Sunday cleaning

Sunday, December 11, 2005

I was cleaning up my room and my apartment (well, doing my share of the chores, rather) and I decided to tiddy up the ol' blog too.

I changed a few margins, increased a few spaces, spruced it up a bit. I also took my Germy-public's feedback and returned the Comments link back to the original spot. It's just more comfortable at the bottom of the post. I'd seen it at the top of other blogs and thought it would be a neat idea; now I see that it's there for a very specific reason: to be a barrier to entry (like having to fill out a form to be able to post or having to type a special string of charaters, etc).

With the link at the beginnig (and if it's a long post) you have to scroll all the way back up to make a comment; thus, a barrier is put up. This way, trolls and other indesireables can be discouraged (you'd be surprised how easily people give up on the internet... working at an e-commerce site, this is a big issue for us). Anyhoo, I figured the ol' GermyBlog doesn't really get enough comments to warrant any preventive measures (yet!). Enjoy.


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