Monday, January 30, 2006

My roomies are playng Maratón in the living room. I want to play, but I'm busy revamping my brother's wedding website (how geeky is that? ha!). Maratón is the Mexican equivalent of Trivial Pursuit. A classic board game with some pretty hard questions about general knowledge.

I'm hearing the questions and geez! My roomies are stupid. I mean they totally suck. Back home when my family got together, the Maratón matches were brutal (actually, it was just my broher and another cousin and myself, haha). They were quite memorable and the competition was quite stiff. Where else can you put useless general knowledge to good use? (Like for kicking the crap out of your stupid roomies! Ha!).

I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and answered three questions in a row that had them stumped ("Species in which the male bears the children?" ANS=Seahorse; "State where Pancho Villa was born?" ANS=Durango, the Mexican state, not the car, you ignoramuses; "Play by George Bernard Shaw on which the movie 'My Fair Lady' is based" ANS=Pygmalion). Man, my roomies are so dumb. I'm so happy I've showed how mentally superior I am.

Geez, I'm turning into Psesito... =S

Who should be nominated!

Before they announce tomorrow’s nominations for the Academy Awards, I want to express who I believe should be nominated (even if they don’t stand a chance)…

I hope Heath Ledger gets nominated for Best Actor for Brokeback Mountain (his chances seem good), but I sincerely hope the Academy realizes that Jake Gyllenhaal has been grossly overlooked in awards season, and I hope he gets a Supporting Actor nod. Granted, I haven’t seen the flick, but still, I’m sure he gave a wonderful performance and that there’s lots of gratuitous nudity on his part in the film, haha. It just sucks to have been in Proof, Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain, and not get a single fucking Oscar nomination (or any nomination for that matter). What a crock.

I also hope The Producers gets a Best Picture nod (long shot), and maybe even Rent (REALLY long near-impossible long shot). I haven’t seen either of them, but I just hope the current musical movie momentum doesn’t wan after this somewhat lackluster musical year. We can all hope and pray for Dreamgirls, I suppose.

I hope Gwyneth Paltrow gets nominated as Best Actress for Proof (she got a Golden Globe nod), and also that even Anthony Hopkins gets a Supporting Actor nod for the same film… or maybe even Jake Gyllenhaal! I dunno, but I think this was a great play and even though I haven’t seen the movie, I’d love for it to be recognized in SOME way.

I didn’t see the movie Crash either (yeah, I know, busy year for me at the movies), but it at least looked interesting, which is more than I can say for most of the other flicks. I hope Rachel Weisz gets an Oscar nod for the Constant Gardner, just because I think she’s incredibly beautiful (sorry, I didn’t see that movie either).

I hope Sin City is recognized in at least some capacity at the Oscars (YES! Isis see this one). Any nomination, other than technical nods, would be great. A Best Director nomination for Rodriguez, a Best Adapted Screenplay, and maybe even, GASP!, a Best Picture nod for such a daring and completely different approach to modern movie-making would be awesome. But somehow I feel it’ll go the way of Kill Bill vol.1 and vol.2, a neat movie that never got it’s deserved praise (or awards) for it’s incredible creativity and coolness. Oh well, one can only hope.

Will Germy’s hopes and prayers (for Jake Gyllenhaal) be answered??? We’ll have to wait and see…

A poem.. about pornography! (sort of)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Ok, what more could you ask for than a Nobel-Prize-winning poet writing about porn, COOL! Here's an excerpt from Wislawa Szymborska's An Opinion on the Question of Pornography, enjoy:

It's shocking, the positions,
the unchecked simplicity with which
one mind contrives to fertilize another!
Such positions the Kama Sutra itself doesn't know.

Complete poem

How nerdy are you?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am nerdier than 54% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

46% scored higher (more nerdy), and
54% scored lower (less nerdy).
What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:
Somewhat nerdy. I mean face it, you are nerdier than about half the test takers.

Seriously, some of these are hard core. Only somewhat nerdy? I was appalled. Haha.

Tower of Babble

Monday, January 23, 2006

In the opening number of Godspell (Prologue: Tower of Babble), many philosophers from history (Socrates, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Leonardo DaVinci, Frederic Nietzsche, Jean Paul Sartre, etc.) all comment on human nature and religion... it's quite a lof of information to take in in a single song, so it makes for a spellbinding experience.

I honor and love you,
but I shall obey God rather than you
and while I have life and strength
I shall never cease from the practice
and teaching of philosophy...
Wherefore, O men of Athens,
I say to you:
Therefore, acquit me or not
But whichever you do
I shall never alter my ways
Never adjust my approach to this maze
Never reform til the end of my days
Even if I
have to die
many times

-Socrates, as played by a girl
Prologue (Tower of Babble) from Godspell

Man is a complex of patterns, of processes...
I live on Earth at present,
and I don't know what I am.
I know that I am not a category
I am not a thing - a noun
I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process-
An integral function of the universe.
-Buckminster Fuller
Prologue (Tower of Babble)
from Godspell

Hottie of the week

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Alan Ritchson!

The first time I saw this guy, he was on Smallville. He was standing next to another hottie among hotties, Tom Welling. He was playing Aquaman, and was wearing a tank-top and shorts. Needless to say, Germy was in love. Yum. What a hunk!!! Add to that the fact that I have some weird superhero fetish, and I was sold! Ha!

Yes, he's the typical blond cute guy. But what a guy he is. He has this rugged kind of mean-guy look to him, and it drives me crazy! HIT ME, NASTY GUY! HIT ME!!! Hahahaha. He also has a stellar body. Yes, look at it again. OH MY! And he's also talented. He was one of the finalists in the American Idol contest, so he has beauty and talent. He recorded an album, and he's such a good singer that he had to create his own record label to sell his music... oh well, at least he's got the looks going for him, haha.

Did I mention he's really buff??? Yummy... He's also a former Abercrombie and Fitch model, so go figure... double yum... just thinking about him in that tank-top makes me wanna... mmMMMmmmmm... forget it... be still my heart!!!

The Godpsell according to Germy

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I went to see the local production of Godspell here in town. It was intrigued since it's basically a retelling of St. Matthew's Gospel. Yeah, it's a religious show, much in the style of Jesus Christ Superstar. It actually ends the same, with the death of JC himself. But the take is quite different. In Godspell you have a troupe of actors singing about the teachings of Jesus Christ in a totally non-corny way, and they actually use incredibly hilarious sketches to enact his parables and lessons. It sounds much more boring than it is to see onstage. The original production lasted over 2600 performances in New York. It's basically an evening of pure hippie-style storytelling, and it works, magically. Some don't believe this is a very appropriate way to present the bible, but it definitely works.

The performers here were mesmerizing and uproarious! I had never laughed so hard in a good while, the sketches were really great.

But there's a downside. The songs. The music was pre-recorded (from one of the many cast albums for this show), which is to be expected since there is like zero budget, but the SINGING was also prerecorded. Yeah, they totally pulled a Rocky Horror and mouthed ALL the fucking songs. COME ON! And they were charging $20 USD for what you can get at a drag show for $5, people dressed-up and lip-synching. I was quite disappointed. All the energy of the sketches was completely lost when the musical numbers started, which is ridiculous in a musical since the songs are supposed to be energy peaks within the show. The ending was still quite moving, but they didn't get away with it. What a crock. I'll be sending them en e-mail with my thoughts.

The musical itself is quite wonderful. From early on in the opening (a "stylized presentation of the 'Tower of Babble'"), I was transfixed by the melodies. Wow. Stephen Schwartz (yeah, the guy behind Wicked and the Pocahontas songs) has created a masterpiece. Seriously. The songs are religious yet never corny or "churchy". They deliver their message with honest sincerity. And since "Godspell" eventually turned into modern gospel, the tunes are mighty toe-taping energy balls. There is one I especially like in which the performer is warning men to change their foolish ways and to listen to God. But she's doing it as a sort of cabaret chanteuse, in a very sexy and alluring way. If you didn't know any better, you'd swear this was a seduction song. But she's actually trying to save your soul. Welcome to Godspell.

Turn back, O man
Forswear thy foolish ways
Old now is earth
And none may count her days...
Earth might be fair
And all men glad and wise
Age after age their tragic empires rise
Built while they dream
And in that dreaming weep
Would man but wake
From out his haunted sleep.

-Turn back, O man by Stephen Schwartz (from Godspell)

One-sided conversationalists

Friday, January 06, 2006

In light of Psesito's request, here are some of my favorite editorialists. Reading an editorial is a lot of fun because people get to be opinionated, witty, nasty, sarcastic and funny and it's still considered good journalism, haha. And the whole point is to not be objective, so that's cool also. An editorial is an essay on a given topic, and Germy love's essays. The only better thing to writing an essay is reading one (a good one, mind you). It's definitely a one-sided conversation (like Psesito said), but I like to think of it more like an exercise in pure thought; a feat of sheer abstraction in which the art lies in organizing your thoughts in a rational and persuasive way. Of course, serious and formal research is expected, be it in a library or by sheer experience. Here are my favorite editorialists; they're a varied bunch, so enjoy:

Ann Coulter. Yes, she's a militant right-winger and the bane of humanity, but I love reading her columns. I used to do it just for fun and to see what idiotic things she'd say next, but looking back that seemed sort of elitist of me. The reason I read her now is to get a better understanding of how the enemy really thinks and they're motivation. If you read it like she's a crazy person, you might laugh and forget about it later, but If you read it like she's a real human being, you are thoroughly moved and amazed at how certain events inspire such extremely discordant reactions in people. And you laugh too, haha.

Ted Rall. The complete opposite of Coulter, Ted Rall is an extreme left-winger. He also goes off into sometimes crazy liberal rants. He's usually just as entertaining. And I actually agree with him (sometimes). Reading extreme editorialists lets you often see how blind liberals and conservatives can be. Also, whenever there is a really hot subject they all pounce on it like panthers. But you also see that when there's and extremely touchy and inconvenient scandal in the news, they will often shy away from it. Fascinating.

Opinion page from Yahoo! News. Always full of great stuff to read. You can find both the above mentioned columnists, and also other gems like Maggie Gallagher, Cynthia Tucker and . Always fun.

Karel. Yes, like I've said before, he's an old, nasty and bitter queen.. and Germy loves him for that. Always opinionated, always ferocious, always angry, never boring, Karel is the reason I still read The Advocate online.

Frank Rich. Yes, I'm inclined to read him because he used to be the chief theater critic of the NYT, but I also adore him because his writing just oozes culture, sensitivity, intelligence and a touch of humor. Always witty and sometimes even acidly sarcastic, Frankie is da bomb. Sadly, you now have to pay to read him online (ASSHOLES!) but he's worth every penny.

Maureen Dowd. Not as sophisticated as Frank Rich, Maureen nevertheless is always a treat to read because she's so brass and even carelessly confrontational. It's like watching a crazy driver swirl across a crowded street. I don't always agree with her, but she's always interesting (at least in an amusing sort of way, haha). Another one you have to pay for though, booooo.

Joel Spolsky. Ok, his are more tech articles, but they're still very fun to read. He has a wonderful sense of humor that makes software development articles a joy for the eyes. His wit and sarcasm are golden and he translates them perfectly to the wirten page, a difficult feat if there ever was one. Sometimes annoyingly precise, others hilariously self-parodying, Joel is also da bomb! Plus, he's gay! And I know it has nothing to do with is writing and it's not the reason I love it, but just the fact that it's such a non-issue makes me love him even more. =D

Reflections for a New Year/Merry merry

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Yeap, X-Mas came and went. So did New Years Eve. Big deal. Ba-humbug. Germy-Grinch was up to no good. So was Germy-New-Years-Grinch, haha. Ok, just kidding. These dates aren't really all that special to me anymore. It's really about the people I get to see.

First off my brother. What a cool guy. Yes, I can so sometimes see through his cool demeanor and all, but he's still so great it doesn't matter. We all went to ask for his fiancés hand in marriage. Oh boy. That was interesting. It was a formal dinner and everything. What I thought was going to be a really corny and sticky-sweet affair was exactly that, only I walked away being touched rather than annoyed. It was in no way us really asking for the other family's approval of the marriage, but rather a chance for each family to get to know each other a little and, more importantly, to gain a little piece of mind as to exactly what their kin was getting themselves into. There was hardly a dry eye in the house. I was not one of them, but I certainly came close. They were all tears of joy, of course; but also, they were tears of sorrow; tears that told of the sadness that one of your own is off to start his or her own family unit and that they will never again occupy the same space they did in your family, ever again. And such is life.

Seeing my parents is always fun. For like a day or two. Seeing my mom alone is better. My dad is a complicated story. Seeing him shed tears of sorrow and joy at the "asking-for-hand" business was somewhat scary, but quite tender and touching also. My parents actually (behaved most of the time) and it was cool. I love them, even if they do drive me crazy. I decided not to come out to my dad. I dunno, I just felt pressured by my brother and was not comfortable with me making the decision on my own terms. And I chickened out. So much for me being a coming-out activist. What a crock.

Seeing "the ex" was nice too. Fucking with him was even better. Holding him (and having him hold me) and just talking in bed was the best. We did it in my house, in his, in a motel; like I said, fun, fun, fun, hahaha. And I was only in town for 4 days, haha. I actually ended up spraining my neck, ouch. I won't go into the details, but fucking with a neck injury can be very therapeutic, haha. I know, it seems like we're fuck-buddies now. But things couldn't be farther from the truth. A fuck-buddy doesn't make you happy or make you laugh, or make you fondly remember earlier times of laughter and happiness; a fuck-buddy doesn't hold you after you're done; a fuck-buddy doesn't let you have your way with him whenever your heart desires. And that's why in my heart "the ex" will be always be The Guy. "You'll always be mine, always and never. Never."

Seeing my extended family is always a joy. They're so crazy and funny and silly and funny and insane and funny and raunchy and funny and vulgar and funny and, well, you get the picture. They're totally people I would NEVER be friends with or maybe even talk to if we weren't related... and that makes me happy in a way. I get to see more of the human spectrum, I get to share moments with them and my faith and trust in the human race is renewed (albeit scarcely, but still, it's progress). Here's to family!

Well, I'm back in town and with a TON of work to do. The deadline for our latest release has been pulled back so we now have like 2 weeks LESS, whoop-de-frikicn-doo, and they two new developers require constant attention (and scolding). They're actually nice guys. It'll be fun telling them I'm gay, haha. I think I'll do it casually, and then see the look on their faces. I love my job. Cheers to all.