Germy retracts

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ok, last night I (illegaly) downloded my girl Mariah's multi-Grammy nominated track "We belong togther". And let me just say that now I know why it turned out to be a multi-Grammy loosing track. Yuck. It sucks. How the hell could such a bland, generic pop ballad get nominated for such prestigious awards? PLEASE! (On a side note, Gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc." was equally bland and forgettable). Mariah's damn album has MUCH better tunes (i.e. "It's like that", "Don't forget about us", etc) than that piece of crap "We belong together". Sheesh.

I take it all back, U2 lovers. My sincerest apologies.

And Mariah, girl, could you please stop dressing like the vilage whore? Seriously; I mean, it's embarrasing. Girl, we all know you've got the voice, there's no doubt about that. We ALSO know you've got boobs, we know you got "back" (i.e. butt), we know you got legs. ENOUGH ALREADY. Tone it down a few thousand notches, will ya? Ever since you divorced Tommy Mottola, you went straight to Slutsville in the dress department. Maybe if you'd have dressed a little less ridiculously, people would have noticed you had MUCH better songs on your album.

'Nuff said.