Wednesday, March 01, 2006

On Wednesday, Feb 22, I had my one year anniversary here in town. Wow. I've never held a job for an entire year (not even a boyfriend! haha). So this was mighty cool. My gringa friend took me to lunch, so that was nice. She's definitely one of the best friends I've made
here, and they have been few and far between. I also very much appreciae the friendship I've made with out graphic designer and with my super roomie, SurferChic. All the rest have also been ok, but those are the closest. What will this next year hold for me? I'm not
sure yet. But when I am, I'll let y'all know, haha.

In February I also celebrated another Anniversary. When I came out to my mom, seven years ago on Feb 5. I remember it very well. It was 1999 and we had the day off from school (national holiday celebrating the draft of our most modern Mexican COnstitution). We were watching Ma vie en rose (a movie about some gay little kid who's also a crossdresser). I remember my mom made the comment "Whoa, we actually thought you would be like that... thank goodness you weren't".

Ok, this comment set off something in me. I had just recently told my brother I wa sgay (December 2004), and I had been thinking how to tell my mom. This somewhat snide remark ignited what had been stirring for much too long. So, I said, in a very spunky way "Oh really??? Well, guess what...". And out it came. My mom took it pretty well, I suppose, I mean she didn't make any fuss or anything. She was just worried about how I had gone throught the whole "coming out process" by myself. But I told her that I was fine and that I was quite contect being who I was. She immediatly dreaded my leaving for college in the following months, but it was too late by then. I was off.

Mom got kind of weird after that. She initally took it well, but then it was followed by a long period of "pink elephant in the room". She would act as if I had nevr said anyting, even occasionally making comments that I should go out with girls, to which I would snap back
with "Mom, I don't do that anymore, remember?". She evetnually got the picture. Being a total book worm, she even read coming out books aimed at parents of gay children, awwwwww.

Things have gotten much better in recent years. After much hesitation, I finally told my mom I had a boyfriend. Actually two. Ok, three. Ok, of the 5 official boyfriends I've had in my entire life, she's known about 3 of them, which is pretty good if you ask me. Of course she goes into protective mother overdrive, but that's normal I guess.

How are things today? Well, here's a conversation I recently had with my mom:
ME: Hey mom, I went out with a guy I met, he's a student here at the local University.
MOM: Oh, it's a good thing you mentioned that.
ME: Why?
MOM: I saw in the news that here was a serial killer in Mexico City,
and that he lured young men to his house and drugged and killed them!
Right now when you said that I thought "OH no! Poor Germy! BE
ME: *slamming head against the desk*
MOM: What's that banging sound?

I sometimes feel she'd be so much more comfortable if I never ever mentioned I went out with guys and that I never ever have a boyfriend. Well, FUCK that. Next option...

Happy Anniversary to me! =D


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