Germy, the other woman

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's been a busy month for me, in many ways. Lots of work at work, and my social life has also been remarkably busier than usual. I've met quite a few guys.

First off, before I left for X-Mas vacation, I had gone out a few time with this local guy, he's 25 and studies Communications at the local state university. He seems pretty bright and a generally interetsing person. He's also really cute, but sort of on the thin-skinny side, and I honestly like my guys meaty, sorry. That didn't stop me from having a great make-out session with him, though, haha, but I doubt I'll want to go further. He's still fun.

Then, in a period of 8 days, I slept wth two guys, which is like a fucking world record for Germy. They were both one-night-stands, and they both followed heavy nights of clubbing and drinking, haha. Gemry is not advocating casual sex. First off, it is not cool to wake-up next to a guy you don't really care about. At least for me it's not. One-night-stands just really aren't my thing. But, hey, a guy still has needs...

Then my gringa friend tried hookig me up with this English guy. He's actually kind of cute and knows like half of the people who live in this little beach town, so he's really pupolar and nice and funny. He actually looks much older than he is (32), so that's a little bit of a turnoff. Plus, he doesn't live here anymore. I think she wants to get me to move to Cabo San Lucas. What a crock... haha.

And then there's The Ex. He is the one previously known as The Guy. We had lots of fun during X-Mas vacation, but he's back in London and I'm here. Nuff said. He wrote me the sweetest email in the world a few weeks ago. He still knows how to melt me in like 2 seconds flat, that asshole. And I still adore him. Will we ever be together again? I'm not sure. Is this particularly preocupying right now in my life? Not really. It's a warm and fuzzy feeling I like to put away and save for when it's rainy and cold.

I actually had a flood of memory wash over me recently. I remembered what it was like to miss him, The Ex. Terribly. I felt myself at the precipice of a gigantic and dark void. I eerily recalled what longing and agony felt like. I was sincerely frightened. In true Germy fashion I backed away, and hid my love. I definitely respect Serge and others who have tried long-distance. It's just way too hard for me. The not being with someone you love, it's just torture.

And then there's my good friend Chuchis. She so crazy. I love her, dearly. And then she tells me she's going out with a married man! The nerve! I was shocked! If I had had a stone at that moment... anyways, I was surprised. Turns out the guy is "separated" from his wife and they're getting a divorce. Supposedly. Yeah right! Chuchis, never believe them when they say they'll divorce their wife for you. The Ex has been telling me that for ages... indeed, what a world.

Hottie of the week

Saturday, February 18, 2006

In the spirit of the Torino Winter Olympics, it's Jeremy Bloom!

I was surfin' through the net one evening and reading the news about the Opening Ceremony for the Torino (no, not Turin) Winter Olympics when I stumbled upon a beautiful young face... Jeremy! Wow. I gasped. What a looker! He's totally got that "boy-next-door" feel to him. Cute as can be and adorable. Quite a treat.

Oh, and he's a fucking athlete. HELLO!!! Hubba-hubba. And not just any athlete, he's a multi-talented athlete. Double-yum! This young (20 year old) jock his already a World Cup mogul champion, an Olympian, a Tommy Hilfiger model, a promising TV personality and now a star-in-the-making for the nationally ranked University of Colorado football team. Talk about versatile. His body is amazing. Not too much bulk, but rather slim and strong. Wow. Yum.

I'm thru with talking... let's just gawk at still my heart!!!

Too funny

Monday, February 13, 2006

Brokeback to the Future.

Germy retracts

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ok, last night I (illegaly) downloded my girl Mariah's multi-Grammy nominated track "We belong togther". And let me just say that now I know why it turned out to be a multi-Grammy loosing track. Yuck. It sucks. How the hell could such a bland, generic pop ballad get nominated for such prestigious awards? PLEASE! (On a side note, Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc." was equally bland and forgettable). Mariah's damn album has MUCH better tunes (i.e. "It's like that", "Don't forget about us", etc) than that piece of crap "We belong together". Sheesh.

I take it all back, U2 lovers. My sincerest apologies.

And Mariah, girl, could you please stop dressing like the vilage whore? Seriously; I mean, it's embarrasing. Girl, we all know you've got the voice, there's no doubt about that. We ALSO know you've got boobs, we know you got "back" (i.e. butt), we know you got legs. ENOUGH ALREADY. Tone it down a few thousand notches, will ya? Ever since you divorced Tommy Mottola, you went straight to Slutsville in the dress department. Maybe if you'd have dressed a little less ridiculously, people would have noticed you had MUCH better songs on your album.

'Nuff said.

Next rant...

Ok, here goes... "Why on Google Earth didnt' Mariah Carey sweep the Grammy's"?!?!?!?! COME ON!

The woman has the best selling album and the top ballad of the year (ok, I haven't even heard "We belong together", but it's supposed to be "'da bomb!"). I mean this is no ordinary feat for someone who was labelled a has-been and an also-ran. Mariah rocks and the least the Recording Academy could have done was shower her with a gazillion Gramy's (or at least Album and Record of the Year). Just three second-class Grammy's for Mariah?!?!?! What a crock!

And, (sneer) U2 ended up taking home more awards that Mimi. WTF?!??!

Ok, once and for all, I will confess it for all the world to see: I have never "gotten" U2. Ever. Yes, I know Serge is a huge fan, my own roomie is going to see them this weekend in MTY. Cool. Whatever. I don't get them. I don't understand why they're so popular.

Yes, they have more than their share of hummable tunes. Big deal, so does Disney. U2's music is like pseduo rock n' roll, more like heavy-pop. Yawn. Yes, they're frontman has a HUGE mouth and campaigns for populist, err, I mean popular causes. Nice. Good. Whatever! Their fucking album already won threee Grammy's LAST YEAR! That means it's won EIGHT Grammy's! PLEASE!!!! This is ridiculous! Give those Grammy's to MARIAH!!! NOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Ok, rant over... my only consolation is that the damn Grammy's were killed in the raitings by the amauter singers on American Idol. HA!

Why on Google Earth...

do grown men (geeks) like playing video games so fucking much?!?!? What the hell??? GROW UP!!!

Granted, Germy likes to play the occasional Mario Kart or any other type of Mario-themed game... sure... even Zelda too. But BALANCE, people! Balance! GEEZ!

Ok, rant over...

Food for thought

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This is why I LOVE Anne Coulter. True, she's one fucked-up bitch, but every once in a while, she calls liberals on their own bullshit. And it's quite elightening. Here is a particularly inflamatory editorial (about the recent riots throughout the Muslim world over the Muhammad cartoon controversy); even though it reflects America's cultural insensitivity, it clearly has some very defendable points. Here are some choice tid-bits:

In order to express their displeasure with the idea that Muslims are violent, thousands of Muslims around the world engaged in rioting, arson, mob savagery, flag-burning, murder and mayhem, among other peaceful acts of nonviolence.

Catholics aren't short on rules, but they couldn't care less if non-Catholics use birth control. Conservative Jews have no interest in forbidding other people from mixing meat and dairy...

But Muslims think they can issue decrees about what images can appear in newspaper cartoons. Who do they think they are, liberals?

Classic, trully classic. What a world...

And they're off!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Ok, the nominations are out! Here are my thoughts...

Best Picture. Well, I wasn't expecting to see Munich here, but again, any interesting movie is welcomed. I was delighted to see Crash make the cut. I definitely have to see it now. Hell, I have to see at least ONE nominated film, geez, haha. Sadly, no musical films showed up this year. Boooo. Again, we'll just have to wait for Dreamgirls next year to sweep.

Best Actor. No real surprises here, all the usual suspects. I still don't get the black gangsta-raper guy (Terrence Howard for Hustle & Flow) , but who the hell am I to judge, right? haha.

Best Actres. Again, no big surprises. It was neat to see Keira Knightly nominated, also Charlize Theron. I think they both rock.

There IS a God! Jake Gyllenhaal was finally nominated!!! HOO-RAY!!! I'm charmed... I'm disarmed! What a dreamboat! What a talent!... ok, now I have to actually see the fucking movie, haha. It was also neat to see William Hurt (A history of violence) nominated, I just love him, so damn cute.

I'm ecstatic that both Frances McDormand (North Country) and Catherine Keener (Capote) were nominated in the Best Supporting Actress category. They're both some of my favorite actresses, so that's sweet. And who the hell is Amy Adams? What the hell is Junebug? I actually love it when they nominate unknows in little-heard-of films; they usually point to good un-seen material. I've discovered quite a few gems this way, Pieces of April (for which Patricia Clarkson was nominated) comes to mind. Not that I've seen any of the much-heard-of films anyway, tho... haha.

Only three nominated songs? Is this a new rule? No good songs this year? Do they want to cut back on the Oscar broadcast running time? What gives? At least Dolly Parton is nominated, sheesh (for "Travelin' Thru" from Transamerica).

Snubs? Well, I'm sorry Laura Linney didn't get a nomination for The Squid and the whale. She should be nominated yearly, just for being Laura, hello!

Alos, neither the Geisha movie, nor King Kong nor Episode III got any big nods (not even the latter for special effects, ouch). Thank goodness! HA!

Up next... Germy's predictions of who will win... and who should win... stay tuned...