I had no idea cigars tasted exactly like cigarettes, only bigger. Yuck. We had a "Cigar n' cognac night", and things started off bad when we saw that the cheapest bottle of cognac was $25 USD! GEEZ! Too much for booze, sorry. So it turned into the "Cigar n' Kahlua night", haha. Much cheaper. Anyways, the cigars sucked (yeah, I know, you can't expect much from a $4 dollar cigar). I thought they would taste as sweet as they smell... they don't.

My brother arrives on Thursday! HOO-RAY!! YIPPY! Fun, fun, fun...

I was thinking of finally telling my dad I'm gay. I dunno, seems like a big step in a way, but it honestly doesn't seem like a very big deal either. My dad has always been kind of emotionally distant, so I'm not completely sure how we would respond. I generally think that he'll take it well, but I'm not 100% sure. Decisions, decisions...

Wow, with the new developer working here full-time (the other one comes back in January) we've gotten so many things done in just a day and a half, it's silly. I feel so much more productive! It's like having my own personal assistant, haha. Too bad we're gonna gear him towards other projects soon, dammit. Can't wait for the other slave developer to arrive.

I have a date tomorrow. Yes, my official period of mourning is over (hey, I waited a whole 3 weeks! Germy don't get much more decent than that). He's a student and he promised to bring over some David Lynch movies, so that should be interesting.

Busy week, busy week.


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