Monday, January 30, 2006

My roomies are playng Maratón in the living room. I want to play, but I'm busy revamping my brother's wedding website (how geeky is that? ha!). Maratón is the Mexican equivalent of Trivial Pursuit. A classic board game with some pretty hard questions about general knowledge.

I'm hearing the questions and geez! My roomies are stupid. I mean they totally suck. Back home when my family got together, the Maratón matches were brutal (actually, it was just my broher and another cousin and myself, haha). They were quite memorable and the competition was quite stiff. Where else can you put useless general knowledge to good use? (Like for kicking the crap out of your stupid roomies! Ha!).

I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and answered three questions in a row that had them stumped ("Species in which the male bears the children?" ANS=Seahorse; "State where Pancho Villa was born?" ANS=Durango, the Mexican state, not the car, you ignoramuses; "Play by George Bernard Shaw on which the movie 'My Fair Lady' is based" ANS=Pygmalion). Man, my roomies are so dumb. I'm so happy I've showed how mentally superior I am.

Geez, I'm turning into Psesito... =S


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