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Friday, January 06, 2006

In light of Psesito's request, here are some of my favorite editorialists. Reading an editorial is a lot of fun because people get to be opinionated, witty, nasty, sarcastic and funny and it's still considered good journalism, haha. And the whole point is to not be objective, so that's cool also. An editorial is an essay on a given topic, and Germy love's essays. The only better thing to writing an essay is reading one (a good one, mind you). It's definitely a one-sided conversation (like Psesito said), but I like to think of it more like an exercise in pure thought; a feat of sheer abstraction in which the art lies in organizing your thoughts in a rational and persuasive way. Of course, serious and formal research is expected, be it in a library or by sheer experience. Here are my favorite editorialists; they're a varied bunch, so enjoy:

Ann Coulter. Yes, she's a militant right-winger and the bane of humanity, but I love reading her columns. I used to do it just for fun and to see what idiotic things she'd say next, but looking back that seemed sort of elitist of me. The reason I read her now is to get a better understanding of how the enemy really thinks and they're motivation. If you read it like she's a crazy person, you might laugh and forget about it later, but If you read it like she's a real human being, you are thoroughly moved and amazed at how certain events inspire such extremely discordant reactions in people. And you laugh too, haha.

Ted Rall. The complete opposite of Coulter, Ted Rall is an extreme left-winger. He also goes off into sometimes crazy liberal rants. He's usually just as entertaining. And I actually agree with him (sometimes). Reading extreme editorialists lets you often see how blind liberals and conservatives can be. Also, whenever there is a really hot subject they all pounce on it like panthers. But you also see that when there's and extremely touchy and inconvenient scandal in the news, they will often shy away from it. Fascinating.

Opinion page from Yahoo! News. Always full of great stuff to read. You can find both the above mentioned columnists, and also other gems like Maggie Gallagher, Cynthia Tucker and . Always fun.

Karel. Yes, like I've said before, he's an old, nasty and bitter queen.. and Germy loves him for that. Always opinionated, always ferocious, always angry, never boring, Karel is the reason I still read The Advocate online.

Frank Rich. Yes, I'm inclined to read him because he used to be the chief theater critic of the NYT, but I also adore him because his writing just oozes culture, sensitivity, intelligence and a touch of humor. Always witty and sometimes even acidly sarcastic, Frankie is da bomb. Sadly, you now have to pay to read him online (ASSHOLES!) but he's worth every penny.

Maureen Dowd. Not as sophisticated as Frank Rich, Maureen nevertheless is always a treat to read because she's so brass and even carelessly confrontational. It's like watching a crazy driver swirl across a crowded street. I don't always agree with her, but she's always interesting (at least in an amusing sort of way, haha). Another one you have to pay for though, booooo.

Joel Spolsky. Ok, his are more tech articles, but they're still very fun to read. He has a wonderful sense of humor that makes software development articles a joy for the eyes. His wit and sarcasm are golden and he translates them perfectly to the wirten page, a difficult feat if there ever was one. Sometimes annoyingly precise, others hilariously self-parodying, Joel is also da bomb! Plus, he's gay! And I know it has nothing to do with is writing and it's not the reason I love it, but just the fact that it's such a non-issue makes me love him even more. =D


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