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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Yes, A's visit was quite wonderful.

The day he arrived we went out with my flat mates and buddies and got really drunk; went dancing, got more drunk, and came home and, well, use your imagination... (by the way, an extra "reflection" on the visit... hairy guys are nice to look at and nice to touch, but they're not too nice to lick. Yuck).

The next day we left for Yelapa, a BEE-U-TIFUL beach that is only accessible via boat. Wow. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. We got a cabin at this really pretty little hotel. It was sooooooooooooooo romantic. And the walls were made of wooden reeds, so if you got close enough you could actually see inside! The exhibitionistic nature of our room kind of intimidated A. Germy, on the other hand, was ready for his close-up! Ha!

Back in Vallarta we walked on the Malecón, participated in the art gallery showcase (with free wine at every gallery! yum!), during his 5 days here he made me 3 breakfasts and 1 lunch (which was pretty damn good, I was surprised!), we talked a lot, ate a lot more and drank a whole bunch, haha. All in all a wonderful time. Oh, and we broke up too.

Yeah, I know, sad but true. In all honesty, I planned it this way. When did I come to my decision? I'm not 100% sure. Maybe a week ago, maybe two weeks ago. I just had my patented Germy Dividing Moment and there was no turning back. Since I didn't want to come off as cruel, I sort of gave A some hints about this before he came. That's why I sort of regretted my honesty with him in an earlier post. I didn't want this to seem a surprise, but I inevitably felt I had spoiled the mood.

Before he arrived I was even a little more wary than excited, I wasn't sure if I had ruined the whole trip with my "hints". But after we left for Yelapa, things got really swell and we both had a grand time. There were even some moments when I actually doubted my decision to end it during this trip. But I held out. We went to dinner on the last night, to this FABULOUS place by the way, and we decided to talk about "us" and "our future".

That wonderful, silly boy; he cried, you know. Of course I felt like an asshole, but I held it together. Of course this was easier for me because deep inside I was never really 100% convinced by him as a long-term mate. I sort of got into this without really knowing him that much, and even though he turned out to be a pure-hearted sweetie and a true teddy bear, he wasn't completely compatible with me. I think for a while there I was more attached to what a nice and tender person he was, and not so much as a good match for me.

Oh, and... you wanna know a secret?

Sex with A got REALLY good after I told him that we were gonna break-up. I had no idea breaking-up could have those types of consequences.

You wanna know another secret?

Promise not to tell anyone?



Promise, promise, promise?

I have my eye on another guy already. Ha! And he lives here. Double "Ha!". Yes, I finally admit it, Germy is a slut. Yes, a sluty slut. A slutty slutty slut slut. Mr. Slut. Herr Slut. Comrade Slulski. A slutty slut slut slut slut slut.

So yes, in deed, Germy is still no one's wife... but, oh, Germy loves his life. And all... that... that... ummm... that...

Ok, Germy isn't THAT slutty. I actually started to feel something special for this guy, in spite of myself. I guess that's why I decided to pull away. When Germy thinks his feelings are in even remote danger of being hurt, he shuts down and retreats. Yeah, I'm a big emotional wuss. And that's what I did here. Of course I'm sad, it's always a sad day when a relationship ends. But I'm not as sad as I could be. Yes, I do have my eye on another guy. But I think I'll wait a little while before going out with him, out of respect for A. Maybe a week. Maybe two. I don't know. What a world. I think I almost fell for this guy, for real. What a silly thing to do. Maybe Germy is just a silly boy, too.


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